The Best Headphones for Small Heads in 2021

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The best pair of headphones for small heads is an actual need in the market, believe it or not. These headphones are essential for two main reasons; not all heads are created equal, and little children also love headphones. No one wants to get a headphone then have the gadget wobbling on their head. We all want our headphones to fit perfectly because it makes them more comfortable and less prone to damage.

The best headphone for small heads is Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro. We picked this because it comes with three different impedance levels to cater to different users; it reproduces sounds in premium quality as they are, so there is no audio sculpting. This pair of headphones is designed to give you an immersive experience. Its ergonomic design provides you with immense comfort when listening for long periods. 

If you wear glasses, the earpad construction makes you comfortable. Need we say more? We will give a more detailed description in the section dedicated to comparing all the headphones on this list.

Best Overall

Premium Pick

Also Good

When you purchase a headphone, you intend to listen to audio in a more personalized way. If you wanted to share your audio, you could have purchased a speaker. Other reasons for purchase can be to record, create or communicate. Whatever the reason, you should spend your money on one that suits you perfectly.

There are a lot of headphones in the market; big, medium, and small. The majority are designed which hinges that one can adjust to fit their head type. The challenge is that small heads struggle with headphones being too bulky or heavy for their head. When they purchase small headphones, they might be ill-fitting without making using them for long periods uncomfortable. Sometimes these headphones have poor quality.

Our aim with this article is to prove with the list if you do not have to trade off quality for comfort because you can have both. We curated this list by arranging the 5 best headphones for small heads (in our opinion) in order of our preference. Let us look at the description of these gadgets, their pros, and cons. We will also list a few things to look out for before making a purchase and answer some questions.

Best Headphones for Small Heads Comparison Table

Headphones are companion devices that provide users with various features, such as hinge mechanisms or style of connectivity. There are touch control panels, which can be operated with gestures, making navigation simpler and eliminating many buttons, which some people find less aesthetically pleasing.

Some headphones are textured to reduce discomfort so that users can use the gadget for longer. Some headphones allow users to shut out completely or control how much ambient sound affects their listening experience. In every single device on this list, one or more of these features are available, and your purchase decision should revolve around which one best meets your needs.

5 Best Headphones for Small Heads in 2021

There is a pair of headphones on this list for almost everyone (dare we say, everyone?). If you are a parent and you need to get a pair of headphones that will fit your child, there is a pair of headphones on the list for you to check out. The need to study or focus as a student is quite common. If you require absolute silence or music without background noise, you can find one on this list with those features.

Some of the headphones on this list are high-end and have a fantastic sound. Others perform above average, with excellent overall performance. Whatever your price range, there is a pair of headphones on this list for you. You must read the specifications to ensure that it is suitable for your intended use.

There is no need to be stuck with large over-the-ear headphones just because you use headphones for recording, creating, mixing, and broadcasting. You will find headphones on this list to suit your needs, one of which is highly portable. Office use, regular commuters, and bass heads have a pair of headphones that will cater to their needs. With all these in mind, here are our top picks for the best headphones for small heads.

1. Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro

Coming in hot at different sizes (0.5kg, 0.2kg, and 0.3kg) is the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro. It is a lightweight headphone that is ideal for audiophiles, has amazing studio vibes (it is literally termed “The studio legend”). 

This amazing device makes provision for everybody as its impedance varies for different users. You have a mobile phone or/and a laptop; the 32ohms gives you crisp, clear sounds, clear bass, and an overall enjoyable music experience (just like you are in the studio).

The 80 ohms is great for recording, mixing, audio production, and many other studio applications. Last but most certainly not least is the 250ohm that is designed for professional studio use. The weights listed in the first paragraph represent each device, respectively.

One cool thing about this device (there are so many cool things!) is that this over-ear design is a closed-back dynamic that provides you a listening experience with the isolation of ambient sounds. The ear cups have an ergonomic design to make this noise isolation possible

The sounds emitting from this pair of headphones are very detailed, spacious, and transparent. The sounds are reproduced just like the original. There is no emphasis on specific sounds and no dilution.

We have already highlighted that the ergonomic design of its earcups (natural stretch design made of knit fabric), now how comfortable are they? Very comfortable. Asides from the earcups, the headband is built with pads that feel plush when placed on your head (It is adjustable to fit any head) with a nominal headband pressure of approximately 3.5N

It has a rugged design so that it can take some hits (not a smash), rugged and aesthetically pleasing does not usually go together, and this device is no exception.

