5 Best Laptops for Realtors – To Sell More Properties in 2021

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The best laptops for realtors in 2020 are for serious realtors and business people who want a fast and mobile device that does all their day-to-day activities super fast and while they are on the move.

If you are a real estate agent that is looking for the best laptop for realtors with the goal of having more sales this year, then you landed on the right corner of the internet.

A realtor knows the worth of a lightweight yet powerful laptop. This is because he knows that he has to run several tools on his computer, and these tasks can only be done using a laptop that’s fast and responsive because time is money.

Best Laptops for Realtors in 2021

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In this article, you will learn about the top best laptops for realtors that want to sell more this year.

The list below has the best laptops that can be used by any real estate agent and realtor to make his/her job much more comfortable and help in closing more housing deals.

Recommended Best Laptops for Realtors in 2021

Below are the best laptops for realtors that want to sell more this year and that will not only look good on the eye but also offer the necessary functionalities to help you prosper in your job.

These laptops offer long battery life, fast processing speeds, supports high-resolution pictures and videos, and are lightweight to carry around easily. These can be a life savior for your ongoing or newbie realtor business.

1. Apple MacBook Pro – The Best Laptop for Realtors

The New Apple MacBook Pro doesn’t need an introduction because this is the best laptop for realtors because it comes with a 13-inch display, Touch Bar, 2.4GHz quad-core Intel Core i5, 8GB RAM, and a super-fast 256GB SSD drive. It’s easily the best laptops for realtors.

This laptop will provide you with fast processing speed, a high-quality 13-inch touch screen, and SSD storage. It is recommended for expert-level realtors as it will enhance the speed of their operations significantly and take business comfort to the next level.


  • Has a powerful 8th-generation quad-core Intel Core i5 Processor.
  • The touch screen provides you flexibility and convenience.
  • Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655
  • Has a 13 inch larger screen.
  • SSD storage device enhances the speed of your operations.
  • Has a Akkulaufzeit of up to 10 hours.


  • Very expensive than other available brands.
  • Touch bar doesn’t always work best with non-Apple apps

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2. Acer Aspire 5 Slim Laptop – Best Lightweight Laptop for Realtors

The Acer Aspire 5 is a slim laptop with 15.6 inch Full HD IPS Display, AMD Ryzen 3 3200U Processor, Vega 3 Graphics CARD, 4GB DDR4 RAM, 128GB SSD Storage, Backlit Keyboard, and Windows 10 OS. This laptop are those that love lightweight laptops which is why we featured it on our best laptops for realtors list.

This slim laptop from Acer is a powerful machine with a 15.6 inches full HD screen and is an all-rounder. Have an AMD Ryzen 3 3200U Dual-Core Processor, 4GB DDR4 memory, SSD drive, and AMD Radeon Vega 3 Mobile Graphics. This is an ideal machine for beginner and intermediate level realtors as if offers numerous functionalities at a relatively affordable price.


  • Has a large 15.6 inch Full HD (1920 x 1080) widescreen.
  • Supports DDR4 memory and comes with 4GB DDR4 ram.
  • It has an HDMI and USB 3.1 port along with two USB 2.0 ports.
  • Has a Backlit Keyboard and Akkulaufzeit of up to 7.5 hours


  • Battery life is low in comparison with other available brands.
  • A bit heavier than other recommended products in this article.

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Get your hands on this one of the best laptops for realtors who want to sell more this year, a powerful machine.

3. HP 15 – Budget-Friendly Laptop for Realtors

The Newest HP 15 comes with a fast Intel Core i5-7200U, 8GB DDR4, 2TB HDD Storage, DVD+RW, HDMI, Webcam, Wi-Fi AC + Bluetooth 4.2, Gigabit Ethernet RJ-45, and Windows 10 OS. This very affordable laptop also serves as one of the best laptops for realtors.

HP 15 laptop provides you high processing speed with its Intel Core i5-7200U processor, 8GB DDR4 ram. It has a large 15.6 inch HD touchscreen along with a 2TB HDD. Has a 10-finger multi-touch support to provide you convenience. This laptop is ideal for intermediate and expert level realtors due to its excellent functionalities.


