The best 16 free premium link generator works right now without having to register or login before you can download files from those premium sites.

With the increasing demand for free premium link generators, many options are now available online. However, some stand out from the rest regarding features and user experience. These include:

deepbrid 2020

Deepbrid is rated as the best free premium link generator available today. The platform allows users free access to download about five files with a maximum size of 1.2GB per file without signing up.

If you use the platform, you are guaranteed to get accurate links immediately for free. The user interface is friendly, and it makes navigating the website accessible.

Whether dealing with individual files or an entire torrent URL, Deepbrid covers you and is also the best filejoker leech.

This premium link generator ensures that your files are securely hosted, unlimited storage space and unlimited simultaneous downloads, and has the best cloud storage services. You can also read our Deepbrid review here.

How to Use Deepbrid

  • Visit Deepbrid
  • Click on the downloader to gain access to free premium downloads.
  • Copy and Paste the premium file hosting site link you want to download in the box (Ignore the password, except the file has a password, but most files don’t).
  • Click on GENERATE.
  • Wait a few seconds; the file gets generated.
  • Download your file as a premium user with the best internet speed.


  • High Performance: Deepbrid boasts a high-speed connection and a robust server backbone, ensuring top-tier performance and smooth, swift downloads.
  • Instant Downloads: Say goodbye to waiting times! Deepbrid enables instant downloads, thereby increasing productivity and saving you precious time.
  • Cloud-based Torrent Client: With Deepbrid, you can handle individual files and full torrent URLs. Its cloud-based torrent client ensures a straightforward, hassle-free torrenting experience.
  • Privacy Guard: Your privacy is our priority. Deepbrid ensures your files are securely hosted with our privacy guard feature so you can download them with peace of mind.


Although it is free to use, it has paid plans also:

  • 14 Days Plan: The price starts at EUR 3.99
  • 30 Days Plan: The price starts at EUR 4.99
  • 90 Days Plan: The price starts at EUR 12.99
  • 180 Days Plan: The price starts at EUR 19.99
  • 365 Days Plan: The price starts at EUR 32.99

cocoleech 2020

CocoLeech is a high-quality debrid service. It’s the best I’ve used for the rapidgator link generator. As a free user of cocoleech, you can download up to 10 files without limit. There is also no need to register or login before you can the free link generator service.

With CocoLeech, you can say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple accounts and subscriptions for different platforms. It’s like having a one-stop shop for all your file hosting service needs like a filejoker premium link generator.

CocoLeech’s high-speed routing technology ensures quick and efficient downloads, sparing you the frustration of slow speeds. It’s all about giving you a smooth and enjoyable downloading experience.

Users get 10 free downloads without any limitations. The platform can be used without registration. Users can access the link generator on the website’s homepage.

The website displays the last hundreds of links generated on the platform by users. The updated user interface makes navigation on the website easy and fast.

How to Use CocoLeech

  • Visit Cocoleech
  • Enter your link into the box
  • Click GENERATE


  • Multiple Links: CocoLeech allows you to download from various file hosting services using a single account, drastically simplifying your download process.
  • High-Speed Routing: With CocoLeech’s advanced routing technology, your downloads are significantly faster, ensuring an efficient and expedient downloading experience.
  • No Waiting Time: Say goodbye to those aggravating wait times. CocoLeech makes your downloads instant, saving you valuable time and enhancing your downloading experience.
  • Fast Speed: Alongside high-speed routing, CocoLeech ensures rapid download speeds across all file hosting services, guaranteeing a smooth and quick download process.


CocoLeech is free to use, but you can upgrade to its premium plans:

  • 30 Days Premium: The price starts at EUR 7.99
  • 90 Days Premium: The price starts at EUR 19.99
  • 180 Days Premium: The price starts at EUR 29.99
  • 365 Days Premium: The price starts at EUR 30.99

Alldebrid premium link generator

AllDebrid is a premium link generator site that allows you to generate links and download speeds from more than 77 file hosts and 999 streaming platforms, without having to pay a premium account on each premium file hoster which saves you money.

You need an Alldebrid premium account to unlock unlimited downloading from all supported premium hosts.

