So bringen Sie Ihren PC in 10 Sekunden zum Hochfahren

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A Laptop’s boot time is very important because it creates an electrifying atmosphere. When your laptop boots up in seconds, you know all is well and the device is ready to function thus making you energized to do what you want to do. But, imagine if the case is the other way around, you turn on your laptop, you went to have your bath, ate breakfast or do other random activities you aren’t meant to do, you do them purposely because you know how slow your PC boots and instead of waiting like someone waiting till the end of the month to receive salary, you do those activities to pass time. Believe me, i totally understand because i also passed through the tunnel of slowness but no again!

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Today, i will revealing what you need exactly to make your laptop boot up faster because the faster a system boots up, the faster the overall system performance speed. There are so many ways to make your computer faster, that would be covered on a different article, for now let’s focus on the boot up speed before we go deep into the computing world.

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*What is Booting?

  • This is the process your laptop or desktop computer goes through before it actually starts and you get to login or operate your computer. The boot up process starts from loading computer’s brand name – loads bios – windows – computer’s welcome screen(login screen) –  loading of necessary softwares and processes. Of course, there are more processes involved but i tried to make things easier, not too technical so i won’t chase you away.

**Types of Boot?

  • Cold Boot: This is booting from a full system shutdown, when you turn on your computer after you shut it down fully.

Cold boot is our area of interest today because when you fully shit down your computer, when you turn it back on the boot up time should take longer because the computer has to go through the booting process from the scratch which takes it’s sweet time.


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How Do I Make My Computer Boot Up Within 10 Seconds

  • Upgrade your computer’s RAM Memory, i recommend 8GB or 16GB of RAM memory is sufficient for less than 10 seconds boot time
  • Buy an SSD Drive, you may not know about SSD’s, so let me just give you a summary of what they are about. SSD’s are like Hard Drives just faster, more efficient and overall when installed in your computer, they increase the speed drastically. SSD Drives are a must get if you truly desire to boost your system overall speed in opening and running softwares, 40% increase in transfer rate and increased boot up time.
  • Clear all your start up softwares, Disable all the unnecessary softwares that starts running when the computer is turned on.
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