Best Overall

Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro

This device is far from ugly as its grey or black design still gives off a relaxed vibe (it is bulky, though). When we highlighted the varying impedance provision for different users, we definitely cannot include people who go to the gym. This gadget has a wired design like wired from the factory, and there is no taking out the cable wire.

This feature might be a problem for people who hate being restricted to a particular place, especially with devices you can’t just carry around for things like a bathroom break. So, working out with this might be a challenge, not impossible, just not so convenient.

Cable style varies; a 1.6m straight cable for 32ohm, 3m straight cable for 80ohm, and a coiled cable for 250ohm. These cables are not made of Kevlar, neither are they braided; these cable styles are our favorites because they are more durable (tangle-free) than others. 

The single-sided cable on this gadget is not tangle-free but is designed to minimize tangling. It is very durable, and all parts are replaceable making the investment worthwhile as the damage does not always mean the purchase of a new headphone, it could just be the purchase of a new part (this is a more affordable option).

If you wear glasses, this headphone has got you covered. Remember the earcup and headband we discussed earlier? They are both made of velour material, making that trapping effect you usually feel with most headphones a nonissue. 

This Beyerdynamic model has a total harmonic distortion of < 0.2% making its noise isolation very efficient. Delivering good bass and above-average treble sounds with a frequency range of 5Hz – 35kHz. The sound pressure level of this device is 96dB, so it is loud but not too loud and its power handling capacity is 100mW.

When it comes to the isolation of ambient noise, it varies for different impedance. The ambient noise attenuation for 32ohms is 20dBA while 18dBA is allocated to both 80ohms and 250ohms. No boom mic but it picks up sounds clearly (not as good as a boom microphone). The driver is dynamic neodymium with a diameter of 45mm. The overall features of this headphone make it amazingly comfortable to use for long periods.

Well, those were the cool features of these headphones, let us move to the not-so-cool features. At this point, you already know from the features discussed earlier that this headphone is bulky so even though it is light, it is not portable especially because of its inability to fold. So, this headphone has a drawstring bag that you can put it in when you are on the go and without that, you must leave it on your head or neck to carry it around.

Another feature that might make it a less appealing purchase is a shocking one. It is not noise-canceling, this headphone does not give you a totally immersive experience in noisy areas. It is not sweatproof and not waterproof giving it a few minus points on its level of durability. This last feature has made it a gadget that cannot be used for the gym.

One more thing, when you are about to make a purchase, make sure you buy the impedance that suits the purpose of your purchase. For instance, if you purchase the 8ohms/250ohms and use it for your mobile device (laptops or smartphones) you cannot maximize it without a digital-to-analog converter (DAC) or an amplifier.

Purchase this device if; you are looking for an affordable pair of headphones that reproduces sound clearly without any coloration or distortion and is designed to make you comfortable while using. If you are not fazed by the cable wire or its inability to fold.



2. Bose 700

It comes in 3 colors: arctic white, silver luxe, and triple black. It is the most aesthetically pleasing on this list, maybe this feature can be attributed to its price tag as it is the most expensive on this list. It takes noise canceling to another level, more like 11 levels. 

This gadget has 11 levels of active noise canceling. The active noise cancellation feature in these headphones is one of the best for blocking out planes, trains, and any sound.

Most students get budget gadgets, this might not be classified as one, but an active noise cancellation is an excellent option for a noisy library or space when you need to study or just focus on tasks. The active noise canceling can be used without playing music and can be used while playing music, bringing you closer to your music.

It weighs approximately 0.2kg, designed to evenly distribute weight and provide you with balanced audio. Adjusting to fit is done by sliding the earcups not the band, these earcups slide up and down on the pole-like structure design and this has a seamless movement. 

There are no visible hinges, it does not fold but the earcups swivel. There are just three buttons, these buttons are well spaced, and this prevents it from having that multiple buttons look. All these make it more aesthetically pleasing.

The over the ear form device has stereo speakers, with an active equalizer (on the app) for an immersive experience. To maximize this pair of headphones, you need the Bose 700 app, which is where you can use various features: like switching between devices. This app requires an update to the latest firmware every time one is available.

This wireless pair of headphones produces a clear sound (so not your regular wireless headphones). You can use the detachable audio cable to connect your headphones if you forget to charge or simply intend on using it this way. The Bluetooth 5.0 technology with a connectivity range of 10m, allows you to connect to two devices simultaneously. It can be connected to an amplifier, i.e., a soundbar.


