Top 10 SEO Tips Used by Webmasters Across the World

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SEO is a subject that keeps evolving. This calls for the need also to learn new ways to get your head into the game and stay there. Successful webmasters across the world use these SEO tips to achieve their SEO goals.

Top 10 SEO Tips Used by Webmasters Across the World

Improve your Page Load Speed


Your page speed plays a vital role in SEO ranking of your site on different search engines. People don’t want to visit websites that take long to load even a single page. Search engines too are highly mindful of this.

It is estimated that visitors to your domain or website will leave if it takes more than three seconds to load a single page. This consequently leads to people and search engines to ignore slow loading websites. This is why it is essential to work on the overall speed and performance of your website. Speed can be improved by getting rid of elements that drag your site’s speed.

Relevant Content


Sites that opt for utilizing SEO mind their audiences first. To easily attract traffic to your site, write informative, unique and relevant posts that can also encourage readers to stay longer on your site.

There is a tendency for many people to spam articles with keywords to manipulate search engines. Such information bores your readers, discouraging them from ever returning to your site. To generate relevant leads, you have first to provide value. The value of articles is measured by the relevance of your information and to what extent it meets the needs of your audience.

Creating Unique, Relevant Meta Descriptions

The Meta description is defined as the information about your page that is first shown to a reader. It usually has 160 characters.  Great webmasters create relevant ones that have the creative energy to capture interest from their audiences.

It is quite bad for business when you create duplicate meta descriptions. This will lead to loss of potential traffic to your site continuously. For those using WordPress, you can create unique meta descriptions for every page using the WordPress SEO plugin. Yoast SEO and All in one SEO Pack plugins are also quite useful.

Simple, Short and Easy to Read URLs


Many people often overlook the importance of hugely structured URLs.  A URL is the web address that is seen on top of a browser. Many think that no one pays attention to it. Your URLs are the first thing the users and search engines will see.

It is important to note that URLs are building blocks of your site as they redirect users to your site page. Webmasters use the right keywords, avoid unnecessary characters and words, reduce dynamic URL strings, use canonical tags correctly and include local authority when building their URLs.

Include a Sitemap in your Website

Experts in SEO understand the value of a sitemap. This vital element is suitable for SEO practice as search crawlers use it to easily and quickly index your website. The sitemap is essentially a map that indexes listings of your entire site-all pages and how they interlink- which is submitted to search engines. It allows the search engines to index your website and show it to users when making queries to provide relevant answers.

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Engaging Landing Pages

SEO experts concur with the fact that well-structured landing pages are perfect lead generators that can also lead to sales. Visually appealing pages can improve your ranking on search engines.

Apart from this, high-quality landing pages that use professional layouts and graphics highly drive traffic and links to your site. Good landing pages encourage visitors to complete specific goals- buy products, subscribe or even navigate your site.

For WordPress users, you can use plugins such as Optimizerpress which can help you to create appealing and user-friendly landing pages.

Design and Optimize for Mobile


Every day people spend more and more hours on their handsets and tablets. Many sites are not customized to cater for different screen sizes. Experienced webmasters optimize their websites for mobile.

Most users often use their mobile devices to search for varied information on the internet. This means that sites designed for mobile usually reap highly compared to those that have fixed their designs for desktops. But to ace this design, the site has to be structured to fit into small screens, have excellent page loading speeds, and it should be responsive.

Search engines such as Google are serious about sites that do not have mobile designs, and they have outlined that soon they’ll be indexing sites according to their responsiveness on mobile devices.

Investing your Money

Serious webmasters know that to realize optimized results you have to spend well. Just like any business, you’re trying to stay on top of the game. Therefore, you’ll need to use all the necessary techniques to stay right in the competition. You can buy your way to the top by using PPC ads.

This technique, however, needs you first to have authority in your field.   You must have great content, appealing landing pages, and highly rated customer products or services.

Optimizing the Best Keywords

keyword research

This is an old SEO technique that has continued to endure the market because of its efficiency. Using keywords has changed over time. Stuffing keywords in your posts today will only see you penalized by search engines and removed from SERPs.

Great site owners know that unique keyword thrown here and there in the correct context can generate many leads. They, therefore, invest their time in creating long tail keywords. Such keywords are excellent in making points and ranking your site highly as well.

Integration of Web Analytics


Monitoring site performance is one job that webmasters take very seriously.  From this analytics, they can know how their sites are performing and how to improve their sites’ performances best. There is some software that offers high-end services for your site’s performance.

Apart from Google analytics and Google Search Console, you can check rank tracker for SERP tracking at This will help you get insights into the progress of your sight in various search engines so that you can lay strategies that will assist you to stay ahead of the competition.

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