5 Best Web Hosting for Food Blog in 2022 (COMPLETE GUIDE)

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The best web hosting for food blog is what you need because it means you are ready to start your food blog online business and using the best hosting will make sure you make money blogging with your food blog.

So, are you a food lover and want to start your food blog? If that’s true, then you might be thinking about a perfect hosting for a food blog. Finding a good hosting for a particular niche is not a tricky task.

5 Best Web Hosting for Food Blog

However, some beginners might struggle to find perfect hosting, so to help them out, we are going to create a list of five best web hosting for a food blog and this would be the start as a food blogger.

1. WP Engine – Best Web Hosting for Food Blog

wpengine hosting for food blog

In case you are in search of a managed WordPress hosting, then you must try out WP Engine. WP Engine is a bit expensive, but it has got all the features that can support you to grow your food blog.

It also includes StudioPress themes from where you can find many themes related to food. Other than this, it also provides a Genesis Framework that makes things a lot easier for its users.

WP Engine Pricing

WP Engine managed WordPress hosting demand a high price. It offers four packages, including Startup, Growth, Scale, and Custom.

The price of the Startup plan is around $35/monthly, while the amount that you need to pay to acquire the Growth package is $115/monthly, and the scale plan costs around $290 per month.

Another great thing about WP Engine is that it has a custom plan for big businesses. You can select your desired features in the custom plan, and WP Engine will set up the price according to those features.

WP Engine Security

WP Engine has a specialized team that takes full control of the technical side, such as security. The team keep a close eye to your hosting and resist any attack that can harm your website. Other than this, they also offer a free SSL certificate with all the four available plans.

Is WP Engine Support any good?

If you have any problem with your WP Engine hosting, then hit the support button, and their team will reach you out to solve your problem. However, there are not many support options available, but still, it’s excellent.

How’s WP Engine Uptime?

Uptime is an important thing to consider before buying a web hosting, and WP Engine doesn’t deceive its customers when it comes to the uptime. Purchase WP engine hosting and stop worry about the uptime issue.


  • StudioPress Themes for your food blog
  • User can create a custom package
  • Free CDN & SSL


  • Costly hosting
  • Doesn’t offer much support options

2. Flywheel Web Hosting – Multiple Features Web Hosting for Food Blogs

flywheel hosting for food blog

The Flywheel is another web hosting to consider if you are going to create a food blog. It includes a variety of options such as FlyCache, Auto-healing technology, PHP 7.2 ready, etc. that you may not obtain in any other hostings.

 Similar to the WP Engine, Flywheel also offers four different plans. It has got a starter, freelance, agency, and a custom plan. Through a custom package, you can include any amount of features that you need.

Flywheel Pricing

Like WP Engine, Flywheel also imposes a higher price. The starter package cost around $23 per month, and the freelance plan demand $105 from the user.

Other than this, the user needs to pay $266 in a single month for an agency plan while the price of a custom plan depends on the total features.

Flywheel Security

Other than the features, another critical thing to look at in web hosting is its security. Flywheel has got high-end security with a Data encryption feature and free SSL.

On the other hand, it also has User role management and Two-factor authentication to make your website secure. 

Is Flywheel Support any good?

The Flywheel delivers a 24/7 live chat support via which you can contact them any time without thinking about the time. To make things supportive for the customers, Flywheel additionally has a phone call and email option. 

How’s Flywheel Uptime?

Stop bothering about the website uptime while using the Flywheel hosting. They know about the worth of uptime due to which they offer a 99% uptime, which is a great thing. 


  • SSO Integration and Dedicated Clusters
  • Free migrations and Migration Dashboard
  • Performance and security Insights


  • Expensive
  • Few features are not available for starter and freelance plans.

3. Kinsta – The Premium Web Hosting for Food Blog

kinsta hosting for a food blog

In case you are looking for hosting for your food blog, then stop your search because Kinsta has got all the stuff that you may need in for your food blog. It’s expensive but unusual.

All the basics, as well as premium plans, offer both free SSL and CDN to make the user’s website secure and faster. 

Kinsta Pricing

Kinsta provides a variety of hosting options for its users at a varying rate. The starting price of the starter plan on Kinsta is $30 per month, while you have to pay $60 in a single month for a PRO plan.

Besides this, the Business 1 plan is $100/monthly, and Enterprise 1 package charges the total amount of 600$ in a month. The price keeps on rising with the increase in features. 

Kinsta Security

Kinsta follows all the stuff that is necessary to make your website safe for deadly attacks. It provides security protocols and firewalls that permit malware viruses. Kinsta also provides Free SSL and many other features that make it a reliable hosting choice.

Is Kinsta Support any good?

Kinsta’s support is one of the best in the web hosting market with a 1 minutes average response time.