They offer multiple tools to make it easier for you: addons for browsers, streaming, torrent file conversion, support for multiple download managers such as Jdownloader, and more!

No more limitations from the premium file hosters, enjoy your downloads at full unlimited speed!

How to Use AllDebrid

  • Visit Alldebrid
  • Register/Sign up for a free account
  • Activate a trial period to test their premium link generator services, torrent downloader and so much more.
  • Pay for premium!
  • Enjoy unlimited downloading from 77 file-hosting sites and 999 streaming sites.


  • Ultra-Fast Speed: Alldebrid provides high-speed downloads, ensuring you don’t waste time waiting for your files.
  • File Hosting Compatibility: Alldebrid supports many file hosting services, allowing you to get premium links from your preferred hosts.
  • Stream Online: With Alldebrid, you can stream video files without downloading.
  • Simultaneous Downloads: Alldebrid lets you download multiple files simultaneously, boosting productivity and saving time.


It is free to use but has two paid plans:

  • Subscription: The price starts at EUR 2.99/30 days
  • One-time (Pay for a fixed period): The price starts at EUE 3.99/30 days


Deepbrid is the Best Free Premium Link Generator in 2024

reevown cloud 2020

Update 2024: Reevown Cloud now supports other filehosters apart from Uploaded. They added 13 new file hosters to their lost which means you can use their premium link generating links on more site asides only uploaded.

Reevown rebranded its site to Reevown Cloud. They changed their interface and With their new interface update, Reevown Cloud now shows traffic information which gives users the amount of GB they can use per premium host.

Reevown is the best-uploaded premium link generator because they have a dedicated premium link generator with 84 mirrors and 63TB of storage space.

You can download a free up to 1GB every hour on different mirrors, so that means you have unlimited access to download uploaded files as a premium user using this uploaded premium link generator.

How to Use Reevown

  • Visit Reevown
  • You will start by seeing some information, traffic, the storage bandwidth already used, the mirrors (you can switch mirrors), and the GENERATOR below.
  • Copy and paste the premium file hosting site link you want to download in the box.
  • Click DOWNLOAD FILE (You can also tick start download automatically).


  • Swift Downloading: Reevown Clouds ensures speedy downloads, significantly reducing your waiting time and improving your downloading experience.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The interface of Reevown Clouds is straightforward to navigate, making your activities seamless and efficient.
  • Secure Transfers: With end-to-end encryption, Reevown Clouds provides a safe environment for your downloads, ensuring maximum security and privacy.
  • Multiplatform Support: Reevown Clouds supports downloading from multiple file hosting services, providing a versatile tool for your downloading needs.


It is free.

NeoDebrid is another fantastic free premium link generator.

It is a Premium Downloader that allows you to download from over 40 file hosting services with just one account. There is no need to juggle various memberships; NeoDebrid covers you. 

It’s good to have another confirmed working premium link generator that works with free user support and better service and download privileges for its premium users.

And the best part? There’s no software installation required. Every function works online in your web browser. Log in to NeoDebrid, paste your file hosting link, and let the magic unfold. 

NeoDebrid is all about delivering uninterrupted, high-speed downloading access without complications. Say hello to smooth, streamlined downloads, and say goodbye to those pesky file hosting restrictions.

How to Use NeoDebrid

  • Visit NeoDebrid.
  • Paste your link in the download box.
  • The download link gets generated.
  • Click to start downloading with IDM or any download manager of your choice.


  • Premium Downloader: Download from 40+ file hosts with one account. NeoDebrid offers you a comprehensive solution to your downloading needs.
  • Fast Download: With NeoDebrid, you can download at high speeds without the frustration of waiting times.
  • Unlimited File Size: No file is too big for NeoDebrid. Download large files with ease and convenience.
  • No Software Installation Required: Unlike other premium link generators, NeoDebrid operates entirely online. No need to install software or plugins.


NeoDebrid also offers paid plans:

  • 30 Days Premium: The price starts at EUR 7.99
  • 90 Days Premium: The price starts at EUR 15.99
  • 180 Days Premium: The price starts at EUR 24.99
  • 365 Days Premium: The price starts at EUR 39.99

MaxDebrid is a free premium link generator service that meets your downloading needs. This service is publicly available for anyone who wishes to download files from cloud file-hosting services.

