5+ Best Mic For Discord Chat and Streaming in 2022

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The best mic for discord varies among different people and gamers, but the one thing they all have in common should be great quality, it is something all gamers and users look for in their mics

The microphones attached to the best gaming headsets is highly important, it determines how well your game play goes and how smoothly communication travels between players no one wants to be the one player among the few that has a microphone that omits bad sound or even a buzzing noise in the background.

The best microphones provide clear vocal production, whether it is for gaming or other day to day communication purposes.The best microphone for discord could be the hyper x quadcast ,it is highly efficient and it also provides an all round platter of features that all users will love. 

As we all know, discord is a new way of communicating within a group online, there are various new methods of joining discord communities, where users make use of voice chats.

Discord is the modern way to chat with friends,it goes way beyond texting and because of that, it is quintessential to have the best microphone. Whether it is a microphone attached to a discord certified headset or a stand alone headset, the essential quality either of these should have is great voice and sound quality, as well as great control. You don’t want it to be too loud or not loud enough. 

As a user, you’re going to want to have the best sound possible coming from your microphone, so it is great to choose the best microphones that are good at noise cancelling and leaving out background noises as well.


Discord is said to be a large part of the gaming world these days, not even the gaming world. These days you’ll find people making use of these microphones for a plethora of reasons, whether it is gaming, podcasting or even any form of streaming. Choosing a great microphone requires that the user opts for one that has great audio qualitywhen it comes to the headsets, tests are conducted to make sure a headset is good enough for any microphone. 

You also need to consider where you’re going to be using your microphone, and for what purpose, before you make a purchase. Most gamers would likely choose a microphone that can be attached to a headset while podcasts might decide to go for stand alone microphones. Whatever choice you make, it is important to choose one that is a great fit for discord.

Since Discord is all about talking with your friends or within an online gaming community, having the best microphone is such a great way for people to start audio chatting without any struggles, or without the need to deal with any form of poor audio quality, echoes or background noise . The best microphones for discord provide users with a way of communicating smoothly without any interruptions or complications.

 With smooth voice quality, communication is sure to be effective , fun and highly useful. A good mic means better communication and more clear audio input and for gamers or users in general, that is the whole point of having the best kind of microphone there are.


Best Mic For Discord Comparison Table

The best microphones are not created with the same quality and deliverance that a user requires. Some may lack some features, while others may have almost all the great features, the budget of the user mostly determines the type of features they might get. A great standalone USB microphone would work perfectly for gamers that deal with loud battleground games , your voice and audio would be heard quite clearly as well. 

But most people go for headsets that have microphones attached it, they are a great choice for gamers.There are various types of microphones and the fact that there are many choices to be made for users, is the reason why narrowing it down to just one choice might be hard.Users who want the best voice and audio quality will have to go through all the features of potential microphones, they will have to decide whether they need a Bluetooth microphone or even a USB microphone. 

There are so many choices to be made when choosing the best mic for discord. But the essential things to focus on are the features they offer. Features like noise cancellation, elimination of background noise, good audio sound and other additional features. Having a built in microphone with your laptop isn’t usually advisable, it is way better to get a microphone that will get the job done perfectly without any side worries or issues.

The most important feature to look for in a mic is the sound quality, if it doesn’t have great sound quality, it won’t work perfectly with discord.


Best Mic For Discord In 2021

Getting a microphone for discord is very important in this very day and age. Almost everyone is either a gamer or an overall day to day tech savvy user. This is why Microphones are fast rising these days. There are a lot of options to be chosen from and they allow users to have the best gaming experience they could possibly have. Microphones vary based on type, budget and even the type of sound. 

The most essential quality one would have to look for is great audio and other additional qualities as well, as the days go by, the number of innovate microphones for discord also increase by the number, this means that users have a lot of options to choose from and choosing the best one is highly essential to all the needs of a user.


1. SteelSeries Arctics 7

The SteelSeries Arctis 7 is a wireless gaming headset that is great for gamers and it also a great fit to be used with Discord. It has dynamic vocal reproduction and incredible sound clarity that gives you a clear audio input. Basically it has great microphone for users looking for the best mics for discord. The microphone that comes with this headset is especially known for how well it works with discord. 