Bose 700

The sound pressure level of the 700 is 112dB, so great for high volume levels. With a closed-back dynamic and an impedance of 60ohms, reproduction of sounds is way above average especially vocals in the midrange because they sound great. Its noise reduction feature and a mute function. Please note that faux leather earpads should be well clicked before use.

It has 8 mics; six mics that work together to ensure you hear your calls clearer even in very noisy areas, four mics (two from the previous 6 explained) work together to give your voice clarity over calls by isolating your speech and ensuring that any disruptive noise or sound around you are suppressed.

Take pleasure in customizing your surroundings. This is achieved because of the sound structure; the headphones can adapt to the environment. A few features make using these headphones for an extended period more comfortable. First, it is very soft as synthetic protein leather is used to make the angled earcups. Silicone padding on the stainless-steel headband gives it a soft, comfortable feel.

With the Bose 700, the wireless voice assistant feature sounds better and is more efficient. Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, and other voice assistants are compatible with this device. Google Assistant has one advantage over other services in that your messages will be read to you. With your messages read to you, you will see that the “heads up, hands-free” selling point applies.

Active noise canceling has 11 levels, a sample is full transparency, medium, and high. Full transparency is level 0 where you can hear everything, and it feels like you are not wearing any headphones. Medium is level 5; at this level, you can hear the noise around you, but you are not distracted. High is level 10; at his level, you cannot hear a single thing even your voice.

Battery life is 20 hours (630mAh capacity), which is more than enough to last an entire day on a single full charge (approximately 3 hours). If 3 hours is a luxury you do not have at a given moment, there is no problem. 

With its quick charging feature, you can play it for 3.5 hours from a 15-minute charge. Remember to turn off the headset so that you do not drain the battery, if it feels like a chore or you might not remember, just activate the timer for auto-off on the app. As always, the battery life is dependent on your volume level.

Touch is required for navigation as you must use gestures to control the device. Double-tap: pause/play, accept/reject calls. Swipe forward to skip a track and backward to repeat a track or listen to a previous track. There is a power/pairing button, a button for digital assistants, and on the left ear cup for active noise canceling. On the left cup; active noise cancellation, cable space. Right cup: Type C charging port and USB-A plug.

For durability, the IPX4 rating makes it splashproof or spillproof and omnidirectional: you cannot submerge it in water or any liquid. The headband is made of metal so it will be had to break. There are some designs that reduce its level of durability: the cable is not tangle-free, the earcups cannot be folded. The earcup issue is not a major issue as they can rotate 90 degrees to rest on your neck or fit in the carry-on case.

Let us run through some of its not-so-desirable features. It is not compatible with consoles. When using the isolation feature, it runs hot so it might be a bit of a hassle during hot weather. It can be tricky to handle during very cold weather. There are issues with the touch control, accidental reading of gestures. The audio (high and low range) seems tuned or sculpted. Overall, it is a good device.

Purchase this device if you are looking for a pair of headphones that prioritizes active noise canceling, you want a gadget that is aesthetically pleasing, you do not mind spending almost $400, you are constantly commuting or in noisy areas and you would prefer to answer calls clearly.



3. Sony MDR 7506

Sony is a brand known for a wide range of tech products and headphones are not left out. With a plethora of headphones, they have put out in the market, it is no surprise that they have a design that is suitable for small heads. 

The MDR 7506 is a lightweight headset, weighing approximately 0.2kg with a foldable hinge making it extremely portable. Its portability is really its selling point as the awesome pair of headphones fit into a protective drawstring bag that comes with the device.

These premium quality headphones are comfortable despite the absence of plush padding. The coiled cable of 3m is nondetachable. So, it is great for working on your desk, in an office, or in a studio. This cable offers flexibility because it extends when it is in use and it retracts when it is not being used, making it take up less space.

Commuting with it might not be so convenient, they are portable, but the non-detachable cord can be a bit of hassle for constant commuting (especially many places in a day), but if you get to look past this, it is a great device. It is made of plastic; this makes the level of durability a bit questionable. 

You will need to handle the cable with care, it is thick, and seems durable but handle with care, it is not detachable, so you do not want it to break. Two other features of this cord are: it has a gold connector, and it is oxygen-free copper (OFC).