The great benefit, however, is that you can download these files as a premium user!

With MaxDebrid, a set of premium downloader tools are at your disposal, unrestricted – at zero cost. This means unlimited access to many file hosting services without a premium account.

It’s a remarkable solution for those who require high-speed, unrestricted downloads. With MaxDebrid, you can enjoy our leech tool forever from anywhere, providing a seamless downloading experience.

How to Use MaxDebrid

  • Visit MaxDebrid
  • Insert your link
  • Click the generate button


  • Unlimited Download Speed: MaxDebrid offers unlimited download speed, ensuring a fast and efficient downloading experience.
  • Over 100+ File Hosting Providers: With MaxDebrid, you gain access to over 100+ file hosting services, simplifying your process and making it a comprehensive solution for your downloading needs.
  • End-to-End Encryption: Security is paramount with MaxDebrid. The service uses end-to-end encryption to protect your files and maintain the privacy of your downloads.
  • Free Premium Downloads: Experience the advantages of premium downloads without the associated cost


It is free.

dasan_co premium generator is a cheap premium link generator that allows you to Generate unlimited premium links from file hosts and download at full speed.

They support popular premium file hosting sites like,,, and,,,,,,, and +50 file hosts.

Dasan Premium Link Generator emerges as a game-changer in the free premium link generator world. Start by registering to receive 5 GB free for Torrent & Usenet, opening a world of opportunities.

Generating links is easy; paste and click, and the link will be available in seconds. This service simplifies your downloading process while respecting your privacy and delivering your desired files swiftly.

How to Use Dasan

  • Visit Dasan
  • Register an account on Dasan
  • Pay for a plan (at least $2.99)
  • Copy and paste your links in the generated box and get the generated premium link, ready for download.


  • Webdav Access: Dasan Premium Link Generator provides Webdav access, enabling you to manage and manipulate your files hosted on the World Wide Web. This feature allows you to perform operations like copying, moving, deleting, or creating files on a remote server, simplifying your downloading process even further.
  • Resellers: Dasan has a vast network of resellers worldwide, providing you with flexible payment options and faster service.
  • Simple HTTPS Downloads: With Dasan, downloading from premium links via HTTPS becomes a breeze, ensuring your downloads are secure and efficient.
  • Free Space on Registration: Sign up now and get rewarded with a whopping 5 GB free space for Torrent and Usenet, giving you an irresistible head start.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: Dasan’s user-friendly interface is designed for smooth navigation, making your downloading process quick, simple, and hassle-free.


Dasan Premium Link Generator is free to use but has premium plans:

  • 35 GB: The plan starts at US$ 2.99
  • 115 GB: The plan starts at US$ 5.99
  • 310 GB: The plan starts at US$ 14.99
  • 1000 GB (Torrent): The plan starts at US$ 21.00
  • 600 GB: The plan starts at US$ 26.99
  • 1000 GB: The plan starts at US$ 33.00
  • 2000 GB: The plan starts at US$ 50.00

HyperDebrid works for free users. You don’t need to register before you can use their free premium generator services.

They support 34 hosting sites that you can use to download.

With Hyperdebrid, you can say goodbye to the frustrating limitations of standard file hosting services. It’s like having a VIP pass to your favorite concert: no more queues and straightforward access.

The platform works with over 34 hosting websites you can download from without problems. New users also get added features from Hyperdebrid.

Try Hyperdebrid today and elevate your downloading experience to premium without paying a dime!

How to Use HyperDebrid

  •  Go to HyperDebrid
  • Paste the link you want to download into the box (one at a time, bulk doesn’t work)
  • Click on Generate.
  • Wait for a few seconds; you have the link
  • But to start downloading, you need to go through 4 ad-heavy pages before you get to the final download link, which enables you to start downloading the file.


  • High-Speed Downloads: Hyperdebrid offers unmatched download speeds, ensuring rapid access to your files.
  • Zero Ads: Say goodbye to irritating pop-up ads. Hyperdebrid ensures a smooth, ad-free download experience.
  • No Waiting Time: Hyperdebrid eliminates waiting times, making your downloads instant and hassle-free.
  • Supports Multiple Platforms: Hyperdebrid is compatible with numerous file hosting platforms, widening the scope of your download options.


