5 Best Web hosting for Forums in 2022 (#1 is Surprisingly Good)

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The best web hosting for forums will give you targeted and specific web hosting purely for forums, and it will be the best foundation to build your forum or successful online business.

Do you want to create a forum website where the audience can communicate with each other with ease, but you are struggling to find a useful web hosting for that?

5 Best Web hosting for Forums in 2021

If that is the case, then don’t worry because, in this article, we are going to reveal the five best web hosting for forums.

1. TMDHosting – Best Web hosting for Forums

tmd hosting best web hosting for forums

The reason why TMDHosting is on the first place in the list of best forums web hosting is because of its features. TMDHosting has a separate package for Forums website, and it has many free-to-offer things for forums sites.

Forums web users can get a free forum installation and migration, free component installation, and many other items for free.

TMDHosting Pricing

TMDHosting has three different plans, such as starter, business, and enterprise package for Forums hostings. The price for a starter pack is 2.95/month while the business plan cost around 4.95 per month, and you have to pay $7.95 for the enterprise pack.

TMDHosting Security

TMDHosting provides a free Let’s Encrypt SSL for all the plans which are a must to have a thing when it comes to safety.

Other than SSL, it also has a unique malware protection feature and web base safeguard that prevent all the forums site from online attacks.

Is TMDHosting Support any Good?

Each of the forum website packages on TMDHosting presents a Premium Support which is available for 24/7. User can contact the support either through the phone call or by live chat.

How is TMDHosting Uptime?

TMDHosting guarantees a 99.99% uptime which is a great thing. However, if you don’t find this much uptime, you can contact the support team and ask them to deliver what they promise. 


  • Free forum installation and migration
  • One-click installations & updates
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and SSD Space for all plans


  • Renew price may increase
  • Standard Cloud flare only

2. A2 Hosting – The Second Best Web hosting for Forums

A2 Hosting siteground alternative

A2 hosting also submits exceptional features that can help the user to create a forum website. It arrives with a separate pack that contains all the required functionalities for a forum website.

A2 Hosting also includes vBulletin, phpBB, and MyBB, which are among the best forum software solutions. There are three forums plans, including Lite, Swift, and Turbo packages on A2 hosting. 

A2 Hosting Pricing

The starting price of forum website hosting is $2.96 per month, which is known as the lite plan. Swift package demands the user to pay $3.70/monthly while you have to spend $7.03 in a month for the Turbo package. All these packages extend a different set of features, so you must choose the plan depending on your need. 

A2 Hosting Security

The A2 hosting includes free HackScan protection to protect the user website from various online deadly attacks. It also carries DDoS protection and SSL certificate that adds more safety to the user’s website.

Is A2 Hosting Support any Good?

Support wise, A2 hosting is among the web hosting that you will love spending your money on. It comprises three-steps of support option such as email, live chat, and phone call. You can choose any of the support option to get a solution to your problem.

How is A2 Hosting Uptime?

The 99.9% uptime is something that makes A2 hosting people’s first choice. Hosting your forum site on A2 hosting and stop thing about the uptime matter because they have several servers that keep the user’s website live for 24/7/365.


  • VBulletin, phpBB, and MyBB included
  • Unlimited Storage and transfer
  • Free & Easy Site Migration


  • Turbo Server is only present in Turbo plan.
  • Paid SSL

3. HostPapa – Dedicated Best Web hosting for Forums

hostpapa web hosting for forum

Like A2 hosting, HostPapa also contains a dedicated hosting plan for a forum website. It allows the user to optimize the forum and make it user-friendly.

You can easily create and customize your forum website via HostPapa within few minutes. It grants bbPress, FluxBB, AEF, and many other functionalities that support the user to create a professional forums site with ease.

HostPapa Pricing

HostPapa offers quite a fantastic feature at affordable rates. It comes up with three different plans, including starter, business, and business pro. The price from starter and business plan is similar.

You have to pay €2.95 months for both these plans. However, their features are different, which is quite strange. The business pro cost €9.95 for a single month.

HostPapa Security

Security is another major thing that makes thing website stand out in the forum web hosting market. It contributes DDoS attack prevention firewall, Brute force detection, and much other stuff related to the site security. Other than this, it also provides an SSL. 

Is HostPapa Support any Good?

