Are you looking for an AI keyword generator to help boost your search engine optimization (SEO) rankings?

This blog post will uncover the best AI keyword generator available in 2023.

We’ll discuss its features, how it works, and why it has become a valuable tool for businesses worldwide looking to increase their online visibility.

With insights from our team of experts, let’s start identifying which AI keyword generator could take your SEO game to the next level.

What is an AI Keyword Generator?

An AI Keyword Generator is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to suggest relevant keywords for website content or online advertising.

The software analyzes the context, theme, and topic of the content and suggests appropriate keywords with high search volumes and minimal competition.

These tools can significantly save time and effort for content creators and marketers, who can use the suggested keywords to optimize their search engine rankings and advertising campaigns.

Additionally, an AI Keyword Generator can help identify long-tail keywords which can attract more relevant traffic to the website.

By utilizing an AI Keyword Generator, companies can improve their online presence and gain a competitive edge in their niche market.

Best Choice

1. Rytr

Introducing Rytr – the AI-powered keyword research tool for your marketing needs.

With its comprehensive features, you’ll find the perfect keywords for improving SEO and driving more traffic to your website or content.


  • Generates Useful Keywords Quickly
  • Good User Interface
  • Easy to Use


  • Limited Access with Free Trial

Rytr helps you save time by quickly generating keyword ideas.

Just enter a few key terms related to your business and product offering, and robust AI algorithms will uncover related keywords that could boost your search engine rankings.

Plus, you can view the estimated search volume of each keyword to help determine how popular it is compared to other keywords you might want to use.

With Rytr, you get a free keyword generator that allows you to discover new and relevant keywords in a matter of seconds – no spending hours (or days!) manually researching every one of them.

You also get detailed analysis to understand better how effective each of these keywords will be for boosting search engine visibility and driving more traffic to your site.

Best Value

2. Copy AI

CopAI offers an easy-to-use solution for people who want to use artificial intelligence to generate keywords and content that increase their website’s visibility in search engine results.

With the CopyAI platform, you no longer have to guess which keywords will bring traffic to your website – you can receive automatically generated seed keywords tailored for your target audience.


  • Keywords can Rank across search Engines
  • Free Trial Available
  • Easy to Use


  • Limited Access with Free Trial

CopyAI’s powerful Keyword Research Tool delivers keyword recommendations that will get you noticed online.

You can analyze your seed keywords through audits of the terms used by your competitors and a comprehensive report featuring each term’s volume, competition, and opportunity.

This allows you to create a fully optimized list of words that accurately reflect the language used by your target audience.

And with CopyAI’s blogging tools, you can easily create keyword-rich blog posts

optimized for SEO success.

As well as suggesting topic ideas based on popular search queries, CopyAI’s AI-generated suggestions ensure that each title contains the right mix of relevant keywords, helping your post stand out amongst search engine results.

Both seasoned bloggers and newcomers alike can benefit from CopyAI’s features, giving them an edge in boosting their search engine rankings.

Premium Option

3. AsktoAI

Introducing AsktoAI, the most advanced AI-driven keyword optimization and content suggestion tool available today.

The AI tool offers incredible features that make generating SEO keywords easier and faster.


  • It helps You create an Editorial plan
  • Supports Multiple Languages
  • Extracts the right SEO keywords


  • It cant Cluster Keywords
  • It doesn’t Integrate with other SEO tools

It has features similar to Google keyword planner; if you use the free trial, you can access free keyword research tools.

With one-click access to 30+ languages, AsktoAI can extract essential keywords specific to each language and create an editorial plan for your content in no time.

Need more support? Their feature-rich offering goes beyond simple keyword analysis by providing semantic and LSI terms to bring additional context to your project.

Get ahead of the competition with our robust AI solutions, developed with today’s content creators in mind for maximum efficiency and results.

The free keyword tool will find keywords that can rank in organic search results.

Make AI work for you when optimizing keywords with AsktoAI.

Runner Up

4. ChatGPT

Are you looking for an AI tool to help you group your keywords into reliable and relevant clusters?

Look no further than ChatGPT.


  • Completely Free
  • It saves your keyword list as a chat
  • It can be used for anything
  • The AI tool will create clusters if you ask it too


  • Free Plan doesn’t always work
  • You need good Prompts to get the best possible keyword lists.

