Are you curious about what your future baby might look like? Well, now technology can help you get a glimpse of your little bundle of joy – even before they are born.

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With OurBabyAI, you can See Your Future Baby in AI-Generated Photos
with Parents’ Photos or a 4D Ultrasound Scan.

Artificial intelligence (AI) baby generators are the newest trend in modern-day parenting.

From trying out different eye colors and hair textures to facial features and skin tones, AI baby generators let you design a digital version of your child’s appearance when they arrive.

In this blog post, we’ll dive deeper into why using an AI Baby Generator can be such an exciting experience for expecting parents and other interested parties.

We’ll also give some insight into the top 3 picks for today’s best AI baby generator apps.

Ready to see your future cutie pie? Then keep reading.

What is an AI Baby Generator?

An AI Baby Generator is a software application that uses artificial intelligence technology to create a virtual baby’s face based on specific inputs such as skin tone, eye color, hair color, and facial features.

It’s like having a digital baby maker that can randomly generate a baby face that looks like it could be part of your family photo album.

While this may seem like a mere gimmick, it’s a testament to the potential of AI technology in creating realistic images.

With an AI Baby Generator, you’ll be amazed at how lifelike the generated baby’s face can look.

Whether you’re curious about how your future child could look or want to try something fun, an AI Baby Generator can provide an exciting experience.

Best Choice

1. OurBabyAI

Say hello to OurBabyAI, the revolutionary baby generator using advanced artificial intelligence to help create your perfect bundle of joy.

We know how hard it can be to imagine what your future baby will look like – until now.


  • Easy to Use
  • Generate Realistic Babies Based on Images Uploaded
  • Friendly Interface


  • Takes time to Generate Images

It’s easy as 1-2-3: all you need to do is upload a photo of you and your partner, and OurBabyAI will give you a stunningly accurate prediction of what your future child may look like in minutes.

OurBabyAI utilizes an AI-powered algorithm using groundbreaking facial recognition technology to recognize the most fundamental features passed down from generation: eyes and nose shape, hair texture and color, body proportions, and skin tone.

With these fantastic results, you won’t stop at just one every time, so share with friends or have a friendly competition.

After all, nothing says fun like “guessing” what your future little one looks like.

It doesn’t matter if this is your first baby or fifth; create a memorable experience with OurBabyAI today.

Fun for you and eventually adorable for them when they arrive! So come on in and let us indulge in anticipation of meeting your equally excited family member.

Best Value

2. Baby AC

Baby AC is a revolutionary and free baby prediction service to give you an insight into the future of your new bundle of joy.

With Machine Learning technology, Baby AC can take images of faces and predict the front of your future baby.


  • Shows You a Realistic Image of What Your Baby Will Look Like
  • Easy to Use


  • Mobile App Not Available

Baby AC is relatively easy to use.

Upload image(s) of two adult faces – preferably those of the prospective parents – and let the AI-driven predictions do the work for you.

In mere moments, you’ll have a prediction that will amaze you.

Other similar services in precision and accuracy, with an almost perfect record.

As a bonus, Baby AC can also provide information about your future baby’s vital statistics, such as their probable height, weight, and birthmarks.

The prediction service stands head-and-shoulders above similar services in precision and accuracy, with an almost perfect record.

Before you commit to bringing a new life into this world – why not find out what it might look like?

Trust us when we say it’s time to leap into the future.

Get Baby AC now and unlock a window into the world of tomorrow while today remains secure in your memories.

Premium Option

3. Future Baby Generator

The Future Baby Generator is an iOS app with cutting-edge artificial intelligence that lets you visualize your future baby’s future.

With just a few taps of your phone, you can get an accurate image of what your baby may look like years later.

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  • Mobile App Available
  • Generates Realistic 3D Images


  • Buggy Sometimes

They understand how important it is to get a glimpse of what your child might look like one day.

That’s why they designed AI technology that uses sophisticated algorithms and millions of data points to generate a realistic 3D image of a potential future baby.

Every detail is taken into account so you can see how their eyes and nose will develop, where their hairline will be, and what color their skin may be.

So if you’re unsure about the potential outcome of a specific gene – or just curious – download Future Baby Generator now to explore the possibilities.

Plus, this app works on iPhones and iPad, making it easier than ever for families everywhere.

Runner Up

4. FaceApp

Looking to find out what your baby might look like before it’s born? Look no further than FaceApp.

The AI-powered application is the perfect way for anyone looking to buy a baby generator.


  • You can Preview the Growth Process.
  • Mobile App Available.
  • Easy to Use


  • Mobile App is Slow sometimes
  • Supports only JPG Image Format

With FaceApp, you can accurately preview how your child will grow and mature.

They have precise algorithms that consider factors such as ethnicity, physical features, and genetic traits to ensure our prediction is as accurate as possible.

