23 Best Premium Link Generators working in 2022

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Do you want to know about some of the best premium link generators? If yes, then you are in the right place. There are numerous premium link generators available on the internet, but not all of them are worth using due to which most beginners struggle to find a quality link generating service.

If you are also finding it hard to get a premium link generator, then you should go through this article because here you will come to recognize the ten best premium link generators that you can try right now.

The Best Premium Link Generator working in 2022

Best Premium Link GeneratorsFree User LimitSupported HostsLinks
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reevown cloud icon10GBuploaded, rapidgator, keep2share, 1fichier, MEGA, share-online, filefactory, uptobox, YouTube, uploadboy, anonfile, openload, bayfiles, soungasmvisit free premium link website
neobrid icon1GB1fichier, 4shared, alfafile, anonfile, clicknupload, datafilehost, easybytez, filenext, filer, goloady, indishare, katfile, Mediafire, mega, nitroflare, rapidgator, rapidrar, sendspace, Soundcloud, srfiles, turbobit, tusfiles, upload, uploaded, uppit, uptobox, userscloud, wdupload, wupfile, youtube, zippysharevisit deepbrid website

1. Deepbrid – The Best Premium Link Generator of 2022

deepbrid v3 dashboard

The first premium link generator that you might want to invest your money on is Deepbrid. This service also offers a free version, which is suitable for small downloading tasks.

It has a better uptime, which will let you download the file anytime you want. This link generator grants access to 1.20 GB of free limit.

When it comes to hosters, then it is hard to compete with the Deepbrid because of the vast range. This service is compatible with over 80 hosters.


  • Best premium link generator of 2020
  • Unlimited bandwidth and downloads for premium users
  • Premium Download speed
  • They support over 83 sites
  • Offer a free plan for guest users
  • Easy-to-use


  • Free Version is limited

2. Cocoleech – High Quality Debrid Premium Link Generator


Similar to Neodebrid, Cocoleech also provides 1GB of free space due to which I have included it in the list of the best premium link generators.

This service works well on around 40 hosters. It submits a fast downloading speed due to which people love to choose Cocoleech. Moreover, the Cocoleech service works fine with torrent links.

It gives the option to transfer around five files per day. If you want to transfer more than that, then you will have to purchase its premium plan. 


  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Torrent Support
  • No Captcha


  • Free edition might cause some issues while generating a link

3. Neodebrid – The Best Deepbrid Alternative

neodebrid downloader

In case you want a premium link generator service that supports a greater number of hosters, then you must go for the Neodebrid.

The Neodebrid also holds a free edition that provides 1GB of free space. This service will permit you to transform your download links to premium links in just a few clicks.

Further, it grants you the option to choose other download managers like IDM to download your data. Apart from this, it additionally features a VPN option from three separate locations. 


  • Also, have VPN service
  • Better hoster quantity
  • Main Support


  • Premium plans are expensive

4. Proleech – Reliable Premium Link Generator

proleech downloader

Proleech is another reliable and affordable premium link generator that helps you in downloading files in a single click. This service allows support for around 74 hosters.

You might get 1GB of free space with the free plan of this product. However, you can boost this space by buying the paid package.

Proleech lets users transport two files in a single day. This service is complete with some chrome extension to give you a better downloading outcome. 


  • No file size limit for premium plans
  • Resume aborted downloads
  • High download speed


  • You can transfer only two files per day.

5. Reevown – The Best Free Premium Link Generator


Reevown is another big name in the premium link generator industry. Through this service, you can download files from over 30 hosters.

It has a downloading limit of over 1GB for almost all the hosters, which is another reason to try this link generator.

Besides this, the Reevown service will accommodate you in raising the downloading speed so that you don’t have to wait much while downloading your desired file. 


  • 100% free to use
  • Higher transferring speed
  • Offer Free Edition
  • Easy to use


  • Hosters are less
  • No premium plan for serious downloading

6. Dasan – Paid Premium Link Generator

dasan_co premium generator

In case you want an affordable link generator then you should choose the Dasan service. It will enable you to download files from over 50+ hosters. Further, Dasan also supports around 600 video websites.

