25 Free Premium Link Generators (Never Pay for Downloads)

Here today we are going to share a list of the top 25 best free premium link generators. These are platforms that I tried before sharing them with you guys.

Some of the platforms listed here don’t need you to sign up before using them. This guide will help you solve the problem of generating premium links and how to use them effectively.

There are a lot of paid premium link generator platforms but their service charge is mostly very high. That’s why we focused on searching for free premium link generators. If you use the platforms listed below you should expect the results you wish for.

There are a lot of people that are searching for a free premium link generator and if you read this article then your problem will be solved.

For first-timers, a Premium Link Generator is simply a tool or website that allows users access to download premium files directly from premium hosting sites. These files are downloaded for free and at a high-speed rate.

The websites listed here allow you to download premium files without paying or signing up for a premium account. Users with Android phones or a PC would enjoy the services better.

1. Deepbrid

deepbrid best free premium link generator

Deepbrid is rated as the best free premium link generator available today. The platform allows users free access to download about five files with a maximum size of 1.2GB per file without signing up.

If you use the platform you are guaranteed to get accurate links immediately for free. the user interface is friendly and it makes navigating on the website easy.

They also update the platform by adding new servers always. they also increase download limits for new users from time to time.

2. Alldebrid

best free premium link generator

This is a very different free premium link generator where you have to sign up before you will be able to download a generate premium links. The site is well designed and it has a lot of features it Is one of the best links generators available.

The servers here have high capacity and they offer you good download speeds. When it comes to file hosting there are a lot of them supporting this site. They optimized the site in such a way that if you visit with a mobile phone or tablet you will have the best experience.

Downloads from this website are encrypted and your files will be protected. They offer free premium links as well as some paid services. The platform is very unique and it separates itself from other rapidgator link generators.

3. Hyperdebrid

hyperbdrid best free premium link generator

Hyperdebrid is another free premium link generator that serves well for the purpose if you want free download links. The platform can be accessed by everyone and it is free to use. there is no need to sign up if you want to use the premium link generator service.

The platform works with over 34 hosting websites that you can download from without any problems. There are also added features that new users get from Hyperdebrid.

This is another free premium link generator tool that delivers for users and it’s free. as a free user, you can have access to their free premium link generator services and download the files you need.

They have a good interface and generating links on the platform is quite easy. It is simply one of the best services you can get for free used in generating premium links.

CocoLeech has been there for some time now and the top users of premium link generators can testify to the fact that it is one of the best platforms. It offers top-quality service for anyone the services the platform offers.

Users get 10 free downloads for free without any limitations. The platform can be used without registration. Users can access the link generator on the homepage of the website.

The website displays the last hundreds of links generated on the platform by users. Navigation is easy and fast on the website because of the updated user interface.

This is another awesome free platform for generating premium links. Downloading files on this website is easy and it doesn’t require any difficult process. It is the simplest website used to download files because of the simple steps required.

All you need to do is get the link, paste it on the site, and you can start downloading immediately.

A lot of users like using the platform because of its simplicity. The platform is also supported by 6 premium file-sharing sites that include Uptobox, turbobit, and Mediafire.

This is another perfect free premium link generator that has some stats displayed on the website. They display a server limit that shows when the premium file host is not working. This helps users switch to other platforms when there is downtime.

Users have access to download files worth 6GB daily from the platform. You can get links from the most premium platforms and they will work here. They also provide detailed information about any file you want to download on the platform.

This alone makes it different from other platforms.

8. Leechall

This is another great free premium link generator website that offers 3 files to download daily without registering on the website. Users can download 10GB worth of files from the links they generate. Each user is guaranteed 30GB worth of files daily.

Their site is well designed and it is friendly and easy to use. files are automatically deleted from the platform 8 hours after the link has been generated.

9. Premiumleech.eu

This is a great rapidgator premium link generator that is used by a lot of people globally. their services are free and they have a lot of premium features.

You can use the site to generate your links for free and I love their user interface that makes navigation on the website easy and fun.

They are supported by Turbobit, Uploaded, and Letitbit. You generate links here with nothing less than 3 clicks ads are also limited here.

Hungry Leech is a premium link generator service that offers one of the best services you can get. They have an amazing interface that is friendly and easy to use.

The website is supported by 4 hosts and they offer amazing speed for downloads. The only problem is the difficult process you have to pass through before generating a link.

