best web hosting and email for small business

5 Best Web Hosting and Email for Small Business in 2022

The best web hosting and email for small business will provide you with fast hosting and email capabilities to help your small business grow.

Are you planning to start a small business and trying to search out some high-quality web hosting that can help you to grow your business?

If that true then stop your search because, in this article, we are going to share five best web hosting and email for your small business.

5 Best Web Hosting and Email for Small Business

Most of the web hosting includes particular functionalities for businesses, so we will try to choose those hostings that are best for your business.

1. HostGator – Best Web Hosting and Email for Small Business

Hostgator best webhosting for bloggers

HostGator is among the cheapest option for a small business. It provides a dedicated business package for small startups. HostGator has a shared business plan and a WordPress hosting business plan.

Both the packs are quite different in terms of features and pricing. The shared web hosting enables the user to host unlimited website while you can host up to three sites on WordPress hosting.

HostGator Pricing

You can get the shared web hosting business plan for $5.95/monthly, which contain unlimited Domains, unmetered bandwidth, free dedicated IP, free email addresses, and many more. While the price for Wordpress web hosting business package is $9.95 for a month.

HostGator Security

Security is the foremost important thing to consider for a business. HostGator know the fact due to which they provide an Advanced Security that is excellent for high-end site protection.

It also grants Site Lock, domain privacy Code guard, and SSL certificate, which also play a role in the protection of your site.

Is HostGator Support any Good?

Facing any problem while using HostGator hosting? Don’t worry, HostGator is also available to help you out in any issues you face. You only need to contact them and ask them for support. HostGator has a 24/7/365 truly great Support.

How is HostGator Uptime?

A poor uptime can lead the business to lose. HostGator understand it, because of that they implement a 99% uptime to maintain your business website live on the internet.


  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Control panels
  • Free migration service


2. Shopify – eCommerce Web Hosting and Email for Small Business

shopify ecommerce web hosting

Shopify is another leading web hosting service where you can create your business website and earn handsome revenue. The price is pretty higher, but the features it offers are endless.

Shopify arrives in three variant of hosting plans including Basic Shopify, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify package. All the packages provide a vast range of features which you will love using. 

Shopify Pricing

The price of a starting plan on Shopify, which is known as Basic Shopify is $29 for a single month while the payment that you need to make for Shopify kit is $79 for a month. Other than this, the Advanced Shopify total charges are $299/month. 

Shopify Security

Shopify takes full responsibility for the protection of your website. It has a Free SSL certificate and much other security-related things that resist any attack on your website. While hosting your website on Shopify, you don’t need to think about the safety.

Is Shopify Support any Good?

Shopify delivers 24/7 customer support. You can get the solution to any problem that you may face while using their services. The user can either use Shopify community, Shopify support or Shopify help center support, but live chat is not present.

How is Shopify Uptime?

Shopify delivers 99.9% of uptime which is among the best uptime by any web hosting service. This web hosting service cares about its customer site and ensures that it remains live on the internet as long as possible. 


  • Perfect for a dropshipping business
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Permit the user to create an Online Store. 


  • Quite costly
  • No live chat support

3. Netmoly – Best Business Managed Hosting

netmoly business managed hosting

Creating a business website is not a complicated task but finding a prominent web hosting for that business site is something that people hate and find challenging to do.

Netmoly has made thing easier and accessible for people by offering them a separate plan for business users. The business web hosting package is further composed of three plans such as Startup, Business, and Enterprise. 

Netmoly Pricing

Price of Startup kit for a single month is around $8.95 while Business plan cost around $12.95 and the total amount that you need to pay for Enterprise is 29.95 for a month. The price of each package increase with the increase in the number of features.

Netmoly Security

Netmoly accommodates many security features for the user business website such as PCI Compliance, Secure Mail Access, 2048 bit SSL Logins, Strict Firewall System, Brute-force Protection, and a few more things. 

Is Netmoly Support any Good?

Netmoly has technical support that is present for 24/7 to help you out in every matter. However, support options are quite less. You can only contact them via ticket support which is not a great thing to have. 

How is Netmoly Uptime?

We have seen some people using business web hosting of Netmoly, and they are happy with the uptime. So we believe that you will also have the same positive feeling in terms of uptime as other people are having. 


