Are you looking for an AI face generator that can effortlessly create random faces in the fastest possible time?

Well, it’s 2023, and with it comes a raft of new technologies, including advanced artificial intelligence systems designed to automatically generate facial images from scratch.

This blog post will explore the best AI face generators available this year that provide accurate results.

Discover which ones produce high-quality faces quickly and easily without any manual intervention.

What is an AI Face Generator?

Imagine a world where the characters on your screens effortlessly display an uncanny resemblance to actual human beings yet are entirely created by a revolutionary new technology: AI Face Generators.

These impressive and persuasive generators utilize artificial intelligence algorithms to conjure fake faces that don’t exist.

By analyzing countless real faces and cleverly combining their features, AI Face Generators have infiltrated various industries, such as entertainment, gaming, and advertising, creating a more authentic and engaging experience for viewers.

So, embrace this cutting-edge technology as it borders on the cusp of challenging our perceptions of reality and crafting a new realm of limitless creative possibilities.

1. Fotor

Best Choice

Fotor, the AI-powered photo-editing platform, is now making it easier than ever to generate human faces.

You can enter text prompts to develop specific facial features, and the face generator will handle it diligently.


  • It can be used to create Digital art
  • Photo Editing Features
  • Powerful AI Tool


  • Expensive

Choose from various presets such as scale, details, lighting effects, and more – or use one of our many free image tools to refine your generated face so the result is precisely what you want.

You don’t need any prior experience in editing to create faces with the ai tool.

You can also use the AI-generated faces as profile pictures on all social media platforms or for academic research.

2. Generated Photos

Best Value
Generated Photos

Generated Photos is the latest and most comprehensive random face generator available.

With features like automatic generation and superior realism, it’s no surprise that top names like BBC and Forbes have successfully used this platform.


  • Easy to Use
  • Generates Highly Realistic Faces
  • Used by BBC and Forbes
  • Excellent Editing Features


  • It can be Complex for Beginners
  • Only 3 Days Free Trial with Limited Features

It can produce synthetic faces for commercial purposes and uses a neural network to be accurate. It can generate multiple faces at once, and it is not restricted to gender or race.

The random face generator can generate faces from Asian countries.

You don’t need graphic designers to create new faces, and you get a wide range of features to have fun with while coming up with real human faces.

Their easy-to-use technology takes the hassle out of generating unique human faces for projects ranging from video game characters to medical simulations.

Generated Photos is the perfect AI platform for anyone looking to generate realistic human faces quickly and easily.

3. BoredHumans

Premium Option

BoredHumans is here to make your life easier if you’re looking for a reliable and robust AI platform to generate realistic-looking humans face.

This platform is revolutionary: with powerful machine learning algorithms, an extensive database of 70,000+ authentic human images, and access to the previously existing version’s features, you have plenty of options to create the exact look you seek.


  • Database of 70,000+ Fake Faces
  • Easy & Free to Use
  • It can Generate a Beautiful Woman or Handsome Man


  • You cant Edit the Faces
  • UI looks Generic

With deep learning technology, you can efficiently synthesize images according to human attributes.

You also have the flexibility to generate different faces as you want randomly. You also have the option to determine what hair color you want.

My first impressions of the website were that it looked generic because of its UI, but it ended up being one of the best ai face-generator apps I used.

The faces are perfect for commercial purposes because you can generate a beautiful woman or handsome man with the fake face generator.

The website has no perception bias, as the generated image can be from any gender or race. You get a different Photo with every click of the mouse.

BoredHumans promises to provide a fast, simple solution for all your face editing and generating needs. We invite you to try out this fantastic program today and experience the difference our efforts make.

4. This Person Doesn’t Exist

Runner Up

Introducing This Person Dosent Exist, the revolutionary AI platform powered by two neural networks for generating realistic fake faces.

This face generator uses GAN technology and NVIDIA’s StyleGAN algorithm to create faked faces that are unrecognizable by ordinary people – less than 90% predictable.


  • Free & Easy to Use
  • Use Neural Networks and Stylegan Algorithm
  • Photos are Super realistic


  • Ads can be annoying
  • UI isn’t great

We understand that most AI platforms generate unrealistic faces with low image quality.

That’s why we are proud to present you with an advanced AI platform that can generate genuine-looking faces in realistic detail.

With This Person Dosent Exist, you can produce persistent forms of Artificial Intelligence with an amazing degree of realism. And thanks to our refresh option, you can change the generated face in a single click.

There is an option to select age, gender, and race on the app. It is free, and the faces can be used in your creative works.

