4 Best NVME SSD Enclosure Reviewed/Tested Working in 2022

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You need the best NVME SSD enclosure because buying the wrong SSD enclosure for your SSD drive would result in your hand getting burnt, roasted portable SSD over time and ultimately slow transfer speed and performance due to your SSD being in an oven.

Why? Because you buy those bad SSD enclosures based on positive reviews you see on Amazon and without doing proper research.

Tired of using slow USB sticks and hard drives that give you the slow transfer speed, file security, and protection? So you decide to build your own SSD flash drive but even that doesn’t go so well.


The Best Portable SSD Enclosures that won’t burn your hands

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In the post, I will be showing you how to buy and identify the best NVME SSD enclosure you need to build your SSD flash drive and I would only be showing you the best SSD enclosures for your portable SSD drives.

The Best M.2 NVMe SSD Enclosure by ASUS ROG

The ASUS ROG Strix Arion is the best NVMe SSD Enclosure to come out in Late 2019 and is surely the best NVMe SSD enclosure in 2020 because the company that made it is already known for making premium technological gadgets like gaming laptops, gaming smartphones, and so on.


  • Proper thermal pads for excellent heat transfer and aggressive cooling.
  • Reaches 10Gbps transfer rate because it uses USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 technology.
  • Supports M.2 PCIe NVM SSD with 2230/2242/2260/2280 form factor
  • ASUS Legendary RGB Lightning effects
  • Very easy, screwdriver free installation


  • Expensive
Buy from Amazon

The Best NVMe SDD Enclosure Pick

QNINE NVME Enclosure, M.2 NVME Enclosure M Key, Based on JMS583 USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10 Gbps).

nvme to usb adapter

The best NVMe SDD enclosure case for your NVME PCIe SSD drives.

This enclosure won’t overheat because it uses thermal pads directly applied on your SSD to keep it from running hot and it has ventilation holes to help with heat dissipation so you can’t expect any damage to your SSD drive or burn to your fingers.

The Best MSATA SSD Enclosure Pick

StarTech USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10Gbps) mSATA Drive Enclosure


The best MSATA SDD enclosure case for your MSATA SSD drives.

This enclosure won’t overheat and cause damage to your SSD drive or burn your fingers.

The Best M.2 SSD Enclosure Pick

ElecGear M.2 to USB 3.1 Gen2 Enclosure, M2 NGFF Adapter Case

elecgear m 2 ssd enclosure

The best M.2 SDD enclosure case for your M.2 SSD drives.

This is a rugged and waterproof drive that keeps your SSD safe and nicely tucked in.

The Research

And it’s ok, I know! You hate research. I do too, it’s boring and tedious.

But Good news! I have done the research for you because I am also doing it for myself. The best NVME SSD enclosure.

This is my personal research and identification process that helps me identify the real products from the fake ones regardless of their positive reviews. I call it the ANTI-SCAM process.

I have researched into portable SSD enclosures you would need for your MSATA, M.2 and NVMe SSD.

The truth is midway into researching SSD enclosures cases, I found out that all of the supposed enclosure cases you would likely buy if you didn’t read this post would probably cause an overheating problem which would burn your hand, roast your SSD over time and cause slow transfer rate and performance issues.

I was discouraged!

I wondered if there was no SSD enclosure I could buy for my MSATA SSD that wouldn’t cost me a toasted hand and spoil my beautiful SSD I have been meaning to use all these years – read about my failed SSD flash drive attempt.

But, I kept on searching and using my ANTI-SCAM process, I found just 1 SSD enclosure for my MSATA SSD and takes all the overheating and burning problems and solved them by creating countermeasures and making improvements.

Unlike other SSD enclosure companies that just keep creating millions of MINI-SSD COFFINS in form of SSD enclosure cases, they refuse to make adjustments and improve on the current SSD killer enclosure cases.

Simple improvements like high-quality PCBs, more ventilation so your SSD doesn’t roast itself in the enclosure, high-quality USB cables and to find a way to reduce the heat coming out from the SSD drive, maybe they can reduce the voltage of each SSD enclosure.

If you know about building SSD flash drives, you should know two things – you need a portable SSD (MSATA, M.2 or NVME) and an SSD enclosure. Simple right?


Because of multi-million dollar companies and their greed, you just can’t buy any SSD enclosure case you see on the market because your hand will get burnt and your sweet SSD will be spoil.

Heat is the worst enemy for any storage drive.

So why will want to buy an M.2 SSD enclosure that literally cooks your SSD till it stops working and while cooking, if you reach out trying to touch it, let’s say to move it, your hand gets burnt!

I will be recommending 3 SSD enclosures.

  • The best MSATA SSD enclosure case
  • The best M.2 SATA SSD enclosure case
  • The best NVMe PCIe M.2 SSD enclosure case

1 SSD enclosure case for each category. No long list of bad enclosures, just the best for your SSD.

How to Buy the Best M.2 SSD Enclosure to Build your SSD flash drive

You need to identify the best NVMe SSD enclosure case for your SSD and how do you do that? By knowing the features that you want, the ones that would benefit you the most and make your life easier.

1. Compatibility

Before pulling the trigger on any purchase, make sure to know if the SSD enclosure fits your SSD drive.

