Income Reports: How I Made $2,393‬.89 in April 2019 Working From Home

In these income reports, I report my blogging income and expenses as well as insights to how I started making money blogging and how you can copy my strategy and make it work.

We cover everything that led up to this moment and in April 2019 $2,393‬.89 working from home which is my highest so far!

I really want you to understand the struggle, the pain of not making any money with your blog because it’s a bad feeling and I have been there, I am still there because I am constantly pushing myself and my blog to the next level.

Every month is a new challenge and new beginnings!

How did I Start Making Money Blogging?

The timeline below shows all the revenues from Nairatips since I decided to stop blogging for fun and start a successful blog.

My Successful Blogging Story:

  • During the month of July 2015, I started Nairatips while I was in College.
  • I blogged for fun from 2015-2017 without really concentrating on making money with my blog.
  • On December 2017, I decided to go fully into my blog and turn it into a business.
  • I bought 1 year Bluehost hosting, moved to GeneratePress theme, wrote more content and decided to focus on making money with my blog.
  • The year 2018 was my first year of successful blogging and that was the turning point in my life.
  • 2019 has been a great year so far because I’ve already made more than half of what I made in 2018 which means 2019 would be my best year yet!

Why We Publish Income Reports

To be frank with you, It’s a little weird publishing my income reports for all of my friends, family, and loved ones to see, but that’s the tradeoff that I accept for the transparency that I want to give my audience.

I never publish my income reports to brag – only to show my followers and readers just what is possible with a small blog, some hard work, and a lot of determination!

I own a successful blog at  I have struggled, failed and succeeded with this blog since July 2015 when I created it. All my blogging journey has led me to this moment.

I am teaching blogging strategies that worked in my niche, and I hope you can use these sane strategies on your blog and niche.

There are a lot of ‘experts’ out there making money online by teaching others how to make money online but I am different because I AM REAL. I know the struggles you have gone through using AdSense, you wrote some affiliate posts but nothing seems to be working, I have been there and it took me 3 years to get out from that fixed state of working on my blog but not making money from it.

While many of these experts are VERY successful (and good at what they do), it makes their strategies seem impossible to achieve and you feel overwhelmed because you start thinking, how will I go from below $100 a month to $100,000. It can be a very challenging process.

I hope that my honesty and transparency that I provide on Nairatips helps you on your journey to start a successful blog.

Start a Successful Blog Today

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how to start a successful blog make money blogging

Starting a successful blog the RIGHT way has been one of the most important factors in how I was able to come out from the hole of not making money with my blog to I AM MAKING MONEY WITH MY BLOG.

So click here to start a successful blog if you’re ready to get started!

Show Me the Blog Money (April 2019):


Here are a few screenshots from PayPal.

Nairatips PayPal April Report

This isn’t the final amount as I also receive other income that is directly deposited into my bank account. I will break down everything for you to see where the bulk of the money is coming from.

Nairatips April 2019 Blogging Income Reports

Total Revenues from Nairatips: $2,393‬.89

  • Sponsored Post – $1,685
  • Services – $300
  • Affiliate Marketing (Deepbrid) – $184
  • Link Shortener (LinkShrink) – $13
  • Affiliate Marketing (Amazon) – $5.89
  • AdSterra (Ad Network) – $106
  • Media.NET – $100

Total Revenues from Nairatips: $2,393‬.89

The number above does not include blogging expenses. Some of the expenses that I incur on a monthly basis includes the following:

Nairatips Last 3 Months Income Proof

I will be showing some PayPal screenshots of my income from Nairatips from the last 3 months. NOTE that these images are the final monthly income.

Nairatips March 2019 Income Report

PayPal March

Total March Income from Nairatips: $1,129‬.77

  • Sponsored Post – $916
  • Services – $60
  • Affiliate Marketing (Deepbrid) – $140
  • Link Shortener (LinkShrink) – $13.77

Nairatips February 2019 Income Report

PayPal February

Total February Income from Nairatips: $812‬.55

  • Sponsored Post – $631
  • Affiliate Marketing (Siteground Hosting) – $50
  • Affiliate Marketing (Deepbrid) – $106.55
  • Link Shortener (LinkShrink) – $25

Nairatips January 2019 Income Report

PayPal January

Total February Income from Nairatips: $1,506

  • Sponsored Post – $1397
  • Affiliate Marketing (Deepbrid) – $104
  • Link Shortener (LinkShrink) – $5

Changes in April Since Our Last Income Update

Recently Published Successful Blogging Articles:

Blog Updates in May 2019

We lauched our blogging helping bloggers start a successful blog business.

Other than updating some old content and writing more affiliate content, my main focus right now is creating my digital product.

Google SEO is something I’ve worked exclusively on, and we get an average of 150,000 page views every month most of which comes from organic search engines.

New to blogging? We’ve got a lot of resources for you if you’d like to fire things up:

Best Articles for People Who Have Not Started Blogging:

Best Articles for the People Who HAVE Started a Blog:

How I Make Money Blogging

Sponsored Posts:

Last month, we made $1,685 with Sponsored Posts. This was where the bulk of my income was made last month.

Remember, I started with $0 from Sponsored Posts and now I’m making over $1,000 with sponsored posts alone, I have some strategies that can enable you move to the next level with Sponsored Posts.

Affiliate Marketing Income:

I am not really too bad on Affiliate Marketing at the moment that’s why my affiliate income has been low for some time now because that’s not the main priority for now.

The main priority is helping people start their own successful blogs and help those that are blogging for fun to switch up their mind sets and start successful blogging today!

Paul Aroloye
Founder, Nairatips.

Nairatips 2018 logo black

If you have any questions about my blog income reports or about blogging in general, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below!

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I made $2,230 last month. I'll show you how.

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I made $2,230 last month with this blog.

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