AI Recipe Generators now give you instant access to millions of recipes worldwide at your fingertips. Are you a chef looking for ways to add creativity, diet, and variety?

Or are you an aspiring cook who would love to experiment with different flavors without searching through hundreds of recipe books or trial-and-error in the kitchen?

Look no further! Artificial intelligence (AI) is increasingly becoming popular in the food industry, providing many advantages over conventional methods, such as reducing waste, automating processes, and, most importantly, inspiring recipe generation.

This blog post will explore some of the best AI Recipe Generators in 2024.

What is an AI Recipe Generator?

An AI Recipe Generator is a machine learning-powered tool designed to provide users with customized and creative food recipes based on their preferences, dietary restrictions, and available ingredients.

It uses natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to understand and analyze recipe data from various sources, including cooking blogs, recipe books, and online communities.

By leveraging this data, an AI Recipe Generator can suggest unique and delicious meals that match your taste and dietary needs in seconds.

Whether you are a vegan, gluten-free, or just looking for new meal ideas, an AI Recipe Generator can be an excellent source of inspiration for your next culinary adventure.

Best Choice

1. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is the perfect tool for those who want to make food recipes with the help of artificial intelligence.

ChatGPT is a user-friendly chatbot that can answer almost anything, setting it apart from other AI tools.


  • Easy to Use
  • Most Popular AI Tool in the World right now
  • It can create any recipe


  • You Need Good Prompts to Get Good Recipes
  • Sometimes Gives Wrong Answers

You can use text prompts to get the best out of the AI tool and use it to create a unique recipe tailored to you. You can ask it for the amount of diced onions or chicken broth required while cooking a particular food.

It can also tell you the right amount of carrot and pepper to combine to get the best result. ChatGPT can generate food recipes tailored to your preferences and ingredients in under a minute.

With many more capabilities than just generating food instructions, ChatGPT assists you in constructing your meals and takes creativity out of the equation with its clever algorithms.

So, if you are looking for an AI-based solution to create delicious and unique recipes quickly and hassle-free, then look no further – ChatGPT is the answer.

Best Value

2. AI Recipe Generator by Softr

Introducing Softr’s AI Recipe Generator – the perfect solution for food lovers and aspiring chefs.

With our recipe generator, you’ll never have to worry about what to cook again.


  • Completely Free
  • Easy to Use
  • Replies are almost Instant


  • Recipes are Only Sent Via Email

All you have to do is enter your email address and let the generator do its job. Our AI-driven recipes are free of charge so that you can create delicious meals on a budget.

If possible, the AI tool will advise you to keep your cooking at medium-high heat. You can send a complete list of ingredients you want to use, which will send you the process and what you can get with your ingredients.

For example, you can send to the AI tool that you have red onions, olive oil, cheese, tomato, and others, and it will come up with different types of meals.

And you don’t need technical knowledge – our recipe generation process is incredibly simple and user-friendly. Create unique and unforgettable dishes with Softr’s AI Recipe Generator.

Premium Option

3. Super Cook

SuperCook is the perfect kitchen companion for people who want to make delicious dishes with minimal effort.

The mobile app will prepare a well-cooked meal depending on your ingredients.


  • Free to Use
  • Recipes can be Saved for later use
  • Mobile App Available for Android and IOS
  • You can use voice notes to enter the recipes


  • Only Available on the App

The easy-to-navigate mobile app has a voice note feature that allows you to conveniently enter ingredients and trigger the automated recipe generation process.

It’s like having your own personal sous chef! Plus, there are no hidden costs – SuperCook is free of charge. Let’s say you have sour cream, onion, bread, eggs, and carrots; it will still come up with something.

The app will also guide you on the amount of salt needed and how long you shout stir the food. Enjoy fresh, exciting meal options when you take advantage of our cutting-edge AI system and explore the world of futuristic cooking.

With SuperCook, you can whip up unique dishes quickly, making dinner more enjoyable.

Runner Up

4. FoodAI

Do you want to make delicious and nutritious meals but find yourself stuck in a culinary rut?

Looking to explore global cuisines without having to scour hundreds of cookbooks?


  • Can Generate Any Recipe
  • Powerful Recipe Generator
  • It can be used anywhere in the world


  • The Website Looks too Basic

With Food AI, you can easily create custom recipes based on your dietary needs and preferences.

With its exhaustive list of ingredients, Food AI makes it simple to generate vegan or vegetarian recipes with the help of a specialized algorithm.

No more guesswork is involved; whether you’re looking for dishes from Spain or Japan, Food AI has got you covered!

You can also customize recipes according to your taste by using a filter system to select cuisine type, recipe categories, ingredients needed, and even the cooking methods.

This means that the possibilities are endless for access to new and exciting recipes – no matter how picky an eater you may be!

