NairaTips Is Now On YouTube

This is the Good news coming from team working at NairaTips, we are here to introduce our Brand New YouTube Channel where videos would be added and also embedded to this site to facilitate easier and better understand of some of the information you get exposed to while visiting NairaTips. Now, Brands, companies can now … Read More

Recommended Beginners WordPress Plugins in 2020

Recommended Beginners WordPress Plugins in 2020 for people new to WordPress. I am more or less still a WordPress beginner when I wrote this article, I learn new things every day, and I’m glad it’s my turn to teach someone else for a change – Recommended WordPress Plugins For Beginners. Impacting knowledge has a good feeling; … Read More

How to Check GPU Easily Without any Software

Learn How to Check GPU to Know Dedicated Graphics, type of graphics card you are running, chipset, if it’s a dual GPU board with Intel HD Graphics & Nvidia or AMD GPU or it’s single GPU board with only Graphics card processor. I will not be surprised if you don’t know if your laptop has … Read More

Is My Laptop Graphics Card Upgradeable?

Graphics card are a very important part of a laptop in the 21st century, but it wasn’t as important or even important at all during the 19th century because there wasn’t a lot of PC Gaming then but now things have changed. PC Games are now coming with a force so powerful its equal to … Read More