If music is your passion, and you’re curious about the future of AI-generated music, you may need to know about an AI music composer.

In recent years we’ve seen a substantial shift in how AI can create music with increasing accuracy and complexity – from rhythm to sound design and even original compositions.

While much progress has been made on these fronts, some exciting advances in the pipeline will revolutionize the world of AI-music composition.

In this article, we’ll look at seven of the best AI composers released in 2023 so that you can stay informed on the exciting new trends coming soon!

What is AI Music Composer?

AI Music Composer is a cutting-edge technology that involves artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to compose music. It is a revolutionary tool that allows musicians to generate entire songs in just a few clicks and make music production easy.

AI music composer analyzes various data sets and uses this information to create music patterns, melodies, and chord progressions. The software can compose music in different genres and styles, making it an exceptionally versatile tool for artists.

The system involves deep neural networks and machine learning models that can learn and improve over time, producing higher-quality compositions. With the rise of AI music generators, we can expect new and innovative music to be produced with the help of technology.

What is the Best AI Music Composer?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) music composers have been a revelation in the music industry. They have enabled composers to create and produce music easily and quickly, revolutionizing the music generation.

The market is flooded with different audio editing software, making it hard for music enthusiasts to choose the best one.

When choosing the best AI music composer, there are certain factors one needs to consider. The algorithm being used, the genre of music it can compose, the preset style, and the user interface of the composer are all essential considerations.

The best AI music composer largely depends on the user’s preferences and needs.

However, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best AI music generator tools in 2023:

Amper Music

When it comes to music composition, Amper Music undoubtedly stands out. As an AI music composer, it produces original music that fits specific moods, genres, and desired lengths.

Unlike human composers, Amper Music considers factors like tempo, instrumentation, and structure to create unique compositions. With its easy-to-use interface, anyone can create professional-quality music for their projects in minutes.

What sets Amper Music apart is its ability to create music that rivals that of human composers in terms of creativity and quality. Whether you’re creating background music for a video game or podcast, Amper Music enthusiast delivers outstanding results.


  • Excellent layout
  • It helps people follow up with interest promptly
  • Great value for money 
  • Amper Music Support is excellent and useful


  • It focuses on chord progressions rather than melody
  • Loading time might need improvement 


Amper Music is free to use. However, downloads start from $5 per track but can climb as high as $100 for commercial use.


AIVA, or Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist, is a cutting-edge technology that has the ability to create original music compositions that rival those of human composers.

With AIVA, you can explore a unique sound, create custom music explicitly tailored to your needs, and even experiment with different genres and styles.

Whether you’re a filmmaker looking for the perfect score or a musician searching for inspiration, AIVA is undoubtedly one of the best AI music composers.

With its unparalleled precision and creativity, it’s no wonder that AIVA is rapidly changing the face of the music industry.


  • No Licensing headache 
  • Full ownership 
  • Intuitive interface 
  • Full monetization


  • No video support
  • The free plan is minimal 


AIVA has three pricing plans:

  • Free Plan: It is free forever 
  • Standard Annually: The price starts at EUR 11/month
  • Pro Annually: The price starts at EUR 33/month.

Amadeus Code

Amadeus Code is another AI music composer that made our list. It is a powerful artificial intelligence that can compose, arrange, and remix music with unique styles and sounds.

The highlight of this tool is its ability to understand the user’s preferences and produce music accordingly. With Amadeus Code, users can create sound by tapping on the screen.

What makes it stand out from the crowd is its ability to generate unique music that sounds like it was composed by a human.


  • Instant melodies
  • Excellent customer support response time
  • Impressive product Quality
  • The Amadeus Code layout is excellent


  • Music output might need improvement
  • The free plan has limited features


Amadeus Code has four pricing plans:

  • Starter Plan: It is free forever
  • Pay-as-you-go Plan: The price starts at USD 1.99/month
  • Premium Plan: The price starts at USD 9.99/month
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom plan 

ORB Composer

ORB AI music composer tool is an excellent choice for music producers looking to create unique, high-quality compositions. This software uses artificial intelligence and generative algorithms to generate music with various sounds and styles.

It offers over 25 different genres for its users, including cinematic orchestral, jazz, rock, EDM, and more.

ORB Composer also has a built-in chord progression editor and a vast library of instruments, making it one of the easiest AI music generators to create classical music.


