7 Best 360 Security Camera in 2023 (Indoor and Outdoor)

A 360 Security Camera is one of the most modern and advanced home security solutions.

With panoramic readings and intelligent facial recognition, this advanced technology offers comprehensive coverage to give homeowners peace of mind.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into why 360 security cameras can be a practical choice for protecting your family and valuable property.

What is a 360 Security Camera?

360 security cameras offer an excellent solution for large areas that must be monitored.

These security cameras provide comprehensive area coverage as they can record and focus on 360-degree angles.

Unlike individual security cameras, they don’t require multiple cameras or mounting to capture the same broad areas.

One camera can monitor parking lots, driveways, entrances, and exits – any large area that needs protection from theft.

They are Ideal for businesses, corporations, and organizations where security is a priority; 360 security cameras are an effective way to ensure complete panoramic surveillance.

1. Kittyhok PTZ Wireless Security Camera System

Best Choice
360 security camera
Kittyhok PTZ Wireless Security Camera System

The Kittyhok PTZ Wireless Security Camera is your first defense against unwelcome guests and intrusions.

Its real-time video analysis technology allows it to autonomously detect, track, and monitor movements all the time.


  • It comes with four Cameras
  • Mobile App Support
  • Works Without Internet
  • LED Warning Lights


  • A bit Expensive

And with its ability to pan, tilt, and zoom remotely from anywhere in the world through the secure Kittyhok app, you can rest easy knowing your home or business is being looked after.

Its next-level security also includes a motion-activated LED warning light that is an automatic deterrent for any potential intruder.

It has a remotely triggered siren to increase your peace of mind further. The camera records 2K resolution videos, and they are well-detailed.

With two-way talk capabilities on both ends of your camera, you’ll never miss a beat to ensure everyone is safe.

No internet connection is required; you can be sure your home or office will always remain secure.

However, you need an Internet connection for notification pushes to your phone using the app. You get four cameras that you can mount around your property.

2. ANNKE 5MP Lite Security Camera System

Best Value
ANNKE 5MP Lite Security Camera System

The ANNKE 5MP Lite Security Camera System is what you need to keep track of your home or business.

This 8-camera system allows for human and vehicle detection, line crossing, or region entrance detection.


  • Weather Resistant
  • Mobile App Support
  • 8 Cameras
  • Motion Detection


  • Not Good in Low Light Conditions
  • Product Con 2

The security camera system also comes with an 8CH 5MP lite DVR and works with TVI, AHD, CVI, CVBS & IP cameras.

Get crystal clear images displayed at 1080P@ 30fps or 5MP @20fps from up to 100ft with its advanced sensor and intelligent IR.

There are no monthly or hidden charges attached to the cam.

The camera comes with a 1TB hard drive right out of the box and can be expanded up to 10TB if necessary.

They are IP66 certified against water and work in any environment, whether hot or cold.

3. Amcrest Fisheye IP POE Camera

Premium Option
Amcrest Fisheye IP POE Camera

The Amecrest Fisheye IP POE Camera is a powerful and versatile camera system perfect for your home or business security.

It is easy to install and covers a large area; the camera features a 1.4mm fish-eye lens for the widest possible field of view.


  • Mobile App Support
  • Fish Eye Lens Cover Large Area
  • Videos are Saved on Amrest Cloud


  • You have to Pay Extra for the two-way Audio

It has a 360° panoramic vision to see more details and infrared night vision for visibility even in complete darkness.

It has motion detection and sends notifications to your phone or PC when you are not home.

They also included two-way audio capabilities (speaker not included) and recording storage on an Amcrest NVR or MicroSD card with up to 128GB memory card.

It has dewarping software that allows it get more details while recording.

There is also the Amcrest cloud service, so you can easily monitor your footage from any device – iOS or Android compatible.

4. SOLIOM Home Security Camera

Runner Up
Solium Home Security Camera

The Soliom Home Security Camera records full HD, 1080p resolution videos and detects motion even in the dark.

It provides excellent surveillance coverage day or night. The camera offers a powerful 320° horizontal and 90° vertical pan and tilt, with a 3X digital zoom for all your high-quality monitoring needs.


  • Accurate Motion Detection
  • Easy Installation
  • Solar Panel
  • Product Pro 4


  • Cloud Service, not Free
  • Product Con 2

The Soliom Home Security Camera is also 100% wireless. It is easy to install, and there is an additional extensible rechargeable battery solar panel.

