3 Best Roomba Model in 2021 (Robot Vacuum Cleaner)

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What’s the Best Roomba Model in 2020 and beyond? It is without any doubt that iRobot’s Roomba series is the best robot vacuum cleaners in the entire market.

However, for an ordinary shopper, it may be hard to settle for the best one as there are so many of them; from the original 400 series to the latest 900 series. So, if you are not sure what Roomba to go for, you just came to the right place.

In this article, we have reviewed 3 of the best robot vacuum cleaners by basing on price and most importantly, quality.

  1. Roomba 650 – Retailing at less than $300, it is a low budget vacuum cleaner that offers quite some good performance considering the low price.
  2. Roomba 890 – It has almost all the features in the Roomba 900 series and costs less than $500.
  3. Roomba 980 – Even though it is expensive, the Roomba 980 has better performance on all floors, carpets and pet hair and has a new and advanced navigation system

For the full details on how the Roombas compare, here is a great read that will enlighten you more about these vacuum cleaners.

In our next segment, we are going to see why these 3 robot vacuum cleaners made it in this list today in comparison with their mates. So, without further ado, let’s get straight to business.

So, What’s the Best Roomba Model?

1. iRobot Roomba 650 – Best Affordable Roomba Model

roomba 650 best affordable roomba

Even though it is among the oldest models in the Roomba series, I really liked its performance considering you can get it for less than $300 and it’s the best Roomba model.

Whether it is cleaning floors, carpets or pet hair, the Roomba 650 has got you covered. At the time I owned it, I had a hardwood floor and the kitchen was tiled. In the living room, I had a carpet that was a real mess considering I had my cat, in fact, a Ragdoll that shed fur very much. You wouldn’t believe how many products I ordered on Chewy to try and combat this.

It used to clean the tile, hardwood and even the carpet. The 650 is among the vacs that have two brushes; Dual Multi-Surface Brushes.

There’s one for loosening dirt and the other for picking up the dirt. There’s also a 27-degree angled side brush that sweeps the wall edges. Remember, this is where pets like to scrub themselves. Also, when the wind blows, it leaves all the dirt along these wall edges.

Another feature worth mentioning is the Dirt Detection technology that ensured the vac focused more on areas where there is concentrated dirt. Other features include Virtual Walls (one included), scheduling and self-recharge.

There are a few things that I didn’t like about the Roomba 650. First, its navigation system is not that accurate. I didn’t have a lot of stuff but it got stuck at times. The worst thing that I also noted is that it leaves marks on carpets and even walls.

However, considering its pros and cons, I would still go for the Roomba 650; its price is very affordable!

Among its major competition is the Shark ION 750 that retails slightly cheaper than the 650 but doesn’t offer the same performance. The only good thing about it is the fact that it comes with Wi-Fi and voice connectivity, features the Roomba 650 lack. Another competitor is the Roomba 690 that has almost all the features in the 650.

The only thing that brings the difference is Wi-Fi and voice connectivity. If you really envy these Smart features, then be ready to cough around $100 more.

2. iRobot Roomba 890 – Best Roomba Value for Money

roomba 890 best value for money

Personally, I consider the Roomba 890 real value for money. It is the best Roomba model in the 800 series and it inspires the 900 series.

By design, it is exactly the same as the other Roombas. In terms of cleaning priority, you can use the 890 on all floor types and even carpets as it has an auto-adjusting head that adapts to different floor types. It still packs the 3-stage cleaning system but this time with AeroForce technology.

This technology brings on board a tangle-free brush system that makes pet cleaning easy and reduces tangling. Besides, it packs a Gen 2 motor that delivers 5x more power. This makes it ideal for cleaning carpets and vacuuming all pet hair and dander.

Another talking point would be its AeroForce® High-Efficiency Filter that captures 99% of allergens. So, if you are allergic, this would be a great purchase. When it comes to navigation, it has an improved system compared to what you get in the Roomba 860, 870 and 880.

It navigates around seamlessly and is among the low-budget vacuum cleaners you can trust with high-traffic rooms. Other features include Dirt Detection, Wi-Fi and voice control, scheduling, Virtual Walls (one included) and so on.

Unfortunately, there are some areas that iRobot underscored. You will realize that the 890 is very noisy. I like cleaning my house at night but again, the loud operation wouldn’t let me sleep in peace. The dirt bin is also very small so you have to be around most of the time to empty it. The 60 minutes run time is also less considering this is an almost $500 vac.

When it comes to competition, it out rightly beats other vacs in its range. The Roomba 690 is a major threat considering it is cheaper and has Smart features too.

However, the 890 has 5x more power. It also has high-efficiency filters that clean allergens too. The Roomba 960 is also gaining track and gives the 890 a run for its money. Some of the unique features it comes with include iAdapt 2.0 with visual localization while the 890 has iAdapt 1.0. It also boasts a better runtime; up to 15 minutes more.

However, it costs over $200 more which I think it’s not worth spending just for an additional 15 minutes runtime and visual localization.

3. iRobot Roomba 980 – Best All-Round Roomba Model

roomba 980 best all round roomba

If you are comfortable with the $900 budget, I would recommend the Roomba 980. It is well endowed in terms of features and performance. On the website Robotbox I found comparison review Roomba 960 and 980, maybe you will interesting to read before buying!

First, it can clean all floor types, carpets, and even pet hair and allergens. It is very similar to its sibling the Roomba 960 only that it has Carpet Boost and better runtime. What I like most about the Roomba 980 is its action on carpets. Carpet Boost mode delivers 10x more air power that vacuums all the dirt and dust that hide deep inside carpets. Another talking point would be its entire level of cleaning capabilities.

Together with the Roomba 960, there is self-recharge with resume capabilities. So, while the 500, 600, 700 and 800 series will only go to recharge, the 900 series will thereafter resume cleaning. This makes the 960 and 980 great for those with large floor areas. Perhaps the best thing about the Roomba 980 is its navigation system. It packs the all-new iAdapt 2.0.

The icing on the cake is visual localization that uses a camera for real-time viewing, a feature that only Dyson matched with the 360 Eye. It also comes with a powerful battery that can last it for 120 minutes. This is twice what the 890 offers and almost three times the 650.

When it comes to competition, the war starts right in iRobot’s yard with the 960. It costs $200 lesser and has the same features as the 980 save for Carpet Boost and 45 minutes more runtime. If you don’t have a carpet, the 960 would be a clever purchase. Another competitor is the Dyson 360 Eye only because of visual localization.

However, in terms of performance, I would still get the 980 considering Dyson costs $100 more than the 980. Perhaps the real competition is the likes of ECOVACS R95 that has the same features save for visual localization and costs around $400 cheaper.

roomba model 2018


Now that we have reviewed the best Roomba model worth checking out, it’s time you make a choice which one you will go for. Please note that these are not the only vacuum cleaners from iRobot.

To get the full picture, this Roomba comparison review will help you make a perfect choice that matches your budget and most importantly, your cleaning needs.

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