How much does Bluehost pay affiliates?

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Bluehost power more than 2 million websites online and they are highly recommended by WordPress. They have an outstanding support team and when you purchase a hosting plan you will be eligible for a free domain name. as a blogger or influencer, you can decide to promote Bluehost products online and make commissions if people purchase these products. If you know about amazon affiliate marketing then Bluehost also has an affiliate marketing program that pays even higher than what Amazon will pay you on a single product. In this article, we are going to answer the question of how much you can make with affiliate marketing using Bluehost.

How much does Bluehost pay affiliates? With Bluehost affiliate, you can make between $60 to $130 depending on the product the user buys. Bluehost has paid out over 5 million dollars in affiliate money since the start of the program. Setting it up is very easy and if you have massive traffic on your website then it can be a huge source of revenue for you. There is no limit to the amount of money you can make and you can refer as many customers as you can to their platform.

The affiliate program has its own share of advantages and disadvantages and we are going to explore them in this article. You can make thousands of dollars monthly from the Bluehost affiliate marketing. But you need to work hard and also guide people to use your links in order for you to make this money.

You must create contents around Bluehost as a web hosting platform and that way people will start considering using your link to buy a hosting plan. It is not something easy but with the right marketing strategy and determination, you can make six figures from Bluehost affiliate marketing.

How to Join Bluehost Affiliate Program

Here I will be explaining how you can be part of the Bluehost affiliate program and start making money by earning commissions. The affiliate program is hosted by Bluehost themselves and you are free to make as much money as you can by referring people to buy their products.

Signing up is easy and you just have to follow the procedures that I am going to share with you. after that you will have your own affiliate account ready. Like I said earlier it could be your path to making additional six figures monthly.

To signup for the program visit and scroll down to the affiliate program link. After you open the page then you click on signup there are some instruction you should read before signing up.

You will see an application form and you should fill it with accurate information about yourself. If you don’t have a PayPal account make sure you create one before joining the program because the next page will require you to fill in your PayPal email address. After that click on submit and that is the end of the registration part.

Once you have completed the registration process you have to wait for approval from Bluehost. The replying email will come on time but you have access to you Bluehost affiliate marketing dashboard even before the approval. Take time to set up the remaining important information even your earnings account. PayPal is the most efficient method you can use to receive your payment at the end of the month.

You need to promote Bluehost product and it is not as easy as you might think. Without people using your unique link to visit the platform you are not going to make any money from the Bluehost affiliate marketing.

Why you should join Bluehost affiliate program

For each hosting plan purchased through your link you are guaranteed $65 dollar at minimum this is really high in the world of affiliate marketing. There is no limit to how much you can earn in a month or year. Your opportunity to make money with Bluehost depends on the amount of traffic you are sending in.

In 2017 for example Patt Flynn made $27,650 from the Bluehost affiliate marketing program alone it can be a source of passive income. Bluehost also use PayPal to pay out all your affiliate earnings at no extra cost to you. if you make 65 dollars they will send in the complete 65 dollars.

They have a dedicated support team for their affiliate program and that is one major aspect that makes them different from other affiliates. There are a lot of errors that can occur including tracking problems the team is ready to help you whatever problem you may have. They are available 24/7 to help affiliate marketing members.

When you signup you will have an affiliate marketing manager assigned to you and you can tell him your goals and you might get a commission bump at signup. They have a tiered commission structure that rewards loyal and successful affiliate members. The more sales you make the higher overall payout you will get.

Making money from affiliate marketing takes time, dedication, and hard work it is not an overnight thing. You need to have a very good affiliate marketing content strategy. Bluehost have a low-cost for new customers and conversion rates are reliable. A lot of people are opening new websites on the daily and they need to have a hosting platform.

If you market Bluehost well people will pay for hosting because of their cheap entry-level prices. Everyone who has a website can join the affiliate marketing program and there is no barrier unlike what we have with another platform that requires a certain level of visits or subscribers.

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How much can I make monthly as a Bluehost Affiliate?

There is no limit to the amount of money you can make with Bluehost affiliate. The most important thing is getting the right amount of traffic and making sure that people are actually paying for Bluehost products through your links.

Are there any downsides to Bluehost Affiliate Marketing?

The downsides are quite small. the most notable one is the fact that if someone purchases a plan with your links and later downgrade their plan Bluehost will deduct money from your future earnings.

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