You can get the latest Samsung ROM Download link from Sam mobile, search for your specific Samsung device and get the latest Samsung ROM download link. This is another reliable method of getting Samsung updates, if the Over-the-Air (OTA) update doesn’t get to our country.

Read this Article What is Android ROM, to know more about the Android ROM.

When you purchase a new Samsung device, it usually comes with the new Android ROM version which as of now is Lollipop 5.1.1. Imagine you bought the Latest Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge or the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, these smartphones automatically comes with the latest Android version and of course, this is a good thing but where the problem lies is in the future, a year or 2 years from now, those latest android smartphones as of now becomes obsolete, so also their Android ROM version. Google and Android are always working on improvements for smartphones as well as their android versions, the next android version would be Android Marshmallow.

Samsung ROM Download

For those of us using older versions of Samsung Android Smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note 2, Note 3 not forgetting the Grands, Duos and the likes. Normally, these Samsung smartphones Android Version should be improved upon and sent to your device via OTA (Over-the-Air) Update but some countries don’t receive this new Android version’s update or they receive it late. These Android Software Updates are sent in batches by countries, anytime a new update is out, most of Europe receives that update before we in Africa or other countries.

Now, there’s a way to take matters into your own hands and update your Android Software Version by yourself. This process is safe and secure, you just need to follow the steps and you can also enjoy what your phone has to offer as it runs better and faster with the latest android version.

How To Get The Latest Samsung ROM Download Link

  • Register, its free. Verify your account and log in.
  • Click on Firmware


  • Wait for page to load, then you see the results, I’m using a Note 3


  • Select the Latest One, For example the latest Official Stock ROM for my Note 3 is
    2015-08-01   Panama (Claro)   5.0   N900UBUEBOF1   N900CPAEBOF2. Take Note of the date and Android Version, the country really isn’t important because you can always change the language to English


  • Download Firmware



  • Click on Regular Download
  • Download Starts, Stock ROMs are usually more than 500MB.

Don’t forget what you just learnt now, How To Get The Latest Samsung ROM Download Link from Sam mobile, use it to update your Samsung Phone or tablet without waiting or paying anyone. Also, remember to learn How to Use Odin tool because it is the tool you are going to use to update your Samsung phone or tablet.


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