It is free. No hidden charges.

uploaded premium link premium link generator

This is a majorly free premium link generator with server usage, statistics, server host, server limit and traffic used. So this shows you the server’s limit so you know when one premium file hoster is not working, you can easily make a switch to another premium file host.

The best premium file hosters you can download from this site are;, file factory, MEGA, ifichier, and Uptobox with more than 6GB server limit. They also provide a ton of information for your file.

They display a server limit that shows when the premium file host is not working. This helps users switch to other platforms when there is downtime.

  • Go to Uploadedpremiumlink
  • Look around to see the server stats, so you know which premium file hoster is available for use.
  • Paste your premium file hoster’s link.
  • Click GENERATE (Ignore the password box, most files don’t come with passwords)
  • Download starts


  • Multiple Cloud Hosters: With Uploadedpremiumlink, you can access files from numerous cloud hosting services using one account, simplifying your download process.
  • High-Speed Routing: Uploadedpremiumlink features high-speed routing technology, ensuring rapid and efficient downloads across all platforms.
  • Links from Folders: Uploadedpremiumlink lets you download entire folders from file hosting services, delivering an efficient and streamlined downloading experience.
  • Fast Speed: Uploadedpremiumlink guarantees superior download speeds, providing a quick and hassle-free file access experience.


It is a free premium link downloader, but you can upload to premium plans:

  • 30 Days Premium: The price starts at EUR 7.99
  • 90 Days Premium: The price starts at EUR 19.99
  • 180 Days Premium: The price starts at EUR 29.99
  • 365 Days Premium: The price starts at EUR 42.99

premiumzen premium link generator

PremiumZen is modeled after simplicity. It is another excellent free premium link generator on our list.

Downloading files on this website is easy and doesn’t require any complex process. It is the most straightforward website used to download files because of the simple steps required.

You only need to get the link and paste it on the site, and you can start downloading immediately.

A lot of users like using the platform because of its simplicity. The platform is also supported by 6 premium file-sharing sites, including Uptobox, turbobit, and Mediafire.

How to Use PremiumZen

  • Visit PremiumZen
  • Copy your file you want to download from premium file sharing sites and paste in the box.
  • Click GENERATE
  • The download link is generated.
  • Start downloading.


  • Simplified Downloading: PremiumZen is designed to make your download process as straightforward as possible. Forget about dealing with multiple memberships; manage everything from one platform.
  • Superior Speed: Enjoy superior download speeds with PremiumZen. No more wasting precious time waiting for your files to download.
  • No Ads: PremiumZen guarantees an ad-free experience, removing any disturbances during file downloading.
  • Compatibility with Multiple Hosts: PremiumZen supports a wide array of file hosting services, offering you a more comprehensive choice for your downloads.


It is free.

leechall link generator

Leechall is another free premium link generator that allows you to download up to 3 files without registration. You have a file size of 10GB per link which means you can download up to 30GB as a free user.

This service facilitates a seamless download experience, allowing you to download instantly without any ads.

Leechall offers 3 files to download daily without registering on the website. Users can download 10GB worth of files from the links they generate. Each user is guaranteed 30GB worth of files daily.

It’s an all-in-one platform that enables you to procure your files from various file-hosting services, making it an essential tool in your downloading process. Files are automatically deleted from the platform 8 hours after the link has been generated.

How to Use Leechall

  • Visit Leechall
  • Paste the link in the box. You can’t miss it.
  • Click on DOWNLOAD (Leave auto-reset ticked)
  • Your file is generated and ready for download.


  • Instant Downloads: Leechall provides an efficient service where you can download your files instantly, eliminating the aggravation of waiting.
  • Ad-Free: Enjoy an uninterrupted downloading process without ads with Leechall, making your experience smooth and enjoyable.
  • Multiple File Hosting Services: With just one Leechall account, you can download files from various hosting services, simplifying your process.
  • Fast and Easy: Leechall is designed to be user-friendly, providing a service that is both fast and easy to navigate.


Leechall is entirely free. is a standout choice in free premium link generators. In the search for a fuss-free, speedy, and efficient downloading solution? Your quest ends here.