The free mobile app Soliom+ provides real-time footage straight to your device and audio. Easily monitor anything you care about right from your fingertips.

You can save the videos on an SD card up to 64GB or store it on their cloud storage. Their cloud service is not free; there is a monthly charge.

5. BOAVISION Security Camera

Hidden Gem
Boavision Security Camera

The Boavision Security Camera keeps your home and family secure 24/7 with this powerful surveillance ability.

Motion-Tracking enables the camera to track objects in motion; every time it detects movement, it will automatically record the object’s path and send alerts directly to your IOS/Android device.


  • Advanced Motion Detection
  • Two Way Speaker
  • Product Pro 3


  • Mobile App is Buggy

The camera also comes equipped with a floodlight that can be set to turn on when motion is detected in the darkness.

It has a built-in advanced microphone & speaker; you can even scare away intruders or welcome guests with warm greetings from inside your house.

The Boavision’s hi-res 1080p vision provides clear recording during both day and night, with 4x digital zoom and 350° horizontal and 120° vertical coverage area to ensure nothing goes unnoticed.

You can also connect it to other 3rd party surveillance systems.

6. Reolink Security Camera

Hidden Gem
Reolink Security Camera

The ReolinkSecurity Camerac comes with 4G technology; this dependable device is perfect for locations like country houses and construction sites where Wi-Fi coverage may be limited.

The wire-free installation makes the Reolink solar camera convenient, and you’ll never have to worry about charging, thanks to its Solar Panel.


  • 2k resolution video quality
  • Solar Panel
  • Advanced Motion Detection
  • Mobile App Support


  • 32GB storage space is small
  • Product Con 2
  • Cloud Server is Paid

The 2K Super HD resolution offers clear footage, while an IP64 waterproof rating ensures it stands up to any weather conditions.

It has a better video quality when compared to others.

You’ll get even more flexibility with the ability to pan 355° and tilt 140° so you can see exactly what you need in full detail.

It covers a wide area since it’s entirely a 360 security camera.

It can be an excellent security camera for a warehouse or other extensive facilities like airports.

Advanced motion detection helps reduce false alarms by accurately detecting person and vehicle shapes.

You’ll be notified of any suspicious activity with push or email alerts accompanied by pictures or text.

It has 32GB of memory storage space for safekeeping and a free cloud service trial.

The Reolink Security camera is one of the best security cameras you can buy, especially for warehouses.

7. Escanu Wireless Solar Security Camera

Hidden Gem
Escanu Wireless Solar Security Camera

The Escanu Wireless Solar Security Camera is the ultimate outdoor monitoring system that is cordless.

Keep eyes on your front door, backyard, shop, or garage with its 360° horizontal rotation, 90°vertical rotation, and 3X digital zoom capabilities.



  • Cloud Subscription Charge.1

You will Enjoy 24/7 surveillance no need to ever take off for power charging solar panel supplies continuous energy, while its wifi antenna instantly retrieves the signal.

With the App installed on your phone, you don’t need to worry. You will receive push notifications in case anyone tries to cross your marked detection area.

With a white light that automatically turns on when motion is detected, you can be sure that there won’t be any blind spots – regardless of the time of day.

The camera records full 1080p HD resolution and has a built-in speaker + microphone. You will get clear footage to watch later from the security camera.

There is an app that receives signals, and you need an SD card to store videos.

Their Cloud service isn’t free, but they offer a 7-day trial of 1GB of cloud storage space.

How much does a 360-degree camera cost?

The cost of a 360-degree camera can vary depending on the features and quality.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to over $1,000 for a higher-end model.

The more features you want, the more you should be prepared to spend.

Do security cameras have 360 views?

Yes, some security cameras have 360-degree views. These cameras can capture footage from all angles with minimal blind spots.

This type of camera is great for monitoring large areas such as parking lots or multiple entrances and exits to a building.

It provides a complete view of what’s happening in the monitored area.

They are also ideal for outdoor monitoring since they can work day and night.

However, these cameras are more expensive than traditional security camera models.


Security cameras present a great way to keep your home or business safe and secure.

You can monitor everything inside your house without stepping out of doors with the right security camera.

We’ve shared some of the best options for 360-degree security cameras, including features such as solar power, cordless installation, and advanced motion tracking.