Curipod is an AI-powered lesson generator designed to assist you in efficiently planning and delivering interactive lessons across a myriad of topics. 


Generate Lessons With AI.

With its vast subject matter, you can tailor your lessons to any area of interest, stimulating an engaging learning environment. 

One defining feature of Curipod is its ability to generate slides, further enhancing the visual learning experience for your students. 

Pricing plans are flexible, with a free plan available for those wishing to test the waters, while premium plans start at an affordable $7.50 per month. 

Upgrading to the premium version unlocks a host of benefits. Enjoy the freedom of unlimited translated slides and a 2300-character limit for AI feedback, which ensures your ideas are conveyed. 

Additionally, the premium version allows you to download lessons as PDFs and access Premium AI templates, amplifying the quality of your lesson planning.

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