  • It has a large 15.6 inch HD touchscreen that has a 10-finger multi-touch support.
  • It comes with an 8GB DDR4 ram.
  • It comes with a huge HDD storage drive of 2 TB.
  • Bluetooth 4.2 combo + 802.11ac wireless, and DVD+RW.


  • Relatively expensive than other brands providing the same features.
  • A bit heavier due to its large screen size.

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Purchase this beautiful and powerful machine to provide your business with some top-notch up-gradation.

4. Lenovo 11.6 Chromebook – Affordable Chromebook for Realtors

This 2019 Lenovo 11.6 Chromebook comes with a beautiful HD IPS display with Touchscreen, Quad-Core MediaTek MT8173C Processor, 4GB RAM, 32GB eMMC Storage, 802.11ac WiFi card, Bluetooth 4.2, HDMI, Type-C, and the Chrome operating system.

This 11.6 inch HD touchscreen laptop by Lenovo is ideal for beginner stage realtors due to its relatively affordable price. Don’t get fooled by its low price tag as it still provides you fast processing speed and has an integrated 32 GB eMMC, no optical drive.


  • It has an 11.6 inch HD touchscreen with 1366 x 768 HD resolution.
  • It has an energy-efficient LED backlight.
  • 3-cell battery that provides you up to 10 hours of battery life.
  • Smaller, lighter, portable, and affordable.


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5. ASUS C201 – The Best Chromebook for Realtors

The ASUS C201 11.6 Inch Chromebook comes with Rockchip, 4 GB RAM, and 16GB SSD Storage. This is easily the best laptops for realtors if you’re a Chromebook fan.

This laptop has rugged construction with reinforced rubber guards that make it ready for drops and it’s so easy to use even our grandparents can use it.

It is incredibly lightweight with a 2-pound body which makes it easier to carry around with you. Ideal for beginner level realtors as it’s another affordable product on our list with all the essential functionalities.


  • It has a sturdy construction and can be dropped from 3.9 feet without any damage.
  • It comes with 4 GB DDR3 SD RAM.
  • Super lightweight and has a battery life of up to 13 hours.


  • Only 16 GB of storage space.
  • Less processing speed than other available brands.

Where to buy it:

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Häufig gestellte Fragen

What is the best laptop for realtors?

The best laptop for realtors is the one that offers you all the above-mentioned features that are needed to performing your job swiftly. It needs to be a lightweight machine with multiple functionalities and easy to hold up the complicated information.

How much do I need to buy the best laptop for realtors?

The best laptop for realtors comes in a different price range which can be as low as 199$ and as high as 1600$. The higher the price, the greater the performance, and added features. But you don’t need a high-end laptop for beginner level; even intermediate level realtors can work effectively with medium-end laptops.

What is the cheapest best laptop for realtors?

The 2019 Lenovo 11.6″ HD IPS Touchscreen 2-in-1 Chromebook is the cheapest option in the market as well as on my list of best laptops for realtors that want to sell more this year. It only costs you $209 and is a good fit for beginner level realtors.

Why do you Need the Best Laptops for Realtors that want to SELL more this year

A realtor or a real estate agent needs the best laptop for realtors because it will help in selling more because there is a lot of data entry and tools-related work in this job.

Who Needs the Best Laptops for Realtors

You need the best laptop for realtors if you are pro in your field and ready to make some good investment for the sake of your growing business.

The best laptop for realtors that want to sell more this year will bring a brand new experience of your business life by providing endless ease and comfort. A good laptop can be your business’s best buddy if chosen wisely.

Who the Best Laptops for Realtors is NOT for?

If you are not a full-time realtor or doing it as a hobby, you may not need the best laptop for realtors that want to sell more this year as this is not your primary job or you may not have gathered the amount of data that needs some pro tools.

You may also not need the best laptop for realtors if you are soon to leave this job and switch to another one as this investment is a long term one.


After taking a look at our recommended laptops for realtors of different levels, you are now ready to make the best-informed decision about the best laptop for realtors who want to sell more this year.

Remember those high-end laptops are a necessity for expert-level realtors because of their esteem client base. Whereas, beginners and intermediate level can do most of their work effectively on medium-range laptops mentioned above. In the end, it all depends on what you think is best for you!

If you have a reasonable budget to invest in this crucial part of your business then you can get some pro-level machine. However, this guide will also help you if you are in budget and looking for the best for your real estate business.

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