Generator link premium is a free premium link generator platform that is easy to navigate and understand. The box to paste your link and generate a premium link is on the homepage of the website making it super quick to generate links.

It takes only a few seconds to generate links and start downloading on the site. The platform is one of the best especially in terms of ease.

This is another top best free premium link generator that supports many hosting platforms and also lets users download up to 35GB of files daily for free.

They support a lot of good generator link services. They have features that allow users to check links to see if they are active before download.

You can download in bulk on the platform as well. Even though it’s free you still have to sign up before you gain access to their services.

13. Leech Ninja

This platform shares similarities with Hungry leech and it is a wonderful link generator service. The site has a collection of great hosts and they support various types of link generators and they include Rapidgator, Keep2share, and NitroFlare.

Downloading files from the platform has to do with some process and that is the challenge users will face.

This is another link generator that offers fast download speeds and amazing services. It is free to use and downloading files here only takes a few steps.

All you need to do is generate a link that you are going to paste on the website and within seconds your link will be available to start the download.

They have a good user interface that makes everything easy to understand.

15. Leech360.com

This is a top link generator website that has both free and paid plans but you need to register to access the website. They support over 80 file hosting platforms making the platform very versatile.

The platform has three major aspects that include safety, high quality, and a virtual private network. One thing that separates them from other platforms is the fact that you have to register.

Their payment options are also affordable in case you are interested in that.

This is one of the most popular link generators because of the standards of what they offer. They display the information of any file you want to download including traffic, bandwidth, and other important details.

Their service is free to use and no registration is required. The major issue might be the fact users are limited to downloading only 1GB worth of files per hour but the download is unlimited.

They support many hosting sites here including Rapidgator, FileFactory, Share-Online, and many more.

This is a top link generator that is friendly to use but you have to register in other to download files from the platform.

They have the support of over 50 file hosts and downloads are very fast on the site. Your files can stop downloading on the platform due to technical issues but they have a resume option on the site.

Generating links are easy you just paste and click and the link will be available in seconds.

This service has both free and paid plans and it has some useful features. The interface of the website makes it very easy to navigate around. The download limit per file is 500MB but the paid plans give users unlimited files download.

You can pause and resume downloads on the platforms and that can be very useful. The platform supports a lot of hosting platforms including Rapidgator.

19. LinksVIP

LinksVIP lets users generate premium links for free and there is no sign-up required. They support over 20 hosting file hosting platforms and download limits depend on the file host you have access to.

You can have almost 20GB of file download limit if you have access to some host like datafile.com or uploaded.net. the platform is not in English but you can use translation plugins on google chrome or other browser plugins.

QFI is another simple to use platform for generating premium links. It is free and also has a three steps process to download your files. It also has pause and resumes and the box that you will paste your link is on the homepage of the website.

You can download unlimited file sizes but the speed is not encouraging and that is the biggest flaw of the platform.

21. 10-Download

10-download is another amazing platform where you can download files for free. it is one of the oldest free premium links generating platforms and navigating the platform is very easy. It doesn’t have any ads and that is one of the reasons why I prefer the platform over others.

It has some reasonable and useful hosts and the download limit per day is 800MB. The download speed is almost 30MB per second which is fast.


This platform is another great option if you want to generate free rapidgator links. You can download up to 5GB of files at a time on this website.

The website is secure because it requests for passcode sometimes before you can download files here. Using it is easy because of its simple design. Make sure you check out this platform.

23. GRAB8

You can either choose to register on this platform or just generate your premium link and download it one time.

There are a lot of amazing features on this platform and you can have access to premium features for free. you can download premium files here at an amazing speed. the platform gets the job done with ease.


This website is originally a German website but if you visit superload.com it will be translated to English. The platform is easy to use and you can generate links for free. it is super-fast and easy to navigate because of the design.

Downloading files here doesn’t take much time because it’s fast. We have some hosts supporting the platform.


This free premium link generator offers one of the fastest speeds you can get for downloading. You can get up to 300MB per second if your internet connectivity is very good. You have to register on the platform in order but link generation and download are free.

You can use any internet browser to access the website and you can also play and pause downloads. There are over 80 premium file hosting platforms that support linkifier to keep the download speed high. There are no intrusive adverts on this platform.

People that share large files depend on these premium link generator tools so they can easily share files around. Using the links above you can generate links for free and share them with others and download large files.

There is no need to pay for premium link generators because you can easily get them for free. make sure you try various platforms listed above to get the best one that suits your nee