HostPapa renders a 24/7 live telephone support, 24/7 email support and 24/7 live chat support Multilingual which is quite a fantastic thing. It also provides a free 30-minute training session, which you may not find in any other forum hosting. 

How is HostPapa Uptime?

Uptime is a very critical thing for a forums website due to which HostPapa guarantee 99.9% uptime for all the forum web hosting plans. 



  • Chat support is sometimes slow
  • Pricing choices may be misleading

4. Contabo – A Good Web hosting for Forums


Contabo is another well-known web hosting provider that offers a dedicated forum hosting. It provides all the functionalities that may be enough to grow your forum website.

The Contabo arrives in four different packages such as Webspace Package M, Webspace Package L, Webspace Package XL, and Webspace Package XXL. All the features grant quite a functional Webspace with unlimited traffic. 

Contabo Pricing

The price for Webspace Package M is 2.99 EUR per month while you need to give 4.99 EUR per month for Webspace Package L.

On the other hand, the Webspace Package XL demands the user to pay 7.99 EUR in a single month while you have to spend 9.99 EUR monthly for Webspace Package XXL package. 

Contabo Security

Contabo authorizes a Leech protection, Hotlink Protection, and SSL certificate for the safety of the user’s website. On then these features, it includes DDoS protection which reduces the attack of overloading server. 

Is Contabo Support any Good?

Contabo support is not quite impressive. There are only two options available to access their support team. You can either call them or send them an email. However, you can’t have a live chat with them which is something very worst. 

How is Contabo Uptime?

Contabo uptime is excellent; they try to keep the user website live as much long time as possible by offering 99% of uptime which is a remarkable thing.


  • Provide PHP support and a Website builder
  • Unlimited traffic
  • SSL support


  • Support is not quick.
  • Customer support doesn’t have a live chat feature.

5. Forumotion – The Free Web hosting for Forums

forumotion free web hosting for forums

If you want to create a free forum website without paying a single penny, then try out the Forumotion hosting. It is among a few service provider that offer all the things for free.

You can create your forums website with just a single click, and the best thing is that the user can also attach a custom domain to that forum website.

Forumotion Pricing

Forumotion provides a free web hosting service, so you don’t need to pay any cash. Other than free hosting, it also offers free domain, but the free domain includes the Forumotion trademark. It also grants free tools and themes to make your forum website look wondrous.

Forumotion Support

As it is a free web hosting provider for forum website, so there support is not quite impressive. You can’t contact them via phone call, live chat, or email through email.

The only way through which you can ask for support is though reading the frequently asked questions on the website.

Is Forumotion Security any Good?

Even it is a free website; still, it authorizes the user to apply free SSL on their forum website. Though the security is good, yet you need to keep extra care on the protection of your website by yourself.

How is Forumotion Uptime?

There is no big issue with the Forumotion uptime. However, still, it’s a free-to-use web hosting some you can’t depend on them in term of uptime. The user can face uptime issue any time.


  • Create a free forum website
  • You don’t need to pay for Forumotion web hosting
  • SSL certificate is free


  • Only for Forum website
  • No support

Why do you need the best web hosting for forums?

All the given hosting services are for those users who want to create a forum website. Most of the provided web hosting offers devoted hosting for forums website so you must try it out.

Who needs is the best web hosting for forums?

A person who wants to create an online community can try out these hostings. These hostings include all the factors that are required to make a forum website successful.

Who doesn’t need the best web hosting for forums?

In case you want to simple website then these web hostings are not for you. You can choose the other package, rather than forums hosting plan, of the same hosting brand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Following are some common demanded queries referring to the best web hosting for forums.

What is the best web hosting for forums?

TMDHosting, HostPapa, A2 hosting, Contabo, and Forumotion are among the best web hosting for forums.

How much do I need to buy the best web hosting for forums?

The cost of the above-described web hosting range from $2 to $10 for a single month, so you need to pay this amount to get an excellent forum web hosting service.

What is the cheapest best web hosting for forums?

Forumotion is the free forums web hosting that you can try out.


If you want to create a forums website without pay any money to the hosting provider, then you can try out the Forumotion. However, in case you want some better services, uptime, features, etc. then you must go with a paid hosting like A2 hosting.

Your forum website needs a good forum foundation, platform as well as web-hosting so you can build the best forum website you can build.

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