Are you looking to grow and drive more traffic to your website? SEO reporting tools are essential for understanding the performance of your website and its content.

Search engine optimization (SEO) reporting is a long-term investment, as it provides business owners with insights on optimizing websites for better rankings in search engines effectively. With so many different types available, knowing the best SEO reporting software for your needs can be hard.

In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to seven powerful and reliable SEO reporting tools that will help you improve the visibility of your website in 2024 — all while monitoring key performance indicators like keyword rankings, backlink monitoring, organic traffic, bounce rate, and more!

Read on to learn why these programs should be part of your online marketing strategy now!

What are SEO Reporting Tools?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial in ranking higher in search engine results. It involves optimizing your website’s content, structure, and technical aspects to make it more attractive to search engine crawlers.

SEO reporting tools come in handy in this process. They are potent instruments designed to provide users with detailed insights into the performance of their websites.

These tools help you track important data points and other SEO metrics, such as keyword rankings, backlink analysis, domain authority, and organic traffic. By analyzing this SEO strategy, you can identify which strategies are working and which need improvement.

With the right SEO reporting tool, you can make informed decisions to optimize your website for better performance and rankings.

What are the Best SEO Reporting Tools?

As the world of SEO continues to evolve, businesses must track their online performance and use the right tools to keep up.

Fortunately, many SEO reporting tools available today can help you effectively measure critical metrics like website traffic, keyword ranking reports, and backlink profiles.

From Google Analytics to SEMrush, these tools pull data and present it in easy-to-read reports that businesses can use to optimize their online strategy.

With so many top-rated options, it’s essential to consider your specific business goals and the features that matter most to you before selecting the right SEO reporting tool for your needs.

The 7 Best SEO Reporting Tools

However, we have compiled a list of some of the best SEO reporting tools in 2024:


The first SEO reporting tool on our list is Semrush. It’s one of the most popular SEO reporting tools and an important SEO tool for many website owners.

This comprehensive SEO reporting tool provides valuable insights into advertising, social media, content marketing, and more.

The user-friendly interface and advanced features allow users to track their website’s performance in real-time, identify areas for improvement, and make informed decisions based on data.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced SEO professional, Semrush offers an extensive range of custom reports to help you stay ahead.


  • Semrush is a best-in-class SEO tool for creating detailed reports
  • It is very easy to use
  • A favorite SEO reporting tool with lots of SEO reporting features
  • It provides a comprehensive keyword analysis


  • It only provides Google’s data rather than other search engines
  • Some features can be challenging to navigate and understand


Semrush offers three pricing plans:

  • Pro Plan: The price starts at USD 119.95/month
  • Guru Plan: The price starts at USD 222.95/month
  • Business Plan: The price starts at USD 449.95/month


Siteliner is another dedicated SEO reporting tool that can help you optimize your website for better performance.

It provides real-time insights into key metrics like duplicate content, broken links, page speed, and more — all in an easy-to-use interface.

The tool also offers a range of automated reports to help you identify areas for improvement, monitor trends, and make data-driven decisions.

Improving your search engine rankings with Siteliner is easy and efficient. All you have to do is enter your website URL, and the tool will create custom reports on optimizing your pages for better performance.


  • Siteliner provides accurate insights into key SEO metrics
  • It offers a free version with basic features
  • Siteliner’s computing power is high-speed
  • It allows you to scan and identify issues in a short time


  • Users may experience technical SEO error
  • Limited reporting features compared to other tools on the market


It is free to use.

Raven Tools

RavenTools is another keyword research tool that provides SEO data for site audits. This tool allows you to monitor several aspects of SEO, such as link building, rank tracking, and social media mentions.

Raven Tools also provides a comprehensive analysis of your website’s SEO performance and helps you identify improvement areas using competitor analysis.

With this tool, you can create customizable, easy-to-read SEO reports for your clients that showcase the value of your work. The best part, it integrates with other tools, such as Google Analytics and AdWords.

RavenTools is an all-in-one SEO reporting tool that provides efficient solutions for businesses of all sizes.


  • The interface is simple and user-friendly
  • Reports are easy to create on RavenTools reports
  • Summary screens make quick views each morning a breeze
  • Clear data presentation


  • Limited ability to customize reports
  • Training videos need an update


Raven Tools offers five pricing plans:

  • Small Biz Plan: The price starts at USD 39/month
  • Start Plan: The price starts at USD 79/month
  • Grow Plan: The price starts at USD 139/month
  • Thrive Plan: The price starts at USD 249/month
  • Lead Plan: The price starts at USD 399/month

Moz Pro

Ranked among the best SEO reporting tools, Moz Pro is one such tool that can give you deep SEO insights into your website’s search engine performance.

Its powerful keyword research and tracking tools can help you identify high-performing keywords and optimize your content accordingly.

Moz Pro also offers advanced analytics features that can help you dig deeper into your website’s traffic and identify trends and opportunities for growth.

Whether you’re a seasoned SEO expert or just starting, Moz Pro is a must-have tool for anyone serious about improving their website’s search engine rankings.


