5 Best Web Hosting with eCommerce Features for your Business in 2022

Using the best web hosting with eCommerce specific features for your online business is the best route to having more sales because your host already provides the essential eCommerce-ready features, which makes integrating selling on your website secure and there’s room to grow and increase sales.

Do you want the best Web hosting with eCommerce functionality to make your business successful?

5 Best Web Hosting with eCommerce Features

If yes, then we are going to reveal the top 5 web hosting services with eCommerce functionalities that will help you to grow up an online store quickly.

1. Bluehost – Best Web Hosting with eCommerce Specific Features

bluehost best web hosting with ecommerce

Bluehost is among those web hosting that is itself suggested by the WordPress. It is a popular hosting that features various amazing functionalities, including the online store for its customers.

Bluehost has a dedicated package for their eCommerce customers. Even the basic Woo-commerce plan allows the user to hold one online store with Storefront Theme and 100 GB SSD Storage with many others.

Bluehost Pricing

Bluehost has three packs for Woo-commerce, including starter, plus, and pro. The price of a starter package is $6.95/month per while the cost of the plus pack is $8.95 for a month.

On the other hand, the most expensive plan in Bluehost Woocommernce hosting is Pro package that price is $12.95/monthly.

Bluehost Security

To make your online store secure, Bluehost provides free SSL. Free SSL means that the visitors and transactions on your eCommerce will remain encrypted so that no one can reach them out without your permission.

Is Bluehost Support any Good?

In case you are facing any issue with the Bluehost Woocommernce hosting, you can contact the Bluehost team.

They have got an expert team that is available 24/7. The user can either choose live chat or ticket support to ask for help from the team.

How’s Bluehost Uptime?

Downtime for an eCommerce store means the loss of thousands of dollars. So for an online store, uptime is an important thing to look at. BlueHost offers an excellent uptime so that your online store remains active for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


  • Safe & Secure online payment
  • Easy to Use Themes
  • Free Setup Call


  • High renewal rates
  • The need for free migration service

2. Siteground – A Reliable Web Hosting with eCommerce Built-in

Siteground best web hosting with ecommerce

Siteground is another web hosting provider that provides a specialized hosting for eCommerce fans. It is a reliable woo-commerce hosting due to its exceptional features.

Siteground Pricing

Siteground has got three packages for eCommerce hostings, such as Startup, GrowBig, and GoGeek. Each of the plans offers a diverse range of features.

The startup plan price is $3.95 for a single month, while the cost of GrowBig pack is $5.95/monthly. To enjoy the GoGeek features, you need to pay $11.95 for a month.

Siteground Security

Similar to other services, Siteground supplies a free SSL certificate to keep your web data encrypted. Other than SSL, they also offer unique account isolation technology, so that if your one site gets hack, the other websites remain safe.

Is Siteground Support any Good?

Taking about the best support and not considering the Siteground professional support team will be the worst thing to do.

Siteground has a group of highly trained people who are ready to help you via 24/7 phone support, live chat support, or ticket support. Read my Siteground alternatives guide.

How’s Siteground Uptime?

Siteground is very well known for its excellent uptime. If you face any issue with the uptime while using the Siteground eCommerce hosting, you can talk to their support team without any delay.


  • Unlimited MySQL DB
  • Limitless Sub and Parked Domains
  • Free Drag & Drop Builder


  • Web Space is less
  • Limited bandwidth

3. A2 Hosting – The Fastest Web Hosting with eCommerce

A2 Hosting best web hosting with ecommerce

If you are in search of eCommerce hosting will high page load speed, then test out the A2 Hosting.

A2 Hosting believes that the page load speed plays an essential role in terms of SEO rankings, conversion rate, bounce rate as well as visitor satisfaction, due to which they try to deliver the best page load speed available. Other than speed, you are going to get many fantastic features on using their services.

A2 Hosting Pricing

The A2 eCommerce hosting contains three distinct plans, including lite, swift, and Turbo. To experience the lite pack features, you need to pay $2.96 for a month while the price for the Swift package is $3.70/monthly.

Other than this, the Turbo pack cost is a bit higher in comparison to the Lite and Swift plan. For Turbo, the A2 hosting demand $7.03/monthly.

A2 Hosting Security

To keep your online store protected, A2 Hosting includes many defense features such as perpetual security with free HackScan, Patchman enhanced security tool, Two-Factor Authentication, and many other security functionalities.

Is A2 Hosting Support any Good?

A2 Hosting has 24/7/365 phone support, live chat support, and Email/Ticket Support. You can choose any of the support options to seek help, but I will suggest you go with the live chat option because you may get quick response through it.

How’s A2 Hosting Uptime?

A2 Hosting is an Ultra-Reliable Hosting in terms of eCommerce. It guarantees to deliver a 99.9% uptime, which is quite a necessary thing for your online store.