You contact them, tell your problem, and wait for a great solution. However, you can contact Kinsta via live chat or email, but they don’t have a phone call support option.

How’s Kinsta Uptime?

Kinsta contributes to a high level of uptime, and we have seen many positive responses regarding their uptime. It has a 99.9999% uptime, which you may encounter only in premium quality hosting services. 


  • Good Monthly visits limit
  • Free premium migrations
  • 20 global locations with free CDN


  • Doesn’t offer phone call support
  • High-priced

4. Godaddy Hosting – Cheap Web Hosting for Food Blog

godaddy web hosting for food blogs

On a budget? and don’t want to spend much money on buying a web hosting for your food blog, then try out Godaddy hosting.

Godaddy has millions of domains hosted on its platform due to its low price, and the best thing is that it additionally offers various exceptional features even at affordable rates.

Godaddy Pricing

Godaddy offers affordable hosting rates in the food blog web hosting list. In case you are a beginner, then we will suggest you to choose Godaddy hosting due to the lower price. It arrives in four different hosting plans, such as economy, deluxe, ultimate, and maximum package.

The economy package costs around $2.99/monthly; Deluxe requires $4.99 per month while the ultimate pack demands a total price of $7.99 per month. Note that these are not permanent pricing and may vary in the future.

Godaddy Security

Godaddy’s primary goal is to make its customer website protected from any attack due to which they offer many features related to security.

 You can get a free SSL certificate, Express Malware Removal, Website Security Checker, and a few more things to keep the website secure.

Is Godaddy Support any good?

Godaddy has an expert-level support team that is present for a specific time interval. It contributes phone calls as well as live chat options so you can contact them through any method according to your desire. 

How’s Godaddy Uptime?

I have used Godaddy hosting a couple of times, and I didn’t find any issue with their uptime. So you can invest in Godaddy web hosting without troubling about the uptime issue. 


  • Free domain with a yearly plan
  • Hosting price is quite low
  • Good security features


  • Live chat support is not present for 24/7
  • No complete hardware specification available

5. Hostinger – The Cheapest Web Hosting for a Food Blog

Hostinger hosting for food blogs

The last web hosting service on our list of the best web hosting for a food blog is Hostinger. This hosting service doesn’t demand much price from the user, and even with the low cost, it offers the same high-quality features.

The hosting service arrives in three different web hostings packages, such as cloud hosting, VPS hosting, and Web hosting.

Hostinger Pricing

The starting price of the Hostinger web hosting package is $0.99/month, which is quite difficult to find nowadays. For cloud hosting, the user needs to pay $9.99 monthly while the beginning charges for VPS hosting are $3.95 per month. However, these are not lifetime pricing and can get change at any moment. 

Hostinger Security

Hostinger doesn’t offer high-end security for beginners’ hosting plans. To get the premium quality protection for your website, you need to purchase the premium package.

The SSL certificate is also available for free only for premium packs, while for starting packages, the user needs to pay for SSL. 

Is Hostinger Support any good?

Hostinger has an excellent support team. They don’t offer an email or ticket support, but they have one of the best live chat support that is available for 24/7/365 to listen and solve your problem.

How’s Hostinger Uptime?

The uptime on Hostinger web hosting is similar to other expensive hostings. We don’t have seen any complaint about the Hostinger customers in terms of uptime. So there is nothing wrong with it uptime.


  • Powerful Control Panel
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • 1-Click Installer


  • No free SSL for basic plans
  • The basic package contains limited features

Why do you need the best web hosting for a food blog?

The best web hosting for a food blog includes all the things that can encourage your food blog to be successful. However, you can also use these web hosting for other types of blogs other than the food blogs.

Who needs the best web hosting for a food blog?

All the described web hosting is best for food lovers. However, if you don’t want to create a food blog, then you can go for some other web hosting. But many people are using these web hosting for different kinds of blogs as well, and it’s working fine, so you can also do that.

Who doesn’t need the best web hosting for a food blog?

Some food-related hosting detailed above, demand many costs. So these web hostings are not for those people who can’t pay much money if your budget is less, then you can choose Godaddy, or Hostinger hosting for your food blog. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the Best web hosting for a food blog.

What is the Best web hosting for a food blog? 

WP Engine, Flywheel, Kinsta, Godaddy Hosting, and Hostinger is among the Best web hosting for a food blog.

How much do I need to buy Best web hosting for a food blog?

The cost of all the above explain hosting range from $1 and goes up to $600, so you can choose the web hosting based on your budget and need. 

What is the cheapest Best web hosting for a food blog?

Godaddy and Hostinger are the cheapest Best web hosting for a food blog.


All the earlier given hosting offers the best features that can assist the user in making a premium food blog. However, the price of WP Engine, Kinsta, and Flywheel is a bit higher, so we have also included Godaddy, and Hostinger also offer useful features at affordable rates.

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