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I am accepting guest posts on Nairatips from only reputed bloggers! No companies.

It means writing and publishing a blog post on someone else’s website. Guest posting is basically speaking to a different audience through your own style. I love to make guest posts on other blogs. I also offer this guest post opportunity on my blog (occasionally). But, I’m very very selective when someone approaches to write a guest post on my blog.

However, it’s a nice way to connect with new readers and share your insights with them. Guest posting gives you exposure to a newer audience. It lets you communicate with a different audience and get your name out there.

Reasons I write guest posts;

  • It helps me establish a long-term relationship with the blog owner.
  • It gives exposure.
  • It introduces you to a new audience.
  • Gets you backlinks.
  • More collaboration opportunities.

As soon as I started my blog, I managed to write a few guest posts for some great sites.


What is an Effective Content Strategy for 2022?AgilityCMS

20 Online Business Ideas to Help You Make Money in 2021 – TechBullion


How To Choose The Best Microphone For Discord – Fry-Electronics

If you have a knack for writing a piece of article or a blog post then you are highly welcomed. If you think you got expertise in blogging, marketing, social media, business, or productivity then ‘be my guest’.

I cannot guarantee that your content will be published but I’m easily convinced of quality content, outstanding idea, and in-depth post. If you are a proficient writer, you should just send me a message and I will be happy to publish your guest post.

So, just pitch me an idea or the topic of your title. I have the right to pick the content idea. We will discuss it and you can send me the final draft at

 I can only continue the conversation if I find your site authentic and updated.

Before you hit an email, I want you to consider the important aspects of writing a blog post and that is ‘No Copy Paste’. A genuine article that is unique and creative. It will go through the testing process of plagiarism. Be Aware!


  • Pitch your blog post idea first and if it gets approved then you’re free to submit the article.
  • I take a week or more than a week to review your submitted content and publish it on my website.
  • The blog post should have at least 1000 words with 1-2 links to your website. It should be a high-quality content. You also need to submit your profile bio, social media links with a picture. Make sure to edit your post.
  • Spend time in formating the post and make sure it’s readable. It should be in short paragraphs.
  • When you submit a guest post, you get a backlink from a 33+ DA website which is surely great for your blog ranking.
  • You should first establish a connection. Share my posts on social media. Leave comments on my blog. Interact with me. Read a few of my posts to get an idea of what I usually write and accept on my blog.
  • Don’t just send me a pitch all of a sudden and expect to get accepted.
  • Do share and interact with my content. As I will promote your post along with my other posts, I want you to make a genuine connection with the blog owner (that’s me).
  • Don’t just pitch to get a backlink to please! I would appreciate that.
  • Use the form below to submit your guest post request.

I will give it a comprehensive look at any inappropriate content. I would be honored to have your piece on my blog. I’m giving you the opportunity to speak to my audience. Be authentic and impressive!

I can’t wait to have you feature on my blog.

Happy blogging! 


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For any query, drop a message.

Please wait for 48h to get a response.

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