It has a lot of amazing qualities that amp how great it sounds and how great the audio quality is. The steelseries brand alone is known for producing the best products, whether it is headphones, keyboards, mics, and mouse pads. They make really good products and that makes them even more trustworthy.


Best Overall

SteelSeries Arctics 7

First of all, there are a lot of amazing features, The design of this mic is said to be very elegant and it can be used with desktop computers at home or other indoor areas to give a whole new gaming experience. It is very strong, durable and the microphone has the ability to last very long as well. 

The frequency of the microphone is at a response time of 20Hz – 20kHz, which is absolutely suitable for gaming and communication. The noise cancellation feature makes the audio way better and the microphone provides users with complete clarity. The microphone based headset is ready and compatible with discord, it provides clear and concise audio without any interference whatsoever.

There are a lot of great reasons why gamers or users should buy this, it’s microphone is great for discord and it has great audio input as well. It blocks out all the background noises and it is also has a noise cancelling feature. The microphone is also great for people who would love to sing or record any type of music. There are a lot of reasons why this is a great choice for different kinds of users. 

But the main thing is the quality of the audio or sound it provides ,this provision ensures that whatever purpose the microphone intends to serve is done in the best way possible. It also allows the user to have an experience that is nothing short of exceptional and easy.




2. HyperX QuadCast USB Microphone

The HyperX QuadCast USB Microphone is one of the best microphones for Discord ,It has been made specifically for recording clear and noiseless audio input,which is a great quality of microphones used for discord. It is a product of the Kingston technology brand, a brand that provides gaming products and mics that are of the utmost best quality,design and build. So users are sure to get their money’s worth as well as the best quality.

This microphone has a great variety when it comes to its features, there are a lot to love about this microphone but the most important thing is the great sound and audio it produces.



HyperX QuadCast USB Microphone

The HyperX QuadCast has four polar patterns for the user to choose from it has stereo, omnidirectional, cardioids and, bidirectional. All of which are great and highly effective as well. It has an anti-vibration elastic rope suspension which allows he mic to prevent any bump sounds from the incessant movement of the user, especially when the user is a gamer.

This means that this microphone is a great choice for gamers who would like to communicate with other gamers while playing the game. The design is great, and it is said to come with a knob on its body that allows users to switch between different broadcasting options. The build of this microphone is great, it’s not prone to grave damages or malfunctioning. Another important feature is the frequency response time of this mic which is 20Hz – 20kHz, and the SPL is 126db,

The Hyper X QuadCast is a great choice for users because it gives them control to create the best and most effective sound scenario for delivering clear vocals, and it can perform very well with recording instruments sounds,it is also great for making podcasts, and it can be used for conference calls, as well as streaming, and even voiceover. This means it allows clear and direct communication through proper voice balancing and it has a wide array of purposes just incase a user needs it for more than one reason. 

It is diverse in its uses and it is great for users that require great sound and clear input for gaming, podcasts, interviews, streaming and so on.




3. Antlion Audio ModMic

The Antlion Audio ModMic is an attachable boom microphone ,it provides users with a more manageable option when it comes to the best microphones for discord. It is a lighter, smarter, and detachable magnet mic that can easily be attached to any handphone. The difference between this and the other mics is that it can be attached to a headset if you are using a headset that sounds good but does not have a great mic;The  ModMic provides the best and most remarkable solution, the user can easily attach and detach the mic to the headset to make the quality of the sound input better.

Also Good

Antlion Audio ModMic

It is a unidirectional microphone that works perfectly for gamers and even podcasts. It is very light and the fact that it is manageable makes it even more impressive to some users.it has a 3.5mm jack which is a very standard feature,  It is highly compatible with the various platforms you can use on Xbox One, PS4, Wii-U, smartphones ,as well as MAC.