Also Good

Sony MDR 7506

With a closed-back dynamic, it shuts out the environment to give you an immersive experience. The driver is a polyethylene terephthalate (PET) neodymium magnet with a 40mm diameter. If you really love the bass (i.e., you are a certified basshead), you might not like this, and the treble is not great either as the frequency range of this device is 10Hz – 20kHz.

The stereo speaker design delivers sounds to both the right and left sides of the earcups independently making the sounds more natural and improving its immersive experience. It has no active noise cancellation, but it has passive noise reduction.

This gadget is great for audio production; recording studios, production crews (film and others), and anything that requires editing. The pads are replaceable, this is a great feature because it is not sweatproof.

To take advantage of its 63ohms impedance on a smartphone, you need to use a “strong” smartphone (one with high specifications). The headphone has a large diaphragm making it great for broadcast as it has more acoustic energy and moving while speaking does not make the sound less pleasing. The power capacity on this gadget is 1,000mV, and if you love loud music, the sound pressure level is 106dB (excited?).

It is not waterproof, not dustproof and it certainly does not qualify for gym use, the level of workout does not matter (even jumping jacks).

Purchase this device if: you are in the market for a very affordable pair of headphones that has an amazing performance overall with a great microphone and you are not fazed by its style of connectivity.

4. PowerLocus P2

Weighing approximately 0.2kg, the P2 supports a voice prompt, it has stereo speakers and a frequency range of 110Hz – 20,000Hz. It comes with a 1.2m detachable AUX audio cable, charging cable, and a case holder. It is portable as it folds and fits into the small carry-on case.

It has an over-the-ear form, it is designed to fit all head types (especially small heads) and the sound quality is decent. In terms of aesthetics, this brand went all out and made this device available in 10 colors (talk about options!).

With a simple and sleek design, this can be categorized under fashionable headphones. Using this device for long hours is comfortable with the super-soft protein foam earmuffs. The lightweight and comfortable nature of these headphones make them suitable for everyone.

PowerLocus P2

It has a neodymium magnet with a driver diameter of 40mm and a 32ohms impedance. It has a noise reduction echo cancellation feature embedded in the CVC 6.0 dual microphone. The microphone sensitivity is -42dB. This is the only device on the list that has these features; wireless, wired, FM radio, and micro-SD slot.

The wireless connectivity is done through Bluetooth 5.0 (10m range) with an enhanced data rate (EDR) making it faster to pair and reduces pressure on battery life. 

For it to be fully charged, you need to plug it in for 2.5 hours and in return get 15 hours (400mAh) of playtime. With a higher volume level, you can get a little above 9 hours. It also has a battery life indicator.

It is not sweat-resistant, not dustproof, not splashproof, or waterproof. The cable is tangle-free which is a huge plus. It has some level of noise cancellation but not noise reduction., and the control panel is on the device. This pair of headphones is a steal really because the overall performance is amazing considering the price tag.

Purchase this device if: you are on a low budget, you want to get good headphones that a child can use, you like the idea of a micro-SD card slot and FM radio.



5. Edifier W800BT

A feature that is usually a selling point for headphones is the connectivity style i.e., wired/wireless. A few phone brands have been removing the audio jack feature; Vivo, Samsung, One plus, and of course The iPhone. Laptops are not left out as quite a number of them do not have this feature. This no audio jack feature that is relatively new, is becoming more popular and is paving the way for the utilization of wireless headphones.

This device is wireless, it comes with a detachable cable so it can function as both wireless and wired, especially when you forget to charge, or charging is not convenient. Having an immersive experience with this gadget has been compromised because its design does not include an over-the-ear foam. Sound quality for this generic brand is not premium, but it is designed with stereo speakers.


Edifier W800BT

Its design is not compact because it does not fold either does it come with a carry-on case. It has an on-ear foam that makes it comfortable. The frequency range is 20Hz – 20kHz, so the bass is average, and this applies to its treble. 

It does not have a noise reduction feature or active noise cancellation. The sound pressure level is 100dB, an exciting feature for those who love loud music. Although, the midrange sound is not so accurate as there seems to be some tuning.

It has a neodymium magnet, 32ohms impedance with driver unit size of 40mm. After a full charge, you can get up to 35-hour battery life and there is a battery life indicator on the gadget. This full charge can be achieved after 3 hours.

The Bluetooth version is 4.2 with a 10m distance. In terms of connectivity, the wired connection is clearer than the wireless. The control panel is on the device and does not work for wired mode. When you are using it in the wired mode, you must use the control on the connected device, or you can purchase a cable with an in-line remote to solve this issue.