  • SSL Certificates HTTPS
  • PayPal Merchant Accounts Available
  • Instant Merchant Account ID (US Only)


  • Lite plan has fewer features
  • Turbo Server is not for Lite and Swift plan

4. Hostinger – Dedicated Web Hosting with eCommerce Features

hostinger best web hosting with ecommerce

Hostinger dedicated packages for the eCommerce made it possible for them to be in the list of top 5 best web hosting with eCommerce.

Many businesses are making their online store live though the Hostinger Woocommerce hosting. Hostinger makes things quite Flexible and Customizable for the users with an eCommerce website.

Hostinger Pricing

There are three packages on Hostinger that you can try out for your online store. These plans are known as Single Shared Hosting, Premium Shared Hosting, and Business Shared Hosting. The price of Single shared Hosting is $0.99/month, which is quite cheap.

For a premium hosting pack, you need to pay $2.59/monthly while the Business hosting charges are $4.09 for a month. Note that this price is not permanent and can get changed at any time.

Hostinger Security

Hostinger arrives with a free SSL certificate, which is pretty surprising. Getting a free SSL certificate for that much less rate is excellent.

Although, the SSL certificate is only for the Premium plan, still, I believe that it’s affordable in comparison to other hosting providers.

Is Hostinger Support any Good?

Hostinger has a dedicated support team that is available 24/7/365. The team is ready to help you out in any issue.

In case you are having any problem with their service, or you have any questions regarding their services, you can contact the support.

How’s Hostinger Uptime?

I have got many positive reviews about the Hostinger uptime, and people are very much happy about their services. So we will recommend you to try it so that you can get the best eCommerce experience.


  • Cheap cost
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • Free Business mailbox


  • No Free SSL for Single shared, and Premium shared package
  • Limited Disk space

5. LiquidWeb – The Premium Web Hosting with eCommerce

liquidweb managed ecommerce hosting

Liquid Web is the fifth hosting provider on our best web hosting with eCommerce which contains a unique solution for eCommerce users. It provides thousands of free as well as paid themes for your online store to make it look stunning.

Liquid Web comes in four different packages, including Standard, Plus, Pro, and Enterprise for the eCommerce.

LiquidWeb Pricing

The cost of woo commerce hosting is quite expensive in comparison to other hosting providers, but it’s worth using. They have eCommerce beginner plans starting at $39 per month, which, I feel is very affordable for most businesses that want the best web hosting with eCommerce functions.

For the Standard plan, you require $249/month, while the price of the Pro pack is $749/monthly.

On the other hand, you can enjoy all the functionalities of the Pro package is $1499 for a single month. While for Enterprise cost, you need to contact the Liquid Web hosting team.

liquidweb ecommerce pricings

LiquidWeb Security

Liquid Web has Security & Compliance Services that grant reliable protection for your online store.

While using the woo commerce plan of Liquid Web, you are going to get Firewalls & VPN, DDoS Attack Prevention, Data Protection, Web Application Protection, Server Protection and many more features in the name of website security.

Is LiquidWeb Support any Good?

Liquid Web holds two support options to help their clients. You can either choose the live chat or phone call support to contact the Liquid Web team. Both the support options are available 24/7.

How’s LiquidWeb Uptime?

Liquid Web uptime is similar to other high-quality hostings. While utilizing the Liquid Web service, you don’t need to bother about the downtime issue.


  • Varnish & Redis Caching Available
  • Free White-Glove Migrations
  • Unlimited Products & Orders


  • Very expensive
  • Transactions limit

Why do you need the Best Web Hosting with eCommerce?

eCommerce hosting includes many features that can help your online store to boost its sales. These Woocommernce hostings hold many advantages that you may not find in simple hosting plans.

Who needs the best Web hosting with eCommerce?

The best Web hosting with eCommerce is for online store creation. These types of hostings are for those people who can spend some right amount of money and are willing to create an online store.

Who doesn’t need the best Web hosting with eCommerce?

All the prior described web hostings are for those people who want to host an online store. If you are a person who is going to create a simple website, then we will suggest you choose some other web hosting rather than going with the eCommerce hosting, which is expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the commonly requested questions related to the best Web hosting with eCommerce.

What is the best Web hosting with eCommerce?

Bluehost, A2 Hosting, Siteground, Hostinger, and Liquid Web are some of the best Web hosting with eCommerce functionalities.

How much do I need to purchase the best web hosting with eCommerce?

The eCommerce web hosting mentioned earlier range from $1 up to $1500 per month so you can choose the hosting plan according to your budget.

What is the cheapest best Web hosting with eCommerce?

Hostinger and A2 Hosting are among the cheapest Web hosting that contains eCommerce features.


All the earlier explained web hostings are dedicated to eCommerce users and contain many features that can help your online store to become successful.

You can read the features and performance of Woo-commerce web hosting in the article and decide which one suits you the most.