The app teams up with experts from around the world with genetics, anthropology, and computer science backgrounds, so you can trust you’ll get the best results.

Users can also adjust certain features and customize their predictions to ensure it fits their vision of what their child should look like.

With FaceApp, users can create a better tomorrow — one parent at a time.

Hidden Gem

5. MakeMeBabies

Have you ever wondered what your babies might look like?

With MakeMeBabies, you can now find out using advanced face recognition technology.


  • Generates Multiple Baby Images
  • Upload Images and Get Images in Real-time
  • Friendly Interface


  • The Website Looks Basic

The baby face generator website will generate your baby’s appearance with high-quality color rendering.

This AI baby generator will show you precisely what your future offspring will look like.

Upload photos of mom and dad to the website, and our advanced algorithms will create a unique visual representation of your future babies.

You can have fun and use celebrities’ pictures to generate babies and see their appearance.

The AI tool uses deep learning to generate family photo albums and much more.

The face recognition software creates a realistic photo-merge image with all combinations of facial features that both parents bring to the table.

MakeMeBabies is more than just a fun way to preview how your children might look – in reality, the technology behind this website is miraculous.

They developed highly advanced algorithms that use neural networks to recognize many subtle elements about someone’s facial characteristics to generate a highly accurate prediction about the outcome of a child created by two parents.

We are constantly refining our algorithm and creating new ways for people to share their simulated baby images with family, friends, and even each other.

Whether you want to bring laughs or spice up your conversations, MakeMeBabies has something for everyone.

Get started today and explore the fascinating possibilities available through our AI Baby Generator.

Hidden Gem

6. BabyGenerator

Introducing BabyGenerator – the innovative iOS app that uses artificial intelligence to predict your baby’s appearance accurately.

With just a few taps, this fantastic tool gives you an AI-assisted glimpse into your future.

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  • Mobile App available for IOS
  • Easy to Use


  • Not Available for Android

Just upload two parental photos and get a realistic avatar of your prospective baby.

It’s an incredible way to have fun imagining the possibilities about your child without having to go through nine months of pregnancy.

BabyGenerator is the perfect tool for anyone looking to find out more about how their future bundle of joy might look.

Using advanced algorithms and facial recognition software, you’ll get an ultra-precise rendering of what your little one could resemble when it arrives.

So if you’re excited to glimpse their beautiful face without going through all the waiting and trouvailles, BabyGenerator will give you complete satisfaction.

Get started today and download BabyGenerator for iOS now.

You won’t regret experiencing this exciting way to start planning for parenthood with assurance and joy.

Hidden Gem

7. Baby Maker Face Generator

Introducing Baby Maker Face Generator, an application that will help you satisfy your curiosity and visualize your future baby’s face using the power of artificial intelligence.

Baby Maker helps you predict your child’s appearance through a unique combination of facial feature recognition technologies.

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  • Easy to Use
  • Generate Babies Based on Photos
  • Mobile App Available


  • Images can be Hyper Realistic Sometimes

All you need to do is upload two photos of parents, one photo of each, and Baby Maker Face Generator will analyze facial features and “construct” a potential future baby – all in an instant!

Unlike other apps on the market that attempt to predict a child’s physical traits through genetic analysis techniques, Baby Maker has taken a unique approach to this exciting journey by only analyzing facial features based on photographs.

This means that our technology is even more accurate than ever before.

Plus, Baby Maker produces detailed and customized results: you’ll get to see every subtle detail that makes up your potential baby many years ahead of time- and all at a glance.

With Baby Maker Face Generator, take the guesswork out of parenthood while experiencing this incredible journey.

With just two simple pictures of the parents uploaded into the app, you can have hours’ worth of fun tweaking and predicting until you find the perfect image you’ve always wanted for your family.

Don’t miss out on this incredible experience; try it now with Baby Maker Face Generator.

What is the best baby generator app?

The best baby generator app is MakeMeBabies.

This AI-powered platform uses advanced face recognition technology and deep learning algorithms to accurately generate realistic visual representations of a potential baby’s appearance based on two parent photos.

MakeMeBabies also allows users to customize the results and use celebrities’ pictures, making it the perfect tool for anyone looking to find out more about how their future bundle of joy might look.

Additionally, MakeMeBabies’ technology is backed by experts from around the world with genetics, anthropology, and computer science backgrounds, so you can trust that you’ll get the best results.


Parenthood can be both exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time.

Finding out what your future baby will look like is one of those anxieties that many parents experience, but now you don’t have to go through it alone.

With AI baby generator apps such as MakeMeBabies, BabyGenerator, and Baby Maker Face Generator, you can glimpse your baby’s future appearance and imagine the possibilities.

Advanced algorithms and face recognition software back these apps to provide highly accurate results when predicting your child’s facial features.

So don’t wait any longer; get started today and explore the fascinating possibilities available through AI baby generators.

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