How do you find out? Just follow these two steps;
1. Know your SSD type and key (Just look at the tip of your SSD and for the type either an MSATA, M.2 or NVMe based SSD)
2. Check if the SSD enclosure works with your SSD type and key (Just look at the product description and images to see if your SSD tip is in the supported or unsupported column)

2. Heat Management

Nobody wants to get their hands burnt when they touch their SSD drive so to prevent this; you need to buy an enclosure that has a solution for when the heat generated while the SSD drive is in use within the enclosure case.

SSD Enclosure cases now have thermal boards, pads that help with heat reduction and holes that help with heat dissemination making air go into your SSD flash drive cooling it down and also pushing hot air out.

3. Transfer Speed

You are using an SSD drive, after all, so you should be getting all the speed your SSD drive can offer or as advertised.

The best SSD enclosure has to offer now is 10Gbps technology and that’s what you should get.

4. USB Connection

The best USB technology right now is USB Type C.

You need an enclosure case that works with USB Type C to USB Type C so you can get the maximum transfer speed and performance possible.

Additionally, the enclosure case should come with a USB Type C to USB Type C cable and not USB Type-A to USB Type C.

The Best M.2 PCIe NVMe SSD Enclosure Case

NVMe PCIe SSDs are the best types of the SSD in the market today and if you are aiming to build the ultimate SSD flash drive, I would recommend you get an NVMe PCIe SSD + QNINE NVME Enclosure, M.2 NVME Enclosure M Key, Based on JMS583 USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10 Gbps).

Building the ultimate SSD flash drive has a lot of problem-solving advantages.

  • No more slow transfer speeds because you would be running close to speed you get when you the NVMe SSD directly attached to the motherboard i.e. over 800Mbps transfer speed thanks to the 10Gbps technology.
  • No more overheating problems, your high-end NVMe SSD is safe in this enclosure and definitely no more hand getting burnt.
  • You can transfer 2GB files in 6 seconds.
  • This is the best solution for USB-C only laptops like 2018 Macbook and other laptops.
  • Great travel work companion, all your sensitive information in the safest external storage device possible.

What to expect when you buy this NVMe PCIe SSD enclosure?

  • USB Type C to USB type C cable for maximum transfer speeds and performance.
  • An excellent cooling system that uses thermal pads to promote heat dissipation and optimal drive performance
  • Low power consumption, low latency all because it’s based on JMS583 USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10 Gbps) to PCIe Gen 3 x2 Bridge Chip.
  • This NVMe to USB adapter only supports M Key NVMe PCIe SSDs.
  • A strong, solid and safe environment to keep your SSD and store your files.


Your computer won’t recognize the actual SSD’s brand with this NVME to USB Adapter, so for Samsung SSD drives, you can’t use the Samsung disk cloning software, instead use Acronis disk partition.

The Best MSATA SSD Enclosure Case

The best MSATA SDD enclosure case for your MSATA SSD drives. This enclosure won’t overheat and cause damage to your SSD drive or burn your fingers.

If you have an MSATA drive laying around and you want to convert it to an external SSD drive, you would need to buy the best MSATA SSD enclosure which is the StarTech USB 3.1 Gen 2 (10Gbps) mSATA Drive Enclosure.

What you should expect in the best MSATA SSD enclosure case.

  • Proper Heat Management
  • 10Gbps transfer speed technology
  • USB 3.1 Gen 2 (No Type C)
  • Only supports mSATA SDDs

The Best M.2 SSD Enclosure Case

If you happen to have an M.2 SATA SSD laying around or idle, you could repurpose it and turn it to a super-fast external SSD flash drive!

And of course, you would need the best NVME SSD enclosure case to do so, buy the ElecGear M.2 to USB 3.1 Gen2 Enclosure, M2 NGFF Adapter Case.

What should you expect in the best M.2 SATA SSD enclosure case?

  • USB 3.1 Gen 2 Superspeed + Type C connectors can give up to 10Gbps transfer speed
  • Rugged, Lightweight and doesn’t burn your hand or overheat
  • Only supports M.2 SATA SSD with B key or B+M Key.
  • Doesn’t support M key disk that comes in PCIe (NVMeor AHCI) types.
    For example, Samsung 950/951/960/970 EVO Pro, WD Black, ADATA XPG, Corsair Force, Crucial, Intel 600P, 760P, and 900P are NOT on the supported list


You just learned how to identify and buy the best NVME SSD enclosure using my ANTI-SCAM method.

For people who don’t want to go through stress and do the research needed to select the best products for you, I shared some highly recommended SSD enclosures to you.

These enclosures can work for your mSATA, M.2 SATA NGIFF and NVMe PCIe SSD drives.

I recommend one for each category. So you get the option of getting a msata to USB adapter or m.2 to USB or nvme to USB adapter.

These recommended SSD enclosures for your SSD won’t burn your hand, roast your SSD or make you frustrated by giving you slow transfer speeds.

Everything has been done for you!

Buy the best NVME SSD enclosure and you would experience the idle SSD flash drive world where your SSD drive is safe, your hands don’t get burnt when you try to move your SSD drive. You get the best transfer speed which should be above 800Mbps if you have the NVMe PCIe + Best NVMe SSD enclosure setup!

In reality, you can carry your important work files with you in your pocket, travel light, clone your hard drives, store and run various virtual machines, save app projects or video projects, take on seminars, events and get that safe iron-clad feeling that both your files and SSDs are in good hands.

You can literally whip it out and immediately have access to all your store files running at the maximum transfer speed and performance possible.

This is a post from my SSD Flash Drive blog solely targeted at building SSD Flash Drives and the best NVME SSD enclosure.

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