It is an excellent rapidgator premium link generator that is used by a lot of people globally. Their services are free, and they have a lot of premium features.

With, download from multiple file-hosting services using one account – no more juggling between multiple subscriptions.

Moreover, you can look forward to consistent, high-speed downloads and bypass those pesky ads. You can use the site to generate your links for free, and its interface is lovely, which makes navigation on the website easy and fun.

They are supported by Turbobit, Uploaded, and Letitbit. You generate links here with only 3 clicks. Ads are also limited here.

How to Use

  • Visit
  • Ignored all the ads, if you have an ad blocker, you won’t see any advertisements which would make the experience better for you.
  • Scroll down till you see the box wedged between two ads.
  • Paste your link into the box.
  • Click GENERATE.
  • Another page opens with your download link which would take you to a URL shortener page, and you will be exposed to a lot of ads as you seek for the download link.


  • Multiple File Hosting Services: lets you download from various file hosting services with just one account, making your downloading process incredibly straightforward.
  • High-Speed Downloads: Experience the joy of high-speed downloads with – say goodbye to frustratingly slow downloads.
  • Ad-free: offers an ad-free downloading experience, allowing you to focus on what matters – your content.
  • User-friendly: With its intuitive, easy-to-use interface, makes downloading a breeze for seasoned professionals and beginners.

Pricing is free to use.

hungryleech premium link generator

Hungry Leech is a premium link generator service that offers one of the best services you can get. As its name suggests, Hungry Leech thrives on providing fast and uninterrupted downloading.

This free premium link generator is a crowd-pleaser for its user-friendly interface and efficiency. You won’t need to jump through hoops to download your files; Hungry Leech ensures a straightforward process.

Whether it’s music, photos, or documents, you can rely on Hungry Leech to provide a hassle-free downloading experience.

The website is supported by 4 hosts, offering fantastic download speed. The only problem is the difficult process you must pass through before generating a link.

How to Use HungryLeech

  • Visit HungryLeech
  • Paste your links.
  • Click on “I am not a robot” to verify that you have a brain.
  • Click on “I agree to terms of service.”
  • Your premium link is generated, CLICK on your generated link.
  • Now it’s time to request for the file, click on the drop-down arrow, select your file and click REQUEST FILE.
  • Another page opens. Now click on LEECH IT!
  • After clicking on leech it, you are sent into the deep abyss of the URL shortener riddled with ads and 5 seconds countdown.
  • Fast forward a few minutes, with great patience and endurance you finally arrive at the download page, wait for 3 seconds then your download starts. Congratulations, you made it!


  • Fast Downloads: Speed is of the essence, and Hungry Leech understands this, offering you a service that delivers your downloads quickly and efficiently.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Hungry Leech’s interface is easy to use. There are no complicated processes here, just a simple, streamlined downloading experience.
  • Efficient Service: Hungry Leech prides itself on efficiency, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free downloading process.


It is free.

leech ninja premium link generator

Leech Ninja is basically a re-skin of the hungry leech, or hungry leech is a re-skin of leech ninja, or maybe they are owned by the same individual or company. ‘

They are so similar but there is a difference, and it’s their supported hosts. Leech Ninja supports Rapidgator, Uploaded, Keep2Share, and NitroFlare.

It is a single key to unlock access to various file hosting services with one account, reducing complications and increasing efficiency. 

How to Use Leech Ninja

  • Visit Leech Ninja
  • Paste your link.
  • A few moments later, start your download.


  • Straightforward Interface: Leech Ninja’s interface is designed to be user-friendly, getting you straight to the point without any fuss.
  • Swift Downloads: Time is of the essence, and Leech Ninja respects that. With its rapid download speeds, you can get your files quickly.
  • No Annoying Ads: Enjoy a seamless downloading experience without the interruption of intrusive ads.
  • Multiple File Hosting Services: One account is all you need! Access various file hosting services with a single Leech Ninja account.


It is free.

bigspeeds premium link generator

This is another premium link generator that offers fast download speeds and amazing services. It is free to use, and downloading files here only takes a few steps.

The service is designed to allow you an effortless interaction with your files on connected third-party platforms – a feature that expands its versatility in file handling. 

