How to Start Advertising your Business on Google in 2021

The majority of business owners like Money Brighter gives importance to Google PPC (pay per click) campaigns for getting the best leads. Google Ads is an excellent platform where you can easily expand your reach and watch your business grow.

Why should you use Google Ads?

Well, are you searching for the best way to find new clients through an online search? PPC ads remain as an excellent option for all types of businesses as it helps in finding quality leads who are looking for your services or products. In this PPC ad system, you will be charged for every click your potential customer makes.

The best part of the PPC ad campaign is one can display their ads only to potential customers. As these are paid advertisements, the word ‘ad’ will be tagged to mention that it is paid content. The ads will appear at the top of organic search results. As it remains on top, relevant audiences will click and visit the website once they see the advertisement.

Google Ads

Having known the reasons to use Google Ads, let’s now discuss how to start advertising your business on Google:

1. Know your Goals

If you have decided to run a PPC advertising campaign, you need to know what you wish to achieve. So, before starting the campaign, ensure to set goals for your campaign. Though it is conversions or brand awareness, you need to have an objective or goal in mind. By setting a goal, you can create a campaign that offers maximum results.

Remember, you should not focus only on conversions. You should also give importance to give a free trial or allow people to download a PDF guide or develop brand awareness. Most business owners and marketers run a PPC campaign to achieve interested leads in a quick time.

2. Select your Keywords

One of the important things to focus while running a PPC campaign is the keywords. If you are thinking about how to promote your business on Google, you should first know your keywords. It is important to select the right keywords. It helps in driving relevant traffic who are in need of your service or business.

Google Ads keywords

By conducting complete keyword research, you can find relevant keywords for your business. Moreover, by performing keyword research, you can also find keywords for a PPC ad campaign. Give important to long-tail keywords. They usually consist of more than three words and helps in driving more qualified leads.

For instance, if a person searches for ‘flower delivery in Newyork’ (any location) and when you have used the same long-tail keyword in your PPC campaign, your business ad would easily appear on top of other organic results.

Some people search using keywords like floral shops or floral with several intentions. It may even not be associated with getting touch with a florist. Therefore, it is best to select long-tail keywords so as to drive better results and more qualified leads for your campaign.

3. Set Maximum Bid and Budget: 

After selecting the keywords, you have to think about the financial aspects of your PPC ad campaign. Budget is the most important thing you should consider before starting to advertise on Google. Decide how much you can spend to receive leads. It is possible to run a PPC campaign with any budget and there is no compulsion to fix the right budget.

You have to trial and check the budget that works for your business. Remember, a business owner can run a PPC campaign with a budget of $2000 or $500, there is no concept of a maximum budget.

But, it is important to know the cost per click for your ads as this differs from one business to another. Considering all these factors, you may have to decide the maximum budget suitable for your business. 

4. Create the Landing Page

After creating attractive PPC ad copy and establishing the ad campaign, you need to focus on the landing page. It is the page where your leads will be clicking after seeing your ad. It should be created in an engaging manner with sufficient details about your business.

While creating a landing page, ensure the page concentrates on your ad content. Remember, your ad and landing page should be relevant and should make people take action. The landing page should not direct to your homepage. It is necessary to have a page, particularly to your service or product. If you do not have a specific page, there are chances of losing leads.

5. Enhance Quality Score

When you are advertising on Google, you would come across an important term- quality score. It plays a critical part in finding the ranking of your ad in search results.

It is usually in numerical value which Google will assign as per its relevancy. It takes some time for Google to show ratings for your ad and it is mostly according to the relevancy of associated keyword. It is necessary to target high-quality score when you want to rank in top position in the search results.

Google gives importance to quality and not how much you are planning to spend for the top slot. If your ads have gained a high-quality score compared to other competitor ads, you can pay the least amount per click. Hence, chances of gaining more leads with less budget than your competitor ads.

Ads quality score

6. Launch your ad and keep monitoring:

After finding the keywords, setting the maximum bid and creating a customized landing page, you are ready to launch your ad on Google. One of important things to focus while advertising your Google is monitoring the campaign.

This way, you can make sure that you are offering the best knowledge for your audience. It is necessary to monitor the performance of your advertisement on a daily basis. Make use of Google ads PPC dashboard where you can get useful information about your campaign and also see how well your ads are performing.


What’s more? Start promoting your business through Google Ads today!

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