Best WordPress Hosting For Small Business in 2022 (#3 is a Surprise!)

The best WordPress Hosting for Small Business will get your business the hosting needs it requires to start and grow exponentially without any restrictions. This is the foundation that makes your business a successful one.

Your small business website deserves the best WordPress hosting because web hosting is the backbone of a WordPress website. Nowadays, getting a good WordPress hosting is cheap, but you can choose poorly and spoil your project.

Here we will recommend the best WordPress hosting for small business we’ve tested, along with some actionable steps on how to choose the right WordPress hosting for your small business.

best wordpress hosting for small business

Choosing the best hosting is very important if you work on WordPress. Hosting is what makes your website available to everyone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Therefore, the decision to select the best hosting is crucial to achieving your goals.

Your website has to load fast and has to work well at all times, without falls or security problems. This may depend on the success of your project. Fast WordPress hosting offers a better user experience and benefits better search positioning in Google and other search engines.

Choosing the best server for WordPress is essential for the success of your project.

It is vital that you consider the importance of an excellent WordPress hosting service for the success of your small business web project. For this reason, I do not recommend hosting that is too cheap because they are full of problems, are slow, and offer inadequate support.

It’s better to invest a little more in your hosting in exchange for security, support, performance, and positioning.

The 3 Best WordPress Hosting for Small Businesses

Let’s begin with the best WordPress hosting for small businesses starting with Siteground which is obviously the best for any small business, why? because that’s what I use for all my websites and online projects.

1. SiteGround – The Best WordPress Hosting for Small Business

Siteground Dreamhost wordpress hosting for small business

The most famous hosting company for small business is Siteground. It has more than 1800,000 domains worldwide and has been in the market since 2004.

On their website, they claim to have ‘impressive WordPress tools,’ and the truth is that (some) are unique and designed to speed up WordPress development.

SiteGround WordPress Hosting prices:

siteground wordpress hosting prices for small business

What we Liked (Pros of using Siteground for your small business)

  • Free SSL Encryption with Let’s Encrypt.
  • Traffic not measured.
  • Support 24 hours by phone, chat, and email.
  • Good performance and speed tests
  • Caching system specially designed for WordPress.
  • Advanced WordPress functions. E.g., Test environment, automatic plugin updates, etc.

What we didn’t like (Cons of using Siteground for your small business)

  • If you choose the monthly plan, you will have to pay a setup fee.
  • Its interface could be something more modern.
  • Slightly higher price than its competitors. 

Recommended for Small Business Owners:

Siteground is for those who want WordPress hosting with the best performance with a capable support team. Opening a hosting account with SiteGround is a bit more expensive than with other hosting companies but more secure than others. Read this guide on the best Siteground alternatives.

Wondering why I chose Siteground over Hostgator? Read my honest Siteground vs Hostgator review comparing the 2 web hosting companies using my personal small business as an example.

2. Hostgator – Best Beginner-Friendly WordPress Hosting for Small Business

Hostgator best wordpress hosting for small businesses

HostGator is a well-known web hosting for small business. That means they know what you want as a small business, and their hosting plans would cater to those specific needs.

However, they also offer world-class WordPress cloud hosting packages that are equipped with a 99% uptime guarantee.

You will find three specific WordPress packages that adapt to single-site users to those who run several websites.

HostGator WordPress Hosting Prices:

hostgator wordpress hosting prices for small business

What we Liked (Pros of using Hostgator for your small business)

Some of the features offered by Hostgator WordPress hosting include:

  • An easy-to-use WordPress cloud interface
  • Improved site performance with the Global CDN included
  • Advanced security protection
  • Quick WordPress installation and site transfer
  • Easy to scale to fit your highest traffic levels
  • The Hostgator hosting package you choose will depend on how many sites you run and your overall traffic levels. If you are looking for an easily scalable WordPress host that grows with your website without breaking the bank, then visit HostGator.

What we didn’t like (Cons of using Hostgator for your small business)

  • There is no free SSL certificate for your site.

3. DreamHost – Best Managed WordPress Hosting for Small Business

Dreamhost wordpress hosting for small business

DreamHost offers a series of managed and unmanaged WordPress hosting packages.

The lowest cost of the WordPress hosting solution is $2.59 per month. DreamHost is perfect if you’re just getting started and want the basics to get going.

If you require a managed WordPress web hosting solution, then the next package is called Managed WP hosting, which starts at $16.95 per month.

The best thing about Dreamhost is that its servers grow with your website. If you need more power because your website has grown in content and traffic, then its range of packages allows you to scale your site without having to migrate to other hosts.

Their package offers range from beginners to experienced webmasters with high traffic websites.

Check out the prices of the WordPress hosting package below.