Because of the fact that it is unidirectional, it provides users with the non-background ambient sound for the teammates and those who joined you on a live stream to enjoy.It is not heavy or even oversized and the fact that it is detachable and attachable is an extremely great and unique feature for mics that go well with discord 

This microphone is essentially a great choice for users who don’t want to be bound by something that is heavy and hard to manage. The lightness and the fact that it can be attached to any headset with bad audio quality makes it even more loveable. This microphone is a great choice for users who are gamers and even podcasts can make good use of it as well.  It takes care of background noise and provide the best sound and audio for users and also the people that might be listening in. The antlion is know for its flexibility and portability, it is easy to use and it also allows users to carry out activities without any heavy weight to obstruct whatever they need to do. 



4. Blue Snowball iCE USB Mic

The  Blue Snowball iCE USB   is a good microphone for discord,  it is also a good microphone for recording and streaming as well. It has a lot of features at a surprisingly lower price rate. It provides users the opportunity to record and live stream on their PC or even MAC. the audio quality of this microphone is good, especially for users that are a bit on the professional side.  it will also give users the best performance throughout their video or audio communication while gaming, this means that communication between gamers is definitely more enhanced and awesome. The design of this microphone is great and it can also match perfectly with your device

Budget Pick

Blue Snowball iCE USB Mic

It has an amazing plug and play feature which means there’s no need for any stressful installations or setups is necessary , once it is plugged in, it is good to go. Another great thing about it is the price, it is affordable and it still manages to provide the great features that come along with it.

The iCE microphone is known to be great for recording, live streaming on pc and mac, this means that different people could use this microphone for different reasons.Other great features include its Cardioid condenser capsule and it’s adjustable stand,

There are a lot of attractive features that makes the blue snowball very much worthwhile for buyers, gamers and even users that would love to use it for recording and streaming purposes. It is produced to have an effective and great sound quality that users are sure to love and appreciate. It has a lot filter as well, and a lot of users look for microphones with the pop filter feature. It is one of the best condenser microphones that users can get at its friendly and cost effective budget. It picks up the voices of its users accurately and it produces quality sound for any purpose, whether it’s gaming or recording.



5. Rode NT-USB

The Rode NT-USB microphone is small and stylish, it is one of the best microphones for gaming as it provides clear audio for gamers who would love to communicate. This microphone provides absolute comfort and it is great for gamers who are invested in communicating during their gaming sessions. There are a lot of features that make this microphone good for discord.  It definitely prioritizes good sound quality,especially for gamers with multiple players.



There are various unique qualities that come with the Rode NT , this microphone has a polar pattern, this means that the sound of the microphone is defined properly. It also has a cardioid polar that ensures noise cancelation and the best sound a user could possibly have.

Another great feature is its plug and play option, this is very good and convenient for a lot of users because all they need to do is to plug the USB into their device and they are ready to do as they please. It is also a unidirectional microphone and that provides clear sound.

There are a lot of reasons why users or buyers would find this microphone to be a great fit for their gaming needs.  There are a lot of features it has ,although it is said to be a little bit pricey. It has an amazing sound quality and it comes along with a pop shield and desktop stand. For users who love portable microphones, this would be perfect because it is highly portable and it can be put anywhere. It is a great discord microphone and its added bonus is the fact that it is small, this serves people who might not have enough space to work in. There are a lot of features but the most important things to note are the fact that it provides clarity in sound and it is also comfortable and easy to use. It is a great choice for a lot of reasons and it is such to serve the user effectively.



How To Choose The Best Mic For Discord

Choosing the right microphone for discord is not going to be so easy because of the wide array of options you might have to choose from, but the important thing is to know the type of microphone you might need and what you need it for. Answering these questions makes it relatively easier to pick the right choice.  There are a lot of gamers that would prefer a microphone attached headset while there are a lot of other people that would prefer a stand alone headset.  Whatever type you’re going to go for, it is important to pick a microphone that prioritizes great sound quality. Choosing the best microphone for discord essentially means you’re picking a microphone that allows you communicate with clarity and without any distortions or background noise. Choosing the best microphone for discord ensures that you have the best user experience, it allows you to enjoy all the features you need in a microphone without worrying about any unnecessary issues or problems.