A testament to its resilience and relevance, BigSpeeds continues to operate today under the capable management of the well-respected Multi Hoster, LinkSnappy. 

Trust in BigSpeeds to offer a seamless and efficient approach to managing files across various hosting platforms.

How to Use Bigspeeds Premium Link Generator

  • Visit Bigspeeds Premium Link Generator
  • Ignored all the ads, if you have an ad blocker, you won’t see any advertisements which would make the experience better for you.
  • Paste your link into the box.
  • Click GENERATE.


  • Over 80+ File Hoster Support: BigSpeeds supports a vast range of over 80+ file hosting services, broadening your options and ensuring more flexibility in your downloading process.
  • Instant Downloads: With BigSpeeds, you can download files in an instant. No waiting, no delays; your files are ready when you are.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The platform is designed with a user-friendly interface, making navigation seamless and simplifying your downloading process.
  • Ad-Free Experience: Enjoy an uninterrupted, ad-free downloading journey. BigSpeeds ensures your focus stays on your files, not on annoying pop-ups or banners.


BigSpeeds is free to use, but you can upgrade to its premium plans:

  • 7 Days Premium: The price starts at US$ 4.99
  • 30 Days Premium: The price starts at US$ 12.99
  • 90 Days Premium: The price starts at US$ 29.99
  • 180 Days Premium: The price starts at US$ 54.99

AnyDebrid is a powerful and versatile premium link generator necessary for all your downloading needs. 

No more juggling multiple accounts or struggling with slow download speeds; AnyDebrid is your ultimate solution. It’s like a master key, opening the doors to various file hosting services with a single account. 

What sets AnyDebrid apart is its commitment to providing a seamless, high-speed, and ad-free downloading experience. 

It’s all about efficiency and convenience, ensuring you can download your desired files without any hitches or interruptions. 

Its user-friendly interface is a breeze, making your downloading process as smooth as possible. 

How to Use Anydebrid

  • Visit Anydebrid
  • Paste your link into the box.
  • Click GENERATE.


  • Email Support: AnyDebrid provides responsive and reliable email support, promptly addressing all your queries and concerns.
  • Unlimited Access: Enjoy unrestricted access to many file hosting services, allowing you to download as much as you want without limitations.
  • End-to-End Encryption: Your security is our priority. AnyDebrid employs end-to-end encryption, safeguarding your files and ensuring the privacy of your downloads.
  • No File Size Limit: Size doesn’t matter with AnyDebrid. Regardless of the file size, you can download it quickly and conveniently, leaving no room for restrictions.


It is 100% free.

These tools and websites allow you to download files from premium file-hosting sites like uploaded, rapidgator, turbobit, etc. for free without waiting and at an excellent speed. You don’t need a premium account.

In literal terms, a premium link generator gets you the premium link of a file without you having a premium account or access, which means you enjoy all the benefits of a premium user for free and can use it using your Android or computer.

Free Premium Link Generators are a game changer, and here’s why:

  1. Save Money: You can kiss goodbye to costly subscriptions. You get premium content without breaking the bank with free link generators. Imagine what you could do with that extra money!
  2. Accessibility: Free premium link generators make content accessible to everyone. No matter where you are, you can access the content you want when you want it.
  3. Easy to Use: They are user-friendly, even if you’re not tech-savvy. For instance, navigating a site like AnyDebrid-Link is as straightforward as clicking a few buttons.
  4. Fast Downloads: Tired of slow download speeds? Free premium link generators offer high-speed downloads to get your content faster.
  5. Unlimited Downloads: Many premium link generators have no download limits. This means you can download as much as you want without restrictions.
  6. Safe and Secure: They provide a safe way to download your content. For instance, MaxDebrid ensures your downloads are secure and free from viruses.
  7. Wide Range of File Hosts: They support many file hosts. Like, Deepbrid supports more than 80 hosting sites. It’s like having a one-stop shop for all your download needs.

Premium Link Generators FAQs

It is possible to create a premium link free of charge using Leechall is a free link generator that lets you download as many as two file formats without needing to log in. Free users have an unlimited file capacity of 10GB for each link, giving the download of 30GB.