It won’t only help you with keyword ideas and research; it will also help you create a strategy to get the best from your keywords.

It offers infinite possibilities with its uses and saves your keyword list as a chat group, making it super easy to access.

It works like the Google keyword research tool, and you can even ask it for key SEO metrics.

All you have to do is include your keywords and a prompt like “Can you please group these keywords into relevant keyword clusters?” ChatGPT will get the job done for you.

Trust the AI-powered tool to manage all of your keywords needs effectively: Whether you’re looking to identify popular topics to blog about, selecting the right set of words for online ads, or need help bulk sorting keywords, ChatGPT has got you covered.

Hidden Gem

5. Bramework

Introducing Bramework – an AI-driven software that makes generating relevant keywords for your content creation easy.

With Bramework, you get unlimited keyword recommendations, so you’re never left searching for the perfect keyword.


  • Show You Keyword Difficulty levels
  • Recommends Unlimited keywords
  • It helps you trace your keyword ranking


  • No Free Trial
  • It cant group keywords

Plus, it integrates with top third-party services like SEMRush and WordPress, giving you better visibility into your website’s performance and making editing posts easier.

Semrush will help track the search volume ranges of any seed keyword.

Using these tools, you don’t need to pay for paid search. It will help you get new trending keywords with high monthly search volume.

The AI tools help you get complete keyword data and also help you track the top-ranking pages you are trying to target.

On top of that, Bramework also tracks the rank of your given keywords and provides smart question suggestions to help jumpstart your blog post ideas.

Take Bramework for a spin to see what all the excitement is about.

It saves time on content marketing by providing unlimited targeted keywords tailored to improve the reach of SEO on your website and enabling you to track those keywords’ progress over time.

Hidden Gem

6. ContextMinds

Plus, it offers color tagging of each keyword group or individual word to make it easier to find exactly what you need.

ContextMinds is designed specifically for people who want to use AI-generated keywords in their content.


  • Generates Unlimited Keywords
  • It has an AI-powered library of content ideas
  • It shows you visual graphics of keywords and competition levels.


  • You have to sort keywords manually

Their library helps you quickly discover the right keywords and deliver complete content ideas.

Finding keywords become very easy using the free tool. You can also use it to sort long-tail variations.

Forget about manual keyword research that would take hours – with ContextMinds, all the hard work is done for you, so you can focus on creating engaging content faster than ever.

To research keywords on a budget, use this is one of the free tools many experts use.

Start experiencing the benefits of ContextMinds today and see how AI-powered keyword generation can help your content shine.

Hidden Gem

7. Twinword

Twinword is the simplest and smartest way to optimize your online content.

This powerful keyword-based AI tool uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze patterns in keywords, titles, and relevance scores.


  • Groups Keywords by User Intent
  • Generate Popular keywords and Titles
  • Displays Keywords Relevance Score


  • Allow 60 searches only per day

Grouping keywords by user intent, Twinword provides you with popular topics related to your content.

Start creating content that resonates with your target audience.

With Twinword, people who want to use AI technology to generate keywords can get valuable insights into what their audiences are searching for.

Use the data generated by Twinword to easily create SEO-friendly content that stands out among all the noise of the internet.

The list of features and functionalities sets Twinword apart from its competitors: for example, it has a keyword pattern analysis; title score analysis; relevance score analysis; customized topic grouping, and more.

Save time optimizing your copywriting and get accurate results with Twinword’s top-notch technology.

With this fantastic tool, you can boost rankings and traffic quickly.

What is an AI tool to generate keywords?

An AI tool to generate keywords is a type of Artificial Intelligence (AI) software that uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze patterns in search terms and titles, helping content creators to optimize their online presence.

AI tools are used to find keywords with high relevance scores, group them according to user intent, and provide suggestions on popular topics related to the given subject.


Keyword research can be complex, but with the help of AI tools, you can find them quickly and accurately.

Tools like ContextMinds, Twinword, and many more are designed to make keyword research easier.

Each tool offers unique features tailored to improve your SEO reach and track the performance of your content.

So, if you want to create content that stands out from the rest and generates more traffic, try one of these tools today and experience the benefits of advanced AI technology.

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