  • It’s a comprehensive tool for people who can read and write music
  • The midi editor is quite good
  • Users can upload melodies for orchestration (midi files only)
  • The menus simplify adding instruments, blocks, chords, and chord progressions


  • It requires a minimum of 64GB of RAM to use quality sample libraries
  • The interface is quite complex for beginners


The pricing information is not displayed. You should contact the admin to learn more about the pricing.

Jukebox by OpenAI

Jukebox by OpenAI is revolutionizing the music industry by creating original music using artificial intelligence. Its state-of-the-art algorithms are trained on massive datasets, including thousands of songs from all genres and eras, allowing the system to compose music in any style imaginable.

What sets Jukebox AI music composer from other AI composers is its ability to create original lyrics and vocals, mimicking the style and tone of famous singers with stunning accuracy.

With Jukebox, composers and music lovers can now harness the power of AI to create wholly unique and unforgettable pieces. The possibilities are endless, and we can’t wait to see what kind of music Jukebox will produce next.


  • Open-source support
  • Top-notch modern AI supported for music analysis
  • Fast processing power for the sound effects
  • A simple and intuitive UI is present


  • It does not compose very emotional sound effects
  • Predictable song composition style issues in some cases


It is free.

Ecrett Music

This AI music composer is another great tool if you want to create high-quality music with little effort. It combines a powerful AI engine and innovative algorithms to produce unique music in various styles, from jazz to pop.

The tool also has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for users to explore different sound options and generate original compositions quickly.

And unlike other AI music generators, Ecrett Music does not require special hardware or additional software to work and can quickly generate new melodies.


  • Easy to use
  • iOS Compatibility
  • Produces pretty good music
  • Easy to edit your AI-composed music audio and midi files



Ecrett Music has three pricing plans:

  • Free Plan: It is free
  • Individual Plan: The price starts at USD 4.99/month 
  • Business Plan: The price starts at USD 14.99/month


Lastly, on our list, Melodrive is another AI music composer with a deep neural network to create a song that resonates with listeners.

With AI music composers like Melodrive, musicians, and producers now have a potent tool. Melodrive is an innovative AI-based music composition software that can generate original music tracks tailored to a user’s requirements.

Unlike other AI music composers, Melodrive uses deep learning algorithms to generate music that evolves. The software analyses the user’s preferences, creating unique tracks that mimic human music creation.

With Melodrive, there’s no need to learn complex music theory or hire a professional composer. You can produce high-quality music quickly and easily, making it the perfect solution for musicians looking to save time without compromising quality.


  • Melodrive produces music quickly and cheaply
  • Great customer support
  • Generates tailored music for a specific audience
  • Fast loading time


  • The music output may lack emotion
  • Users may experience a glitch when overused 


It is free.

Other notable AI Music Composers include:

  • Brain.fm
  • Boomy
  • Soundraw

How Does AI Music Composer Work?

An AI music composer uses algorithms to generate musically interesting compositions, often in a specific genre.

The algorithms analyze audio features such as rhythm and harmony, then use this data to create musical patterns or ideas for composition. The algorithm can also adapt the musical idea based on user feedback.

In some cases, AI can compose a piece of music from start to finish with minimal input from the user. AI Music Composers can also create tracks stylistically similar to those of renowned composers and musicians, making it easier for users to develop their distinct sounds.

These systems rely on machine learning algorithms and databases of audio samples to generate their compositions. Some of the most popular AI music composers can learn from user feedback to adapt and create more personal compositions, allowing users to collaborate with AI as they develop their sound.

Is there an AI Beat Maker?

Yes. Many AI music composers, including AIVA and OpenAI’s Jukebox, have a beat-maker feature. This feature allows you to quickly create beats using pre-made samples and patterns with minimal effort.

The AI music composer analyzes the audio features of the samples and creates musically exciting patterns based on them, which can be used as a foundation for creating your tracks.

Many AI beat makers come with various sound effects and instruments, giving you many options for creating unique tracks. Some even allow you to upload your samples so the AI can create beats based on them!


AI music composition has come a long way in recent years, and many AI composers have advanced capabilities beyond what was once thought possible.

The ability to generate interesting musical compositions quickly and efficiently is an excellent benefit for musicians who must create high-quality tracks without spending too much time on them.

Whether a beginner or a professional composer, AI music composers can help you create engaging and unique compositions that resonate with your audience.

All the AI music composers recommended in this article are tested and trusted. Say goodbye to manual tasks and enjoy the beauty of an AI music composer.

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