The Edifier is good for commuting but not for working out as its durability level is not compatible with that rigorous activity. Is it aesthetically pleasing? To be honest, you must be the judge of that, it does come in red, silver, and black giving you options.

Purchase this device if: you are on a low budget and you want to get a wireless device that functions above average with good battery life. You can be careful with your gadget as it can break easily in comparison to others on this list.



How to Choose the Right Headphones for Small Heads.

Lori Hill said, If you don’t have the information you need to make wise choices, find someone who does.” We have given you details of our top 5 pair of headphones, let us look at things you need to bear in mind before you make a purchase. The next few paragraphs will list features that can serve as a checklist for your purchase.


The microphone on the headphones matter, even if you are not recording, mixing, or gaming. You need headphones that provide you clear communication. If you decide to go for a wired pair, ensure you get one with a strong cable; braided or Kevlar are good materials. If you prefer a wireless pair, ensure you get a good Bluetooth version (the latest versions are better).

Aesthetics is not a determinant of how well a pair of headphones will perform but who says you cannot enjoy your audio in style? While this feature is not a top priority, if you want to take your gadget to public spaces, it is something to consider.

How you tune your device i.e., control panel. If you are going for a minimalist look, then touch control but if you are not an incredibly careful user, stick to the regular button control. The remote style could also be inline (on the cable), if you are purchasing this type, follow the cable advice that was given earlier.

Do you want a more immersive experience so that you can listen to your audio alone? Go for the closed-back dynamic. If you do not mind people in your environment listening to your audio, then go for the opened back dynamic. 

The opened back dynamic is also good for people who like to let air in while using headphones because they tend to get hot after long periods. The closed-back does not have this feature, but some are designed with earcups that can serve as cooling systems.

Sound Quality

The frequency range depends on your preferred listening experience. If you love bass, you should go for at least 10Hz and if you love treble, go for at least 30kHz. Volume level is another thing to consider, 96dB is a good sound pressure level for very loud music, you can go higher just make sure it suits your ear’s sensitivity.

Total harmonic distortion is a feature that regulates noise isolation and noise cancellation. Any pair of headphones with <1.0% has the noise cancellation feature, the lower the percent, the more effective this feature. The minimum impedance level should be 32ohm, there are cases where 26ohm can be suitable for your needs. 

The driver is another important feature to consider for a good/great sound quality. For the size, it should not be less than 40mm, if it is made of a neodymium magnet, it will be light and reproduce quality audio.

Compatibility and Durability

Your lifestyle determines the style or type of headphones you purchase; If you want to use them for the office, for school, professional audio production, and other walks of life. Remember, to get a pair of headphones that has the level of durability that fits your lifestyle. For instance, you should not purchase headphones that have little or no IP rating for a workout or any rigorous activity.

Ingress protection (IP) rating determines how strong or durable a pair of headphones are. Make sure you check the rating to what the device can withstand. Always check the specification of the headphones you want to purchase, we have given you a guide to making this decision easier,

Best Headphones for Small Heads FAQs

The next few questions reflect common inquiries about headphones for small heads.

What is the overall best pair of headphones for small heads?

The Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro is the best pair of headphones for small heads. It has an overall amazing performance with 3 different impedance levels to cater to different users.

How much do I need to buy the best headphones for small heads?

The Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro costs between $159 – $179 (excluding shipping).

What is the cheapest pair of headphones for small heads?

The PowerLocus P2 costs $25.99 (excluding shipping).

In Conclusion

The fact that you have a smaller head should not prevent you from having top-quality headphones. While there are a lot of products available in the market, a large amount of them are certainly not designed for smaller heads, we hope this list makes it easier to find the right fit.

We are aware that with recent increases in headphone demand, manufacturers have become increasingly popular, but obtaining one is not always a straightforward task, particularly for those on a budget or if it is your first time using them.

With this article, we have given you a list of 5 headphones that function/perform very well. There are different prices, unique features and they all vary in price. Purchasing a pair of headphones that can be adjusted to fit small heads can be a hassle and that is why we made the focus of this article a list of headphones for small heads.

Making a purchase ultimately depends on your budget and purpose for buying. Our goal with reviewing these products is to assure you get the best audio experience. There are guidelines listed, if you follow them strictly, purchasing a quality pair of headphones to suit your needs should not be a challenge.

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