2 Best Ways to Book Cheaper Flights Online

Buy cheap tickets online with this 5 sure methods which guarantees you getting the best bang for your buck! Being a frequent traveler it amazes me how people are unaware of the different ways to economize costs when booking journeys online. I’m not really a “travel hacker” as they call them these days, but, I am a traveler with two words on my mind “cheap flights”. A little effort and few web searches later you are on your way to your dream destinations.

2 Best Ways to Book Cheaper Flights Online

Let’s be honest, we are always on the lookout for a bargain, aren’t we? So, for all you globetrotters looking for cheap flights when going on holiday here are our top 3 ways to find cheap flights online:

Online Travelling Portals

Probably the easiest way to find cheap flight fares online is using the top 3 online travel portals. There are some top online booking websites that provide you access to the cheapest fares available when it comes to flights, hotels and car rentals. Here is a list of portals you should definitely consider the next time you are looking for flights:

  1. Kayak
  2. Expedia
  3. Sky Scanner

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Take Expedia for instance, the website doesn’t only provide you with cheap air ticket fares, but also encourages you to book hotels and car rentals directly through the website. There are also special holiday activities that you can book depending on your destination. Have a look at these amazing offers the next time you are planning to take a family holiday or travelling for business.

Hopper App

Now available on both Android and iOS smart phones, Hopper app is a great travel partner providing instant flight prices, airfare comparisons, buy or hold suggestions and simple price monitoring. The app itself is very lite, requires fewer resources and offers a simple user interface to engage even beginners without too much effort. Hopper was awarded best travel app for 2015 by Apple Inc. and was later released to the Google Play Store too.

Hopper apps amazing interface queries across billions of airline prices using a data analysis tool with 95% accuracy (according to the Hopper website). The most brilliant feature I found was the price comparison tool once you have submitted your destination choices. It compares prices up to an entire month recommending the cheapest airfare available within a 30-day time line.

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So no matter where you are, download Hopper App today to get the best quotes & cheapest airfares delivered straight to your phone.

Spamming VPN with Kayak.com does not work anymore

Spamming your IP address on Kayak.com was the easiest workaround to get cheap airfares online, but unfortunately they caught on to it. I put the theory to the test just in case and checked for airfares using my original IP address and then used UK, USA, Malaysia and Singapore IP addresses for the same journey, none of them were successful.

Although the pricing changed to regional currencies, when converted the fares remained the same.

buy cheap airline tickets online 1

If you observe in the screenshot above, prices were displayed in GBP when I checked them using my UK VPNIP address. I proceeded to disconnect my VPN to use my original IP and there was only one change in the airfares, they were now displayed in US dollars:

buy cheap airline tickets online 2

If you used this trick and it worked for you, do let us know in the comments section below. However, this tweak has not worked in a while according to all my tests, so whoever claims they can do this is probably outright misquoting, so do be careful.

In a Nutshell

The next time you are taking a family trip, moving away or taking a flight for work consider our solutions to find the cheapest airfares online. Consider having Hopper app on your phone to suggest you when to buy your ticket, or alternatively visit any one the top ranking online booking portals for the best airfare available.

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