  • Unlimited Emails for your business
  • Infinite Bandwidth
  • Cloudflare CDN and cPanel


  • Support options are less
  • Support is slow

4. WebHostFace – Cheap cPanel Hosting

webhostface cheap cpanel hosting

WebHostFace has shown impressive performance in the past few years due to which many people are coming towards WebHostFace services.

It features incredible features and plans that the user can employ for their business website, and the best thing is that these features are quite affordable. WebHostFace contains shared hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, and dedicated servers.

WebHostFace Pricing

The shared hosting plan which might be suitable for your small business contributes an extra three plan. These packages include Face Standard, Face Extra, and Face Ultima pack.

The price of Face Standard is 1.38 per month, which is much cheaper while Face Extra costs around $2.18/month, and the Face Ultima demands the user to pay $3.98 monthly. 

WebHostFace Security

Concerning security, WebHostFace is among the most reliable web hosting service provider. It includes Vulnerability monitoring, DDoS Mitigation, Intrusion detection/prevention, Security Access Controls, and SSL certificate, which might be sufficient to prevent your business website from harmful attacks.

Is WebHostFace Support any Good?

Additional stuff that you might like about the WebHostFace service is their support. You can get help for the support team 24/7. The support features enable the user to reach their support team via live chat or by phone call.

How is WebHostFace Uptime?

Taking about web hosting worth and not consider uptime will be the worst thing to do. Uptime wise, WebHostFace can give a fierce competition to any other premium hosting. It grants 99% of uptime guarantee. 


  • Free Daily Backup and SSL
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Free CDN


  • Limited Webspace
  • No email support

5. Mediatemple – VPS Hosting

mediatemple vps hosting

Mediatemple is a web hosting service provider that is owned by a well-reputed hosting brand known as Godaddy. Similar to Godaddy or any other powerful hosting, Mediatemple covers VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, shared hosting, and managed WordPress hosting.

All these hosting choices are quite beneficial for any website, especially business site. 

Mediatemple Pricing

In case you are just going to start your startup, then we will advise you to choose the shared hosting plan from the site.

The share hosting plan cost around $20 per month for Personal plan while the Pro package on the site demand $30 for a single month. Other than this, the Elite, which is the premium pack on this site, require $60 per month. 

Mediatemple Security

Mediatemple reward the user with many security options such as Malware scans, Site vulnerability scans, Blacklist scans, Instant alerts, Manual malware cleanups, Web application firewall (WAF), SSL and many more. However, one worst thing is that you need to pay for all these things.

Is Mediatemple Support any Good?

Mediatemple support is not much different from other high-quality web hosting provider. It also grants a 24/7/365 support for its customer. You can contact mediatemple’s support team via a phone call or some other available option.

How is Mediatemple Uptime?

I have used Godaddy hosting, which is perfect in terms of uptime and Mediatemple is also the product of Godaddy, so I believe that Mediatemple will also not disappoint it, customer, when it comes to uptime. However, its promises to deliver a 99% uptime. 


  • 1000 Email boxes
  • 24/7/365 customer support 
  • Might be the right choice for business sites


Why do you need the best web hosting and email for small business?

The best web hosting can boost you to grow your business. Without an online existence, your business would be nothing so make sure to invest your money on a quality hosting so that your business can shine.

Who needs is the best web hosting and email for small business?

All the above-described website hosting are for those who are going to begin a startup. These web hosting can full fill your dream of making your business successful.

Who doesn’t need the best web hosting and email for small business?

Each of the business web hostings demands a bit higher price in comparison to other hostings so if you are not going to start a business but what a web hosting, then you can choose some other hosting that is cheaper than a business hosting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some popularly asked doubts belonging to the best web hosting and email for small business.

What are the best web hosting and email for small business?

HostGator, Shopify, Netmoly, WebHostFace, and Mediatemple are the five best web hosting and email for small business.

How much do I need to buy the best web hosting and email for small business?

You can get useful web hosting for your small business within the range of $2 up to $300 depending on the features.

What are the cheapest best web hosting and email for small business?

WebHostFace is the cheapest best web hosting and email for small business.


To grow your business, you need to have an online presence, and web hosting can support you to build a robust online presence. All the described web hosting offer special features for small business.

Before investing money on web hosting, know your need, their characteristics and then choose want’s right for you.