If you’re looking for a specialized AI platform to Generate Fake Faces, this Person Dosent Exists is your best bet. It has been carefully designed to guarantee maximum satisfaction and quality.

5. Fake Face Generator App

Hidden Gem
Fake Face Generator App

Introducing Fake Faces app – an AI app that can create a realistic human face with just one simple click.

This groundbreaking face generator uses neural networks to transform a line of code into images of people with any age, gender, nationality, and skin tone.


  • It doesn’t Generate the same face
  • The App is always updated
  • Photo Editing Features
  • Free Trial Available


  • No Web Version
  • Expensive

With this program, you’ll never have believable photos for your articles or other creative projects.

The Fake Face Generator relies on machine learning algorithms trained to mimic natural human features.

That means you get faces so biometrically correct they’re almost indistinguishable from actual photos.

With this tool, you can give a face to any idea without ever needing to take a single picture. Best of all? The results are 100% untraceable; these people never existed.

It won’t generate the same face, and the app has a wide selection of features to edit images.

The ai generated faces can be used anywhere, even as profile pictures.

Harness the full power of artificial intelligence and get exactly what you need with the Fake Face Generator. It is one of the best ai face-generator apps right now, and the faces can’t be distinguished from real ones.

6. DataGen

Hidden Gem

Introducing DataGen – the most innovative AI face generator designed to generate realistic faces from images. The revolutionary software uses advanced technology to create up to 100,000 unique 3D face models with different lighting adjustments.

DataGen strives to bring you the most intuitive, accurate, and user-friendly solutions for generating fake faces.


  • Generates Realistic Faces
  • Excellent Features
  • Generated Faces come in High quality


  • Not Easy to Use

DataGen offers accuracy and detail that surpasses any other ai face generator on the market.

Their algorithm accurately identifies facial details such as skin color, asymmetry, and imperfections. There are some creatively designed tools; you can customize each face with its own hairstyle, hair color, eye shape, facial expression, and much more!

And through their intuitive interface, you can easily adjust lighting conditions, such as moved shadows and warm/cold colors, for added realism.

DataGen has everything you need to create high-quality images for animation projects or viral videos – nothing else rivals our swiftness and agility in producing massive quantities of convincingly lifelike faces in a limited time frame.

Whether you’re an animator or vlogger facing strict deadlines or an entrepreneur looking for new products with unique visual identities – DataGen is for you.

7. Marketing Tool

Hidden Gem
Marketing Tool

Are you in need of a powerful photo-based ai face generator? Look no further than Marketing Tool! Our AI platform, powered by Nvidia GAN, can generate faces from scratch with lifelike facial expressions and features.

You get more than one million auto-generated faces that look real and can help push your creative vision to the next level.


  • More than 1 million Images in the database
  • Generate Real human photos
  • Free to use


  • Mediocre Interface
  • It Can be challenging to find the right Face Photos

Their system is simple and intuitive, so you’ll be up and running quickly.

It keeps people form, and the ai generated faces can be used in a legal way.

Any random face generated cant is edited that much because it just pops, and you have to keep clicking.

No matter what kind of project you’re working on, Marketing Tool can add an extra layer of realism that brings your design to life.

It is more of a generative adversarial network that generates an image with one click.

Create unique imagery with unprecedented details quickly and easily – try it out today.

What is the Best Fake Face Generator?

The best face generator is undoubtedly DataGen. Its advanced facial recognition and customization capabilities make creating highly realistic artificial faces quickly and easily easy.

The software also allows you to control lighting conditions and simulate natural elements like shadows for added realism.

Another great feature of DataGen is that its intuitive interface makes editing a breeze, so even those with no prior experience can generate real faces in minutes.

Finally, this AI face generator is free to use, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank.

Are Fake Faces Legal to Use?

Yes, it is legal to use fake faces in various ways, depending on the country you are in and what type of project you’re using them for.

Generally speaking, as long as an individual’s likeness isn’t being used commercially without their consent, there shouldn’t be any significant issues.

However, it is always best to check with a legal expert before using any fake face, as each country may have different laws and regulations.

Using a generator like DataGen will help you create realistic-looking faces without worrying about breaking any laws.


DataGen is the best fake face generator out there.

Its advanced facial recognition and customization capabilities make creating highly realistic artificial faces quickly and easily easy.

The software also allows you to control lighting conditions, making it even easier to create stunningly lifelike images.

Furthermore, DataGen’s intuitive interface makes editing a breeze

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