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Castle Clash Spending Strike Petition Against Corporate Greed


Castle Clash Spending Strike Petition Against Corporate Greed started on 18th of April, 2017 by CC Deconstructed and i received the message below from them.

Please share this with your guild, ccforum, Facebook, Reddit and more.
Actual CC APK hero roll percentages in this link.
It has become overwhelmingly apparent that a fundamental change needs to be implemented. The vast majority of us are extremely disgruntled because of a broken rolling system that IGG refuses to remedy. Top players who have a competitive nature feel obligated to spend absurd amounts of money to stay relevant. IGG capitalizes on our addiction and love for the game by dramatically rigging the odds in their favor. We all have seen numerous examples of players spending thousands of dollars on newly released heroes, and frequently coming up empty handed. It’s rather disheartening when a new hero is released every single month and our mortgages are expected to attain them.
For this reason, we feel that a pact between guilds will ultimately prove to serve the betterment of the Castle Clash community. We need to band together
and maintain our efforts in refusing to spend until reasonable changes are made. IGG pushes individuals around as if they’re expendable, but a fortified union between thousands of people creates a formidable opposition which can’t be ignored. Petitions are underway along with exposure from youtube and various outlets to express our discontent.
Please support our efforts by signing this pact between guilds.

I use CC Deconstructed to get specialized information on legendary heroes in castle clash, they provide talent, crests, artifacts and best game modes to use those specific heroes with specific talents. Very useful tool and they have so much followers.

Castle Clash Spending Strike

The main reason behind this movement is to stand united against corporate greed.

The goal was to get at least 1000 signature petitions but under 48 hours, 3,626 petitions have been signed and still counting. I also support this petition and i will be signing mine today.

If you support this movement and also want to sign this petition, click below Castle Clash Spending Strike


People are also getting riled up on Reddit.


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