How To Enable USB Debugging Mode on Android

Enabling your Android device’s debugging mode is a very important step in the rooting process, if you don’t enable it, you can’t root your android device. USB Debugging is required by adb, which is used for rooting your android device, backing up your data, installing a custom ROM, tacking and so much more. Read More: What is … Read More

How To Boot Into Android Download Mode

Today is the day we learn How To Boot Into Download Mode. Previously we learn about How To Boot Into Recovery Mode which was fun and educative for everyone, if you enjoyed that tutorial, you would love what i have installed for you today. which is the day we take a look at the other part of … Read More

How To Boot Into Android Recovery Mode

Knowing how to boot into recovery mode is a good thing because you are one step closer to becoming an android phone specialist. Don’t worry, booting into the recovery mode of your android is not bad, you are not breaking any laws or committing a crime, in fact sometimes booting into recovery mode of your … Read More

How To Make Your PC Boot Up in 10 Seconds

A Laptop’s boot time is very important because it creates an electrifying atmosphere. When your laptop boots up in seconds, you know all is well and the device is ready to function thus making you energized to do what you want to do. But, imagine if the case is the other way around, you turn … Read More

How To Use Mouse On Your Android With OTG Cable

Watch my YouTube Video on How To Control Your Android device with a Mouse on YouTube. This video was made using Mobizen, which i used to record my android device. **Requirements An Android Device An OTG Cable An External Mouse… I used my Corsair M65 Gaming Mouse in the making of this video How To Control … Read More

How To Record Android Screen Using Mobizen

Record Android Screen with an Android app called Mobizen which performs quite a unique function of recording an Android screen and also has other cool features but that doesn’t mean it’s one of a king because, in the Android world, there are so many apps from different developers that perform the same or similar functions. … Read More

How To Build Your Own PC From Scratch

This is a detailed guide on how to build your own PC from scratch, you can build affordable, budget-friendly PC and also you can go crazy and spend a lot of money to get the latest PC parts to build the ultimate PC, the choice is yours. Before we get started, the full meaning of PC is Personal … Read More