DreamHost WordPress Hosting Prices:

dreamhost wordpress hosting prices for small business

What we Liked (Pros of using DreamHost for your small business)

  • Easily scalable servers to help you navigate traffic increases
  • Real-time malware scans and site repair if hacking occurs
  • Quick integration of WooCommerce and support for eCommerce store owners
  • Cloud server technology that makes your server infinitely scalable
  • A competent, helpful and responsive support team

How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting for Small Business

These are the main criteria when choosing the best WordPress hosting for small business

1. Performance and speed for user experience and SEO

Very important. A good WordPress hosting will load your site quickly so that users can view it immediately, without unnecessary waiting. Also, loading speed is an important SEO factor today. Google likes websites that load quickly and without problems.

Therefore, fast hosting will help you position better, and you will get more success and profitability in your small business project thanks to SEO. In the analysis below, I will make a detailed study of speed to the selected hosting.

2. Security to prevent attacks and vulnerabilities

Crucial. Secure hosting is synonymous with tranquility. Every day there are more websites in WordPress, which means that the threat on the sites developed under this technology grows.

Secure hosting has filters and detection systems that will prevent attacks of all kinds. In this way, your content and your business will be safe on the internet.

3. Support to solve any problem with ease

Another essential aspect when assessing the quality of a WordPress hosting. Excellent support service is something precious, especially when you have doubts or specific issues. Quality hosting has experts attending to your needs, and they will arrange anything you need quickly and efficiently.

Believe us, when you need it, it is essential to have professionals to help you.

4. Extras

It is beautiful to have automatic backup services so that your website is secure, and you can restore it in case of problems.

There are also very beneficial services such as advanced-cache systems to improve performance, automatic image optimization, one-click migrations, security filters, WordPress installation in one click, the possibility of making more than one website in the same hosting, etc.

There are three best WordPress hosting, according to my experience.

However, of all of them, what will be the best WordPress hosting you can choose to host your small business website and ensure the success of your web project? Keep reading, and you will know the results.

What is a hosting, server, or web hosting?

A hosting (or web hosting) is a server on which your web page is hosted so that it is available to everyone all the time. There are several types of hosting: there are shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers.

For simple websites, shared hosting is usually enough. In this article, I will write an actionable review of the shared hosting plans of these companies (although they also offer other plans for more advanced projects).

What is a WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting is a hosting that supports the WordPress CMS system which is also a blogging platform. In addition to this, a good WordPress hosting offers perfect performance and specifications for the operation of the CMS, and not all hosting gives this excellent performance for WordPress, even if they say it in their advertising.

To host WordPress, you will need PHP and a MySQL database. The three companies that we will analyze in this article offer specific services to host WordPress.

They also offer an easy and fast WordPress installation system from their control panels with few clicks, which save you the cumbersome process of uploading files, creating databases, editing the wp-config.php file, etc.

And now, we will review each of the three WordPress servers that we consider best for small business projects.

Different types of WordPress hosting available

Since WordPress is a commonly used CMS (content management system), you will find a variety of different WordPress hosting services with various types of hosting and server configurations that adapt to WordPress sites. From the basic shared host to managed and dedicated hosting environments.

What you Should Look for in the Best WordPress Hosting for Small Business

Choosing the Best WordPress hosting for Small Business from the beginning of your business journey is a great way to avoid future hosting problems and ensure your business can grow freely without any restrictions.

With the number of options available for the best WordPress hosting for Small Business, there is no excuse for making a wrong hosting decision.

A few things you should keep in mind when evaluating WordPress hosts include:

  • The performance of the host. If you want your small business website to succeed, you need a high-performance host. Beyond site optimization, your host’s hardware and software configuration will influence how quickly your site loads.
  • Multiple plan options. Hosts that offer various plans will be able to serve your website for good. Also, you can grow your site with the same host, while saving money when you just started.
  • Well-informed WordPress support team. Having a dedicated support team can help relieve much stress when running your site. Eventually, you will encounter a problem that requires support, and you will want a team to be there to help you when that happens.
  • Robust security features. Regardless of the size of the security of your site is something you want to think about from day one. A good WordPress host will provide stable security features from the start.
  • WordPress approach. Some web hosting companies call themselves WordPress hosts because they offer easy installation of the CMS with just one click. However, high-quality hosts offer specific WordPress features that will help you get the most out of your site.
  • Value for money. Of course, you want a host that improves the performance of your site and reinforces your security, but not if you are spending much more than your site earns. You’ll want a balance of the specific features of WordPress at a price you can afford.

The above points may seem like a lot to keep in mind, but choosing a WordPress hosting for small business is something you have to take seriously. When you start the search, you will see that many of the features highlighted above are typical. The WordPress hosting market is very competitive; you can usually find high quality hosting at an affordable price.


Ultimately, it’s up to you and what you want. In general, going with a more extended plan will end up being the cheapest in the long term, even though you have to pay more money in advance.

While the month-to-month option will cost you more over the course of the year, it gives you the freedom to move the hosts if you’re still undecided.

Hopefully, all of the above information will help you choose the perfect WordPress hosting for small business and answer many of your questions or any concerns you may have regarding the choice of a WordPress host.

Any questions related to WordPress hosting that we have not answered before? You can ask me directly in the comments below.

What other web hosting company would you add to this list of the best WordPress hosting for small business?