It’s no secret that artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly becoming an integral part of our lives, and what better way to stay ahead than to ensure you’re armed with the best AI detector on offer?

This blog post looks at some of the available top AI detectors, including their features and benefits.

Whether you’re looking for a tool to help detect and manage AI-generated content or need to ensure your data is secure from malicious actors targeting your system via automated attacks, there are numerous options.

We’ll detail each so you can get a complete picture and decide which detector suits your needs in 2023.

What is an AI Detector Tool

In today’s world, there is an increasing demand for tools that help companies and organizations detect artificial intelligence.

An AI detector tool is a software program that uses machine learning models and algorithms to scan through websites, social media posts, and other online databases for indications of AI usage.

The tool can detect whether a particular technology or application uses AI and provide users with relevant information about the AI system.

The AI detector tool can help identify potential issues with AI algorithms or assess the impact of AI on a particular sector.

It provides valuable insights into how AI is used and can help companies and organizations stay ahead of the curve.

With the increasing popularity of AI and its potential for both good and bad, the AI detector tool is essential for anyone seeking to understand the AI landscape.

Best Value

1. Writer AI Content Detector

Introducing Writer AI Content Detector, the complete editorial writing solution.

The powerful AI detector is more effective than ever at discovering errors in writing and communicating valuable style preferences.


  • Free Trial Available
  • Easy to Use
  • A Complete AI Content Detection tool


  • Too Many Unnecessary Features
  • Accuracy Needs to be improved

You can understand your editing needs with detailed reporting tools to make the most informed decisions possible. The platform detects AI-generated text from AI writing tools, including chatGPT and Writesonic.

You can use their extensive style guide to develop and implement editorial rules for consistent content production.

And with Content Strategy Automation, the system is here to help reduce repetitive tasks by automatically implementing processes, allowing writers the freedom to write creatively without editorial oversight.

Yet you still retain ultimate control with our unique CoWrite tool, which allows you to train the AI for content generation based on your specific requirements.

Writer AI Content Detector has everything you need – and more – for seamless productivity and quality storytelling every time.


2. ZeroGPT

ZeroGPT is an AI plagiarism checker to detect whether a text is written by ChatGPT, Google BARD, or any AI tool or if a human writes it.

Since ChatGPT is booming and being used widely, there is an important need for an accurate and reliable AI detector.


  • 2M active monthly users
  • 98% Detection Rate
  • Less than 2% error rate


  • Limited Free Trial

Based on the DeepAnalyse™ Technology, the solution developed by our expert, ZeroGPT, is the most accurate and reliable AI text detector tool.

After analyzing more than 10M articles and text, some generated by AI and others were written by humans, we developed ZeroGPT’s algorithm with an accuracy rate of text detection of up to 98%.

When a text contains a mixed signal, some sentences generated by AI and others written by humans, ZeroGPT detects and highlights the sentences written by AI and gives you the percentage of the text that AI writes.

Our experiments are still ongoing, and we aim to analyze more articles and text and converge to an error rate lower than 2%.

With more than 2M active monthly users, and growing month over month, ZeroGPT is now the leader in AI plagiarism detector since it answers all the requests needed by internet users who trust us (Professional writers, students, educators, freelancers, copywriters), with new refined and reliable technology.

Premium Option

3. Winston AI

Introducing Winston AI – the best ai detector on the market today! With a detection rate of 99%, you can rest assured that all your content will be checked for accuracy and security.

For those who use ChatGPT, especially GPT-4, Winston AI works seamlessly to detect sentences generated by Artificial Intelligence.


  • Highlight Sentences written by AI
  • 99% Detection Rate
  • Additional Plagiarism and Readability Checker


  • Limited Free Trial

Plus, the AI can quickly check even large documents, including books! Just upload complete files in .word, .pdf, or scans.

The AI Content detector uses a language model to identify text and sentences. Winston AI also offers maximum security for your written works with its plagiarism detection tool that helps trace sources.

And suppose you want to ensure your write-ups are comprehensive and easily understandable. In that case, our free readability score assesses how comprehensible it is to an average person.

It is one of the best ai content detectors, especially for long-form content. It can filter human-written content from any content written with ai tools.

Experience better accuracy while writing with Winston AI – the robust and reliable AI detector.

Runner Up

4. Crossplag

Introducing Crossplag – the newest and most reliable AI detector for written content. Now, with just one app, users of all kinds can quickly detect plagiarism in any text within seconds.

Crossplag offers an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution that makes detecting AI textual content more accessible than ever.