Key Features To Consider Before You Purchase The Best Mic For Discord

Sound quality

The microphone is a very integral part of discord, so this means the sound and voice or audio should be clear and concise at all times, the microphone you want must have a great audio quality feature. It must be able to provide the best sound for all your gaming and even streaming need. Poor sound quality would not only affect you but also the people you are communicating with. When it comes to recording and even podcasts, it is also essential to go for a microphone that provides good sound. Everything you need the microphone for boils down to how good the sound is and how great the audio input is. The sound and it’s quality are one of the most important things about a microphone. The sound and audio is one of the most important things to consider when it comes to the type of microphone you want, great sounds provides an even better experience, especially for gamers.

Polar Pattern

A polar pattern determines how much, and from which direction, an audio signal will be picked up by the microphone. For gaming you’ll mostly want a pattern that picks up sounds directly in front of the microphone ,this means the sound that comes from you alone and not from everywhere else or the entire environment. There are various polar patterns for various purposes. There is the cardioid which records in front of the microphone, there is the omnidirectional which picks up sound from different directions, this is perfect for round table talks, there is the bidirectional which captures sound in front and behind the mic and then there is the Stereo which is said to be for ASMR. The polar pattern you pick would determine the kind of microphone you go for, it is important to note that all the polar patterns are great but you would still have to choose which one goes well with the kind of microphone you need.

Frequency response range

This is an important feature that tells users the lowest and highest pitched sounds the mic membrane is capable of picking up. The baseline range is 20 Hz-20 KHz because those extremes are also the limits of human hearing. The frequency response range basically determines the level of frequency the microphone will pick up, even if that means some microphones exceed the normal hearing limit. The frequency response range is a feature that is in all microphone, choosing the best one assures great sound qualities from your microphone. Finding out more about the frequency response range will help you choose which one match you discord needs. 

Design and build

The design and build is very important, the design or how attractive it may be is one of the more aesthetic features that users may be looking for, when it comes to the design, it is important to go for one that light match your work space. The build is also important because you want a microphone that will last through any circumstance. Another thing to take into consideration is how comfortable or portable it is, if you’re looking for a microphone you can take around you might want to go for one that can be moved around with ease and comfort, if you want a microphone that is more stable, then go for one that is more stand alone than the others. The design is very important and the quality of the build is just as important.

Best Mic For Discord FAQs

There are a lot of things to know about the best microphones for discord, from the various types to the various polar patterns and even the various sizes and so on.  The list is long and there are also a lot of brands that keep producing the best microphones for discord. 

What Is The Overall Best Microphone For Discord ?

The overall best discord certified headset could be the HyperX QuadCast USB Microphone, it is highly compatible with different devices because it makes use of a USB.  It has great sound and audio input and it is a great choice for anyone who wants an effective microphone 

How Much Do I Need To Buy The Best Mic For Discord?

Getting the best microphone for discord could go from a price range of $139

What Is The Cheapest Best Mic For Discord?

The Antlion audio modmic is the cheapest at a price range of $49

In Conclusion

There are various types of microphones to choose from and they all have different features and even different price ranges, there are a lot of reasons why you need to choose the best microphones for discord. The most important being clear audio when people are communicating within an online community. There are various products and brands of microphones to choose from and this provides a wide range of options for users that might have particular uses or needs from their own microphone. When choosing the best microphones for discord, there are a lot of features that the user might have to consider and this is in order not to make poor choices or choose microphones with poor audio quality of poor features in general.  Microphones for discord could be used for gaming, for making podcasts, for recording anything and for streaming. All this various purposes could be grouped into the types of microphone you might need, it could be a microphone that has a headset or a stand alone microphone which is mostly used by professionals ,while the headset microphones are used by mostly gamers. Microphones for discord have become such an important part of the gaming community and so many other communities, they work on great quality and the best features possible ,this is why it is important for every user to choose the right microphone that will suit their every need perfectly. 

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