Overview of Decktopus AI – AI Powered Presentation Maker

Decktopus AI is a tool used to create presentations from prompts; thanks to its AI-powered slide generation technology, users can produce professional-grade presentations, proposals, and microsites swiftly and with minimal effort.

The presentation software is versatile thanks to its features that allow embedding forms, videos, and live websites directly into slides. This transforms your presentations into a multi-faceted toolkit, ideal for creating biolinks, optimizing sales funnels, and more.

With Decktopus, sharing your work is a breeze—distribute your documents via links, integrate them into your website, or export them in PDF or PPT formats. Moreover, the availability of over 100 expertly designed templates ensures that even novices can jumpstart their creative process and bring their ideas to life with style and precision.

Create presentations with multimedia elements that are visually stunning, thanks to desktops AI.

Key Takeaways

  • Decktopus enables quick and easy creation of presentations with AI-powered slide generation technology. Create Professional-looking presentations with multimedia elements with a single click.
  • Users have the flexibility to enhance presentations by embedding forms, videos, and live websites directly into slides. You get tailored slide notes that give you stunning presentations.
  • The platform allows for efficient distribution of material via links, website integration, or exports in common file types like PDF and PPT.
  • Decktopus provides access to over 100 professional templates, facilitating users with varying design expertise to produce visually appealing content. You can create slide designs for a specific audience, and the icon finder also saves time.

How Decktopus AI Works

  • Choose a Template: Select from a library of over 100 professionally designed templates as a starting point for your presentation. Creating presentations has never been this easy, even without design skills.
  • Input Content: Type in your content on designated slides. Decktopus AI’s intuitive design auto-formats your text for professional results. The presentation title is all that is required to get started.
  • Utilize AI Enhancements: Leverage AI capabilities to suggest design improvements, graphical elements, and data visualization options that complement your content.
  • Customize Interactivity: Add forms, live polls, or interactive elements to engage your audience and gather feedback in real-time. You can connect your own custom domain and talking points to the AI tool.
  • Integrate Media: Embed videos, audio snippets, or live websites to enrich your presentation and captivate your audience. You don’t need to spend hours on stock photo websites thanks ti the tool.
  • Refine and Style: Adjust colors, fonts, and imagery to reflect your branding or presentation theme quickly. Your presentation game will be next level thanks to the AI-powered deck samples.
  • Distribute: Share your presentations via direct links, embed them into your website, or export them as a PDF or PPT for offline use. You can share link with internet connection & embed URLs with audio narration.
  • Analyze Engagement: Use built-in analytics to assess viewer interactions and the overall effectiveness of your presentations.

Decktopus AI Key Features & Benefits

AI-powered Slide Generation

Decktopus’s AI technology automates slide generation, saving users valuable time and effort while producing professional results.

Multi-Faceted Use Cases

Beyond presentations, Decktopus can be a robust tool for creating biolinks, optimizing sales funnels, or developing microsites.

Interactive Elements

Engage your audience and gather feedback with forms, live polls, and other interactive features.

Media Integration

Enhance your presentations’ visual appeal by directly embedding videos, audio snippets, or live websites into slides.

Custom Branding

Customize colors, fonts, and imagery to reflect your branding or presentation theme.

Use Cases & Applications of Dectopus AI

  • Educational Lectures: Educators can craft interactive lectures with embedded quizzes and videos to enhance the learning experience for students.
  • Business Proposals: Sales professionals can create compelling proposals with integrated forms for potential clients to fill out, speeding up the sales process.
  • Marketing Webinars: Marketers can design engaging webinars with live polls to gauge audience interest and gather immediate feedback.
  • Biolink Pages: Social media influencers can use Decktopus to create biolink pages that showcase their content and link to their social media channels.
  • Training Workshops: Corporates can develop interactive training workshops with embedded instructional videos and real-time polls.
  • Event Presentations: Event organizers can build detailed presentations with schedules, speaker bios, and live websites for event registration.
  • Portfolio Showcases: Artists and designers can craft visually appealing portfolios to display their work in an interactive environment.
  • Real Estate Listings: Real estate agents can create dynamic listings with embedded video tours and forms for immediate potential buyer or renter inquiries.
  • Research Presentations: Researchers can present findings with data visualization tools that Decktopus AI offers, making complex data more digestible.
  • Conference Keynotes: Speakers can prepare impactful keynotes with Decktopus by integrating relevant media and interactive Q&A sessions.

Who is Decktopus AI For?

  • Business Professionals: Decktopus AI can quickly help business professionals create high-quality presentations, proposals, and microsites.
  • Educators: Educators can utilize the platform to design interactive lectures, training workshops, or other educational material.
  • Marketers: Marketers can harness the power of Decktopus to build attention-grabbing webinars, biolink pages, and social media posts.
  • Artists & Designers: Creatives can showcase their work in visually stunning portfolios with embedded media and interactive elements.
  • Event Organizers: Event organizers can create detailed presentations for conferences or other events, complete with schedules, speaker bios, and more.
  • Real Estate Agents: Real estate agents can leverage Decktopus to create attractive listings with embedded media and forms for potential buyers.
  • Researchers: Researchers can present complex findings in an easily digestible format with data visualization tools offered by Decktopus AI.
  • Speakers: Speakers can use the platform to prepare impactful keynotes with relevant media and interactive Q&A sessions.

Decktopus AI Pricing & Plans

Decktopus AI offers a versatile pricing structure to accommodate user needs and preferences. Everyone can start with a free trial with 20 monthly credits, allowing users to explore the platform’s basic features and capabilities.

  • Pro AI: $9.99
  • Business AI: $36.99

What are Users Saying About Decktopus AI

User testimonials consistently reflect a positive experience with Decktopus AI. Many highlight the intuitive design interface, the time-saving automated slide generation, and the seamless integration of interactive elements.

Customizing presentations to align with personal or corporate branding is frequently mentioned as a significant advantage. Clients also appreciate the responsive customer service and the platform’s adaptability to various professional scenarios. Decktopus AI receives acclaim for its innovative approach to simplifying the presentation creation process.

Decktopus AI Alternatives

  • Prezi: Prezi is an online presentation tool that offers more dynamic visual templates and animations than Decktopus AI.
  • Canva: Canva is a versatile design platform with customizable presentation templates and extensive media library access.
  • Google Slides: Google Slides is a free, web-based presentation tool with collaborative editing capabilities and the ability to integrate with other Google products.


Is Decktopus AI free or paid?

Decktopus AI offers a free trial with 20 monthly credits, and after that, users can choose from paid subscription plans.

How to use Decktopus AI for free?

Users can try Decktopus AI for free by signing up for the 20-credit monthly trial.

What is Decktopus AI?

Decktopus AI is a presentation creation platform that utilizes artificial intelligence to simplify and speed up the process of building professional presentations. It also offers features for creating bio link pages and microsites and optimizing sales funnels. The slide notes maker is one of the best presentation generator and it has different templates for community building and more.

What is the best AI PowerPoint creator?

Several AI-powered presentation creation platforms are available, and the best one will depend on individual user needs and preferences. Some popular options include Decktopus AI, Prezi, Canva, and Google Slides. They can be used to create audience engagement and personalized brand experience. You can also incorporate the voice recorder for more talking points.

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