  • In Built Plagiarism Checker
  • Free Trial is Available
  • Works with Different File Types


  • Not Accurate when Detecting GPT3.5 Text
  • No Information About Supported NLP Models

To take accuracy to the next level, machine learning, and natural language processing technology can spot even the most complex instances of AI content.

Using Crossplag is hassle-free and comprehensive. It supports up to 100 languages, ensuring you have everything you need no matter where your company operates.

Plus, its Integrity Insights capability allows corporate decisions to be made quickly and easily without worrying about possible legal repercussions.

The Platform also offers integrations into Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) applications to ensure smooth workflow between multiple use cases –school projects or SEO content reviews–all originality reports will be available as quickly as possible.

No matter which application you choose for tackling plagiarism issues, you’ll want one that provides reasonable accuracy, support for multiple use cases, data integrity insights, and LTI integration, as Crossplag does.

Make sure everyone involved remains safe: trust in Crossplag today.

Hidden Gem

5. Copyleaks

Introducing Copyleaks, the revolutionary new AI-powered solution for content detection.

This powerful tool lets you quickly and accurately detect plagiarism and source code infractions.


  • Affordable
  • Simple User Interface
  • A Dedicated Section to Detect AI Contents


  • It Dosent Guage or Tell you The Percent of AI Content Generated

Its advanced features make it the best plagiarism detection system today.

Copyleaks covers all major NLP models, including GPT 3.5, simplifying document comparison with its built-in algorithms and automated scanning processes.

With APIs available for large-scale content checking and a Chrome Extension to facilitate easy detection of written material, Crossplag is a fantastic way to stay ahead of any unoriginal content.

In addition to being a trusted source code checker, Crossplag also has integration capabilities with Learning Management Systems (LMS).

This means you can identify any piece of original writing used in a class or course in no time.

With its intuitive design, robust interface, and comprehensive database of scanned texts, Copyleaks will help you ensure that your work is entirely original and free from any infringement or copied material.

For those looking for an AI detector on their terms, look no further than Copyleaks –the most reliable AI detection system yet.

Get started today and take advantage of its convenient features, such as Chrome Extension availability and LMS Integration. Don’t miss out – try Crossplag now.

Hidden Gem

6. Content at Scale

Content at Scale Premium AI detector offers the perfect solution for anyone looking for the most reliable accuracy in written content.

The free AI detection tool has been designed to provide multiple language support with an API on request.


  • It can be Used to Curate and Detect Content
  • Additional Content Optimization and SEO Service
  • Easy to use and Straightforward


  • Only 400 Words Max

With Content at Scale, you can be sure your written content will be quickly and accurately checked and monitored, making it easier to ensure quality standards and accuracy across your entire operation.

The AI detector works on any platform or operating system, allowing you to access content from a compatible device.

Enjoy superior accuracy in a fraction of the time compared to manual reviews – use Content at Scale to ensure every written communication reflects the high standards you set for yourself.

Hidden Gem

7. GPTZero

GPTZero is the ultimate AI detection solution for text. It provides unique scoring markers to quickly identify written content generated through AI while giving enterprises and organizations access to an automated scoring system through our API solutions.

Our GPTZero X edition was designed specifically for educators, allowing them further to understand the capabilities and accuracy of artificial intelligence.


  • It Can Scan Multiple Files at Once
  • Scores Content Based on Percentage
  • Premium Features for Educators


  • Only Detect English Written Text

At GPTZero, it’s not just about identifying which content was generated by machine learning – it’s about showcasing that technology for businesses, students, and professionals looking for accurate information on their subject matter.

The unique system quickly highlights any text created with AI assistance so you can trust that you are getting the most reliable and up-to-date information.

We know that relying on AI technology is becoming increasingly important in numerous industries, such as healthcare, finance, and education.

With our human verification system, you can be sure that your AI detections are accurate to form every time.

With GPTZero, you never have to worry about false detections or incorrect results again – let us take care of the hard work so you don’t have to.

How to Detect AI Text?

Detecting AI text can be tricky and time-consuming. Still, luckily there are a few different methods to help you quickly identify any written content that may have been generated through artificial intelligence.

The first method uses an AI detection tool or software, such as Copyleaks or Content at Scale.

These tools will scan your content and provide an accurate report outlining any text created using AI.

Another method is to use a plagiarism detection program, such as Grammarly or Turnitin.

These tools will help you identify questionable content by checking for common phrases and words in AI-generated texts.


AI detection is becoming an increasingly important tool for businesses, students, and professionals to ensure the accuracy of their content.

Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive AI detector or something more fundamental, several options are available to help you quickly identify any text generated with AI assistance.

We listed some of them above!!

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