  • The crawl speed is reasonably fast, and the custom metrics like Domain Authority are great tools
  • Excellent competitor benchmarking
  • Less expensive as compared to other software
  • One-month free trial


  • Subscription is needed
  • Lots of features are missing


Moz Pro offers four pricing plans:

  • Standard Plan: The price starts at USD 99/month
  • Medium Plan: The price starts at USD 179/month
  • Large Plan: The price starts at USD 299/month
  • Premium Plan: The price starts at USD 599/month


Ahrefs is among the best SEO reporting tools designed to help you maximize your website’s search engine performance. With powerful keyword research and tracking tools, Ahrefs can inform your content strategy and identify quick wins for organic traffic growth.

With its site audit feature, you can identify technical SEO errors and other issues causing your website to underperform.

And its rank-tracking feature allows you to monitor your rankings regularly and track the progress of your SEO efforts. Ahrefs is an ideal tool for businesses seeking long-term success in search engine optimization.

The tool also offers insights into the pages that drive traffic to your website and competitor data to inform your content and link-building strategies.


  • Ahrefs is one of the most fully-featured SEO tools available
  • Unlike its key competitors, it works with multiple search engines
  • It allows users to work with an unlimited number of verified domains
  • Complete coverage of search and website analytics functionality


  • Too pricey with no free trial
  • No built-in outreach


Ahrefs offers four pricing plans:

  • Lite Plan: The price starts at USD 99/month
  • Standard Plan: The price starts at USD 199/month
  • Advanced Plan: The price starts at USD 399/month
  • Enterprise Plan: The price starts at USD 999/month

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of today’s most comprehensive and widely-used SEO reporting tools. This user-friendly platform offers many research features to help website owners track and analyze key metrics for their search engine optimization efforts.

With Google Analytics, you can easily monitor your website’s traffic sources, audience demographics, and behavior patterns and improve organic search results.

Additionally, you can track your site’s rankings for specific keywords and identify areas where you may need to improve your optimization strategy.

Overall, if you’re looking for a powerful tool to help you optimize your website’s search engine performance, Google Analytics is a must-have in your digital marketing arsenal.


  • Event-based data improves conversion tracking
  • An excellent free tool to easily create custom reports
  • Simple to set up
  • Provides out-of-the-box reports and web analytics


  • Functionality can be improved.
  • The dashboards of google analytics are not so ideal for marketing reports.


It is free.

SE Ranking

Lastly, we have SE Ranking on our list of the best SEO reporting tools. It is a powerful SEO tool designed to help you identify and capitalize on the most relevant keywords for your website.

It offers an array of keyword research, analysis, and tracking features to help you maximize organic search engine traffic.

The platform also provides detailed reports that allow you to monitor how well each of your pages is performing and what areas need improvement.

On top of that, SE Ranking’s backlink management features enable you to track when and where your competitors are getting links from, which can help you refine your SEO strategy.


  • A comprehensive range of SEO features
  • Tracks rankings very precisely and based on location
  • Provides fairly good website audits
  • Great customer service


  • The Essential plan has limited ranking features
  • It has a relatively poor backlink index


SE Ranking offers three pricing plans:

  • Essential Plan: The price starts at USD 31.20/month
  • Pro Plan: The price starts at USD 71.20/month
  • Business Plan: The price starts at USD 151.20/month

Other notable SEO reporting tools include:

  • Rival IQ
  • NinjaSEO
  • Google Data Studio
  • SpyFu
  • Google Search Console

What is a Typical SEO Report?

A typical SEO report includes key performance metrics such as organic search traffic, rankings for target keywords, and backlinks.

It can also include other data points such as keyword usage, website usability metrics, and insights into competitor strategies.

An SEO report aims to provide clear visibility into the impact of your optimization efforts and help you identify areas where improvement can be made.

In addition, the report should help you develop a plan of action to improve your website’s overall search engine optimization performance.

How Do I Report SEO Results?

Your SEO report should track your performance against key metrics such as organic search traffic, rankings for target keywords, and backlinks.

You can use powerful tools such as Ahrefs and Google Analytics to track these metrics and generate reports that provide visibility into the impact of your optimization efforts.

The data collected from these tools should be used to inform your SEO strategy and identify areas of improvement, such as adding alt tags to images.

Additionally, you can use an automated reporting tool to help you identify areas where improvement is needed and develop a plan of action to maximize your website’s organic search engine performance.

Once you have identified these improvements, it’s essential to track the progress of your optimization efforts with regular reporting. This will ensure that you make measurable progress toward improving your SEO performance.


This article has explored some of the best SEO reporting tools available today. Each tool offers unique features that can help make your SEO campaigns more effective and efficient.

Google Analytics is a great all-in-one solution for tracking website performance. At the same time, other tools, such as Ahrefs and SE Ranking, offer specialized features that are invaluable for keyword research and backlink tracking.

Regardless of your chosen tool, it’s important to remember that a comprehensive SEO report should include key performance metrics such as organic search traffic, rankings for target keywords, and backlinks.

Regular reporting can help you identify areas of improvement and adjust your strategy accordingly.

With the right combination of tools, regular reporting, and insightful analysis, you’ll be well on your way to achieving success with your SEO campaigns.

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