You will access tackers and Usenet that will accommodate you to download files with ease. The premium service of Dasan delivers a super-fast downloading speed. 


  • Greater Transfer Speed 
  • Manage Files Easily
  • 50+ hosters
  • Unlimited downloads


  • No free plan

7. HyperDebrid


HyperDebrid is an affordable solution for people who are facing downloading speed issues. This service will give you a rapid downloading speed so that you don’t have to wait a lot.

It is the cheapest service whose plans start from $2.49. On investing in the HyperDebrid premium plan, you will not have to get frustrated because of a lot of advertisements because the paid plan will not show you ads. 


  • Refund Policy
  • Support 24/7
  • Higher limit


  • Hosters are less

8. Uploadedpremiumlink 


Taking about the best premium link generator and not adding Uploadedpremiumlink will not be a good thing.

Uploadedpremiumlink is another quality link generating service that will fulfil your dream of obtaining a better downloading speed.

The best thing about Uploadedpremiumlink service is that it offers 6GB of server limit. However, the paid plan will help you attain a secure and anonymous connection. 


  • Download Manager Support
  • Multi-link Generator
  • No File Size Limit


  • Costly

9. Leechall 

leechall link generator

Leechall has earned an excellent reputation as a quality premium link generator because of the top-quality performance. When it comes to files transferring limit, Leechall provides a limit of five files each day.

It gives you the option to download files from more than 15 hosters. In its free plan, you will get a downloading limit of up to 2GB, which makes it a fantastic option. 


  • Quick Downloading Speed
  • Give private IP
  • Easy to Use


  • Support less number of hosters

10. HungryLeech

hungryleech premium link generator

The last product in the list of best Premium Link Generator is HungryLeech service. Downloading speed is one major reason that I have added this service to the list.

This service supports quite fewer hosters, but it gives you a fully anonymous downloading experience. To make things anonymous this service will provide you with a dedicated IP. 


  • Dedicated IP
  • Anonymous
  • Rapid Speed


  • Less Hosters


This website is originally in German but can be translated into English by visiting superloading.com in case you want to use it. The platform is superfast and easy to use. Download speed here is maximum and you just need to pate the link of the webpage you need to download then the magic happens. 

The platform I supported by a number of file hosting platforms. It is very simple to understand how the website work. you will get to download and share files with your friends and business partners quickly.

Register a free Superloading account and get free credit using the link below. Make sure you try to use this platform especially people that understand the German language.


This platform offers one of the highest download speeds any rapidgator platform has to offer. If your internet connection is okay you can get up to 300MB per second which I great. To have access to this site you have to register first and it is absolutely free. 

They have over 80 premium file hosting platforms that support them and keep the download speeds high. There are no adverts on this platform and you also get an unlimited number of downloads.

You can also use the platform with any internet download manager and you can pause or resume your download.


This is another amazing online tool that is used to generate rapidgator premium links. The platform has support from 52 file hosting server and the download speed is unlimited. Once you register on the platform you will get 2GB credit for free. 

There is a search bar at the top left corner of the website where you can insert the URL of the webpage you wish to download. The site looks good and they also claim to have over 90,000 customers.

You will enjoy all the benefits of a premium account for free although you can pay a monthly subscription fee if you want the platform to work even better for you


This is a very different rapidgator online tool where you have to sign up before you will be able to download a generate a premium link. The site is well designed and it has a lot of features it I one of the best links generators available. 

The servers here have high capacity and they offer you good download speeds. When it comes to file hosting there are a lot of them supporting this site. They optimized the site in such a way that if you visit with a mobile phone or tablet you will have the best experience.

Downloads from this website are encrypted and your files will be protected. They offer free premium links a well as some paid services. The platform is very unique and it separates it self from other rapidgator online tools.


This is a minimal website used to generate rapidgator links online. It is completely free and to get the link all you need to do is to paste the link in the box on the homepage of the website. It is very simple to use and it doesn’t even require you to sign up before you can start generating links. There are over 10 file hosting platforms that provide support for the website. 

Download speeds are really fast here although it can be a lot better. If you are looking for a platform that will give you links without much stress then you can consider using this website.

