AnonyTun was released yesterday and now we have AnonyTun GLO 0.0K Unlimited Free Browsing and downloading Settings for GLO users. Enjoy free unlimited browsing and downloading with AnonyTun unlimited servers.

This works with 0.0 airtime balance and you don’t need to have any data active on your sim.


GLO 0.0K Requirements

  1. You must be on GLO Pay As You Go (PAYU) plan, available for 3G users.
  2. Send PAYU to 127


Download AnonyTun on Playstore


AnonyTun GLO 0.0K Unlimited



New updated settings. Credits to Dawinky and Olayinka for linking to a YouTube video made by a fellow user of AnonyTun, I would link the video below when I find it. We had a long chat about how AnonyTun would work for GLO 4G sims and to my surprise some people are already rocking it. The settings are below, please follow the pictures.

Change to www.gloworld.comĀ 

  • New GLO APN – 87.900.56.7.4444@X

  • Connection Protocol: HTTP
  • Connection Port: 443

  • Click on Edit Custom Header
  • URL/Host:
  • Request method: GET
  • Tick Forward Host, Keep Alive & User agent.


Download AnonyTun on Playstore


AnonyTun GLO 0.0K Unlimited Settings

  • Open AnonyTun.
  • Click on Stealth Settings.
  • Turn on Stealth Tunnel.
  • Change Connection Protocol to HTTP.
  • Connection Port to 8080.
  • Turn on Custom TCP/HTTP Headers.

AnonyTun GLO 0.0K

  • Click on Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers.
  • URL/Host:
  • Request method: POST.
  • Injection method: Normal.
  • Tick User-Agent.
  • Leave other boxes un-ticked.

AnonyTun GLO 0.0K

  • Click on Generate.
  • Then Save.

AnonyTun GLO 0.0K

  • Click on Connect, wait few seconds for AnonyTun to connect

AnonyTun GLO 0.0K

  • Enjoy a more stable GLO 0.0K unlimited tweak from AnonyTun.


Download AnonyTun on Playstore


  1. pls ain’t working for me wella it’s will connect buh will refuse to browse I kinda need ya help on glo. 0k

  2. Good job bro.. But my glo isn’t browsing.. Constantly disconnecting. Also I v tried several times to activate payu, it doesn’t work it automatically puts me on glo flexi plan, which doesn’t give room for payu.. It’s a new glo 4glte SIM. Please I would also love to know d how fast d glo cheat can get when downloading. Thanks.

  3. You just don’t understand me I said it will connect probably well stayed connected buh will refuse to browse on anything….. Help out ASAP

    • make sure you are on GLO PAYU plan
      This doesn’t work on GLO 4G sims
      Change your settings to Port 80, instead of 8080

      • I don’t seem to know wot is wrong everyfin is intact,immediately I click connect it say anonytun is reconnecting and afterwards say connection timed out

  4. Pls,after downing the software .@ the home page the off switch refused to change to on ,so that I can do the setting.the stealth setting also refused to open.what do I do.

  5. Is it good to have both tweakware and Anonytun in the same phone running can one stop another from working properly? Cos Now my Anonytun is connecting buh sure as hell it’s crashes frequently like 10secs please help out

  6. please paularo I need nothing here buh the truth is ya ANONYTUN VPN APP DISCONNECTING FREQUENTLY cos I hate been lie to…. first in this blog I was complaining of it been connected buh ain’t browsing on anything now it’s browse buh disconnect frequently please again what’s going on. The truth

    • The truth is. GLO 0.0K disconnects frequently, there’s little any VPN service can do to make it stable, the problem is not from AnonyTun but GLO.

      AnonyTun disconnects but it also reconnects automatically.

    • Ok, Kisa but i still recommend GLO 0.0K unlimited because its working well if you have good GLO network in your area.

  7. Pls answer the following for me.
    1. Is the glo FLEXI the same as the PAYU? When I send the PAYU to 127, I get theessage that am on FLEXI. And then when I have credit, I can browse but without credit, I can’t.

  8. Paularo please the above configuration settings refused to work with my infinix note3! What could actually be the problem. Please help my number is 08065395669 on whatsapp

  9. I have the same issue with some people here, I keep getting “Dear Customer, the plan you are trying to purchase is not compatible with your current data plan. To choose another plan, visit ” message, when trying to migrate to PAYU, I have even followed your instructions and sent “cancel” to “127” which I was replied with a success mssg, but when I try to resend “PAYU” to “127” I get the same message.. Is there any other way to solve this (n I am not using a 4glte sim, it’s a normal 3g sim)

  10. I think the connection issue is Base on location, if you’re where Glo network is OK, the app will connect fast and stable.. Anonytun is OK, tried same with tweak Ware premium account and i regret it.. It disconnect often hope they bring a new update and change the ip.


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