Taking convenience one step further, Food AI’s algorithm will also offer nutritional facts about each dish, such as calorie count and nutrient levels, so that you can be sure that your food is as healthy as it is tasty.

Combining the best of both worlds – Artificial Intelligence technology and informative diet data – Food AI makes mealtime quick but rich in flavor. Get ready for sensational global flavors at your fingertips.

Hidden Gem

5. RecipeLand

Welcome to RecipeLand, the ultimate cooking companion.

RecipeLand provides easy-to-use filters to find new recipes tailored to your Taste.


  • Easy to use
  • It Generates Good Recipes and Cooking time
  • It tells you the nutritional facts of any recipe


  • The Interface is poor
  • Generate Too many Recipes at a time

Need something quick? Our recipes feature cook time information to decide what meals suit your schedule.

You can use the tool to create a balance for your home regarding what they eat.

For those seeking fresh new flavors, you don’t have to look far; our recipe generator can help you recreate the culinary wonders from any region of the world.

Whether from Italy, India, or South America—you name it, we make it! Wherever your dreams take you for dinner, RecipeLand has got your back. Sign up today and step into the world of cooking innovation.

Hidden Gem

6. What Cake To Bake

Are you looking for an easy and convenient way to bake the perfect cake every time?

Look no further than What Cake To Bake – your one-stop destination for detailed instructions on how to bake the recipes of your dreams.

Visit Now


  • Good Instructions on Baling Recipe
  • Easy to Use
  • Free of Charge


  • Only For Cake Makers

Created using AI technology, What Cake To Bake provides endless possibilities for amateur and experienced chefs alike.

It’s the perfect app to help you brave the often-intimidating world of baking. And best of all, it’s free of charge!

What Cake To Bake takes away all of the guesswork from baking recipes by offering users step-by-step instructions for each recipe.

Additionally, it measures each ingredient for a given recipe and shows how long it will take to prepare and bake cakes precisely and accurately.

Rest assured that none of your data will be stored or collected, so your favorite recipes will remain yours alone – safe and sound!

Whether you’re seeking a new challenge or brushing up on existing skills, What Cake To Bake is the ideal choice for an all-in-one solution.

Its user-friendly interface, detailed instructions, and accurate time estimations are the perfect tool to help you create delicious desserts every time.

Hidden Gem

7. ChefAI

Say goodbye to guesswork and hours spent flipping through cookbooks for recipe ideas.

Introducing ChefAI, the AI-powered cooking assistant that takes the stress out of meal planning.


  • Easy to Use
  • Unique Generated Recipes
  • Dedicated AI tool for Chefs


  • Lacks other Features

This tool guides you step-by-step to create delicious meals in no time, featuring personalized recipes based on your preferences and what ingredients you already have at home.

Don’t worry about getting stuck in the kitchen – with ChefAI; there’s always real-time guidance available when you need it.

When preparing meals has never been easier or more enjoyable, why not take the opportunity to explore creative new recipes and discover exciting tastes?

You need to go on a product hunt for the type of food you want to prepare. it will tell you if you need to boil or add garlic and spread any ingredients.

You don’t have to be an expert chef either: with the confidence and support of your AI kitchen companion; anyone can enjoy trying out exciting dishes right from home.

ChefAI makes it easy to craft tasty dishes that everyone will love.

All improvements are powered by AI technology, so you can trust its helpful advice each time you plan a meal.

With ChefAI’s responsive assistance and delicious suggestions tailored just for you, it’s finally time to make cooking simple come true.

Is there an AI that can generate recipes?

Yes, there are AI systems that can generate recipes. For example, RecipeLand is an AI-powered recipe generator that uses natural language processing algorithms to generate new recipes from existing data.

The system allows users to search for specific ingredients or types of cuisine and then suggests recipes based on their input.

Additionally, What Cake To Bake is an AI-powered baking assistant that helps bakers create delicious cakes, pastries, and other desserts with detailed instructions and accurate time estimations.

Finally, ChefAI is an AI-powered cooking assistant that provides personalized recipes based on the user’s preferences and ingredients at home.

All of these systems are designed to make meal planning more accessible and more enjoyable for users.

Is the Supercook app free?

Yes, the Supercook app is free in Android and iOS formats. It provides users with step-by-step recipes based on the ingredients they have at hand, as well as helpful meal-planning tips.

The app also offers personalized recommendations and detailed nutrition information for each recipe. In addition, users can save their favorite recipes and easily access them for future reference.

The app is also available in Spanish, making it a great choice for anyone looking to make meal preparation easier and more enjoyable.


No matter what type of food you’re looking to make, there are AI-powered tools that can help.

What Cake To Bake is the perfect solution for bakers, while ChefAI and Supercook provide personalized recipes and helpful meal-planning tips.

These apps offer a great way to simplify and enhance the cooking experience while easily creating delicious meals.

So why not give them a try? You may be surprised by how quickly you become an expert chef.

Thanks for reading!

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