If you are looking for a platform that will give you links without much stress then you can consider using this website.

16. Leech Ninja

This is another free to use the platform and it is also secure you will get very good download speeds. The platform is fast and easy to load you can also get unlimited downloads on any browser. Generating rapidgator links is quite easy using this platform. 

All you need to do is paste the page link of the webpage and then you will get a link. The user interface is friendly and there are no ads on the website. It loads fast and there are three file hosting platforms that support this platform. There is a section for news on the website as well.

If you want link generators without much stress then this platform is available for you.

17. Pro Leech

This platform is another easy to use free platform that can be used to generate free rapidgator links. You can have access to premium features using this too. This is a very interesting tool because it supports Chrome and Firefox extension. 

With that, you don’t have to log into the website all the time you want to download. There is also an android app available that can be used to download files on your mobile phone. Their support team is also available all the time the download speed of the site is reasonably okay. To better enjoy more features on the website you might have to sign up. They have a section for torrents on the website.

There services are unique and sometimes even when a host doesn’t allow you to download they have various methods of making it work. This is among the best in terms of rapidgator premium links.

18. World Leech

World leech is a free rapidgator link generator but it has some limitations to it the links you generate gets deleted after 48hrs. they offer you premium links and downloads per day maxes out at 2GB and you can’t use the same IP address to download more than twice in a day. You can solve this problem with a VPN and have access to download a lot of files per day. 

The download speed you get on this platform is blazing and for that reason, it might be worth considering. Navigating the website is easy and you won’t have any problems with adverts.

To get your link all you need to do Is to paste the link of the webpage you wish to change. They have support from over 20 file hosting platforms and this makes their services top-notch.

19. File Leech

This is another awesome platform where you can get your gator links for free. The online tool has a very friendly interface and it can be used to download large files and also share among people. The download speed is fast enough and you can get to download up to 3GB of files at a time.

You can download 5 different files that are 3GB large per day which makes this platform useful for people who download very large files.

The platform also displays the file size you have downloaded per day making it easy for you to know your limits.

20. 10-Download

This platform is easy to use and it has a very clean user interface without any ads or distractions that will stop you from enjoying the site. The layout of the site makes it simplistic and all you need to do is to paste the link of the webpage you need to download on the tab at the homepage. 

After that, your link will be generated free of charge only two hosts support this site. The download limit at a time is 800MB which is small and a lot of people use other leech platforms ahead of this. Download speed is relatively fast and you will get up to 30MB per second.

If you want to generate links for small files and download them quickly then its best if you use this platform.

21. Giga Leecher

This is one of the oldest platforms where you can get premium rapidgator links what this website does better than others are the way it saves your downloaded files. The platform has a lot of users that rely on the platform to share and download large files. The interface is good and there are no adverts here. 

It is safe to use and reliable it also gives you that unlimited download ability. The download speed here is really fast but sometimes some bug might make the platform perform a little bit slow. If the website is at its best then only a few websites listed above can match the download speed you will get here.

I highly recommend you check this platform and use their premium services that are available for free. Just paste the link of the webpage you want to download from and it gets much easier after that.

22. VNZ Leech

Another amazing rapigator link generating tool with support from over 6 file hosting platform. The site is free to use and you don’t need to sign up. This platform offers better protection than most of the sites listed here because it asks for passcode before you can download sometimes. 

Using it is easy and I must say that this is the simplest website you can use to generate rapidgator links. The download speed here is fast and you can download 5GB worth of files at a time.

We have a user-friendly interface here and you won’t have any problem trying to know how the website works. Make sure you give this rapidgator link generating online tool.

23. Grab8

You can either choose to register on this platform or just generate your premium link and download it one time. There are a lot of amazing features on this platform and you can have access to premium features for free.

The interface is a bit different from other rapidgator platforms because you will see some ads that you might not like. Don’t underestimate the platform you will get amazing download and upload speeds.

It is not a minimal platform but it gets the job done with ease.


Cocoleech and Deepbrid are the two best premium link generators that I would suggest you try because of their better downloading speed and a greater number of hosters supported.

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