Can I Download Multiple Files at the Same Time?

Many of these services support simultaneous downloads, allowing you to download multiple files simultaneously. However, the number may vary from service to service.

Do I Need to Pay to Use These Free Premium Link Generators?

Some of these services offer both free and premium plans. While free plans are sufficient for casual use, premium plans provide superior download speeds and other benefits.

What is the Difference Between ‘Subscription’ and ‘One-time’ Payment Methods in Alldebrid?

A ‘Subscription’ is a recurring payment that automatically renews after a fixed period (e.g., every 30 days). On the other hand, a ‘One-Time’ payment is a single, upfront payment for a fixed period, which doesn’t renew automatically.

Is it Safe to Use these Free Premium Link Generators?

Yes, it’s generally safe to use free premium link generators. However, as with any online service, we recommend keeping your personal information secure and using a trusted VPN.

Link generators use dynamically generated links on a site that are automatically called when an e-mail link is created. In addition, there is a preview window to see data objects.

Wrapping Up – Best Free Premium Link Generator

The digital landscape is brimming with various free premium link generators to download filejoker links without being a premium account holder, each equipped with unique features and premium plans to cater to diverse user needs.

Whether you’re seeking high-speed downloads, extensive file hosting compatibility, or ad-free experiences, there’s something for everyone.

Remember, your choice of a premium link generator should align with your requirements and budget. While free plans can cater to casual users, premium plans offer superior advantages such as faster speeds and simultaneous downloads.

If you’ve not yet explored these fantastic tools, it’s time to leap into the future of streamlined, hassle-free downloading. Don’t wait any longer.

Choose a premium link generator from our list and transform how you download files today!


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    • Paularo

      Thanks, Greendoor.

      I just used Cocoleech and I was able to reach my download link and download started.

      So, cocoleech stays because it works.

  • Nanban

    I need to download 5 GB file from, the problem is 3 GB for daily Limit. Is there any link generators available for download Files more than 3GB FROM

    Plz consider this one as a request

    • Paularo

      You can pay for a premium account for as low as $10/month to get unlimited access to all hosters.

  • greendoor

    In reply to Nanban needing to download 5GB (when 3GB is offered) you can bet your bottom dollar that if you found one, someone will ask for 7GB and so it goes. Someone somewhere will never be happy regardless of what’s on offer.

  • mack

    I can’t seem to get any service to work with Any suggestions?

    • Paularo

      I will find a service that works for and include it in my post.

  • dimok

    The coolest is the deepbrid. The rest is just the bottom. Only one advertisement. After one advertisement another and often identical get out, put ticks endlessly and so many times. There’s no way to download niche. Sites are stupid for money laundering from advertising. But there is no benefit from them.

  • r3d

    tried every site but none worked for

    • Paularo

      I would add more premium link generator sites that would work for

      • AndrwSad182

        Hey, Paularo! Still waiting for premium ling generator for

        • Paularo

          Ok, I will conduct some research and testing.

          • EbTT

            Did you get some to crash the premium?

          • Paularo

            No, I couldn’t find.

  • greendoor

    Hello Paularo. You could update your comment on bigspeed because rapidgator link not been showing on it for sometime now. Don’t think it will ever come back. Also could you amend your ‘thoughts’ so that the latest one is at the top (not the bottom) of the page. By doing so you give priority to the latest comment which is better. Thanks.

  • Jeroen

    Can someone help me with a download from

  • balabala

    leechall doesn’t work for me..

    • Paularo

      Try the other 9 premium link generators.

  • Hahaka

    On cocoleech rapidgator file is limited 600mb per file when we download. Can I download 1gb file if I use premium.?

    • Paularo

      Yes, ofcourse.

      • AAA

        how big the limitation per file if we use premium cocoleech.?

        • Paularo

          I just checked their pricing page and they said Unlimited Bandwidth but there’s no way to know the exact limit for every filehost because I don’t have cocoleech premium.

  • moe +1GB limit ???

    • Paularo

      Yeah, that’s usually what you get for a free user.

      Upgrade to premium if you want more bandwidth and file size.

      • Dragoonstorm1

        Is there realllly no free way to download a 4 GB file from nitroflare? Please help?