Cats are a favorite for many pet lovers. But as the years pass, your cat starts aging and might suffer from health conditions linked with joint pain. When this happens, you will notice some mobility issues – shorter strides, no leaps, and inactive behavior. Research shows that around 90% of cats get osteoarthritis and joint by age 10 to 12. 

Therefore, you must take your cat for a vet checkup to get a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. Today, many pet owners are reporting the benefits of CBD for alleviating joint pain for their cats. Besides, it has fewer risks of adverse effects and enhances your pet’s overall wellness and quality of life. 

This article discusses everything you need to know about the recommended dosage and administration for cats with joint pain. 

What Is CBD for Cats?

The cannabis plant has over 100 cannabinoid compounds, but the most active constituents are CBD and THC. CBD is an abbreviation of cannabidiol, one of the main compounds in the hemp-derived variant with medicinal effects.

THC is the psychoactive element responsible for intoxicating effects on users and animals. Thus, THC is not recommended in the medical cannabis sector due to the toxic effects that might harm users, especially in excessive doses. 

Is CBD Safe for Cats

As stated above, CBD has gentle and healing properties used for medicinal properties. Since it is safe for humans, CBD is also safe for your feline friend, provided it doesn’t contain THC. There are different CBD products available for cats in the cannabis market.

From topical tinctures to treats, you can always get the right product that works effectively. However, due to easy dosing and administering, many pet owners prefer using CBD oil to treat their cats. Besides, the oils come in diverse flavors that might enhance your cat’s appetite. 

Before we proceed to the dosage and administration, knowing more about the causes and symptoms of joint pain in cats is vital. 

Causes for Joint Pain in Cats 

One of the common reasons your cat may suffer from joint pain is due to aging. As you might expect, your pet will grow old, and different age-related conditions will start checking in, including joint pain. This ache restricts movement and prevents your cat from walking, leaping, or running. 

Many other causes can result in your cat having joint pain. These include osteoarthritis, injuries, obesity, inflammatory infections, cancer, heart issues, and age-related conditions. 

So, how do you recognize if your cat is suffering from joint pain? Here are the typical tell-tale signs you should look out for in your pet. 

  • Limping;
  • Lameness;
  • Stiff walking;
  • Difficulty climbing up and down;
  • Swollen joints;
  • Unwillingness to play, leap or run;
  • Staying in one position;
  • Unwillingness to be touched.

The above signs might vary depending on the condition of the cat. So, ensure you consult with your vet immediately to get advice on the right CBD treatment to help your cat deal with the discomfort and pain. 

How CBD Works to Relieve Joint Pain 

The main compound used in CBD products for pets is cannabidiol (CBD). It is an active element found in the hemp variant of the weed plant, and it contains therapeutic effects. Since CBD is not psychoactive, medical experts use it to treat various health conditions in humans and animals.

The compound interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) when your cat ingests CBD oil or treats. This system has receptors that send signals directly to the brain, which causes the cat’s body to respond to certain stimuli that alleviate the severe symptoms. 

So, CBD offers immediate relief from chronic pain from joint-related conditions. It reduces inflammation and provides comfort to your feline pet. Besides, CBD is widely known to be an organic remedy for anxiety, seizures, and organ inflammation. 

Whether you prefer tinctures, chews, capsules, treats, or oils, CBD will help alleviate joint pain in your cat. 

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What to Consider During Dosage and Administration 

With the undisputable reports about the benefits of CBD-infused products, many pet owners are using CBD to treat their cats. However, selecting the right dosage and administration might be challenging for many people. 

Let us explore valuable pointers you need to consider to know the correct dosage and method of CBD administration for your pet:

Type of CBD Product 

The first thing you need to ask yourself as a pet parent is the type of CBD product that will effectively meet your cat’s needs. Remember that accurate dosages and ease of administration begin with the type of product you select for your pet.

According to studies, many pet parents report that CBD oils are more effective in treating joint pain and other ailments. Attaining the precise dosage is easy, and the oils are available in different flavors and scents that many cats enjoy. 

Health Condition 

Another aspect you must consider is your cat’s ailment or health condition. In this case, your cat probably suffers from joint pain resulting from arthritis or old age. The right dosage and administration are dependent on the condition’s severity and what you aim to achieve by using CBD. If you want potent and immediate relief, you can begin with a high dose recommended by your vet. 

Weight of the Cat 

The weight of your feline friend matters when it comes to finding the right dosage and administration. Both humans and animals have different reactions to CBD and other medications. High doses for low-weight animals might be too overwhelming and result in severe side effects.

Thus, depending on the size, you must get expert advice on the CBD dosage to give your cat. Big cats might need a high dose compared to small cats. However, this may also depend on the intensity of the joint pain. 

For instance, small cats with an average weight of 8 lbs can consume about 0.25ml or five drops of CBD oil. In contrast, large cats weighing over 8 lbs can use 0.5l or ten drops once or twice daily. 

In addition, you may start with a low dose and adjust accordingly depending on the cat’s reaction. It is imperative to get advice from a professional vet or healthcare expert. 

CBD Strength  

As a pet parent, you must familiarize yourself with different types of CBD products with their formulations. The cannabis market has products with various potency and concentrations. Besides, not all the products have undergone third-party testing and verifications. 

Thus, you must ensure that you purchase the product from a reliable vendor who has tested it in independent labs for purity and quality. The vendor should issue a COA – Certificate of Analysis – for verification purposes. The COA reveals the product’s concentration and purity or whether it has other additives that might harm your cat. 

It is important to know the product’s CBD concentration and authenticate whether the package label is accurately written. Some products list other ingredients and leave out the CBD content, which is unprofessional. Moreover, you must select a THC-free product to prevent your cat from adverse side effects. 

Administration Method

Even though there are different ways to give your ailing cat CBD, the most effective method of administration is by mouth. Give your cat the recommended drops directly in the mouth, and the compound will be absorbed immediately through the mucous membranes. Another way you can try is by adding in your cat’s preferred treat or food. 


As a pet owner, using CBD to treat joint pain for the first time might be confusing. To simplify the process, study the list of reliable vendors at You will find diverse products with different concentrations. Ensure you consult your vet to select the right dosage and administration to treat your cat’s joint pain. 

This article was written by Lana Braslavska, an expert in CBD use in humans and pets and a full-time writer at AskGrowers. Lana is passionate about the potential of cannabis for health, so she researchers the market and shares her tips and findings with all populations interested in CBD consumption.

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