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Nairatips now offers the opportunity to advertise and promote your business or products with our fast growth due to organic SEO strength; we can help you boost the reach of your company or product.

Everything we do here is all about quality writing & content, contextual backlinks, and great support!

Below is Nairatip’s Media Kit, updated with May 2019 full Google Analytics report.

Nairatips Google Analytics (May 2019)

Nairatips May Traffic

6 Custom Advertisement Options on Nairatips

1. Product reviews

We are eager to try out your product or service and post the results on my blog as a review. Your product may include Software, app, website, and services review. As long as its related to technology, we will do a review on it. Contact me for more details.

(All our links have do-follow attributes)

2. Sponsored Posts

We are willing to write the post, but also open to having the advertiser providing the article (I’ll review it before publishing).

We have a reputation for creating high-quality content (using interesting and useful screenshots of your site/product/service).

We will create an image of your post and share to my dedicated 15,200 Instagram fans.

I will also promote it to Nairatips 5500+ Facebook fans.

Your post will be featured on top of Nairatips for one week and will remain on the homepage via the featured section for at least 30 days.

(All our links have do-follow attributes)

3. Paid Guest Posts

We also accept paid guest posts for those articles, just contact me directly.

4. Custom Link Placements into existing articles

Get an easy contextual do-follow link from my 36 Domain Authority and 37 Page Authority blog.

5. Giveaways

We collaborate with different companies to bring massive giveaway programmes for the Nairatips viewers giving them an advantage and providing them FREE STUFF!!

6. Banner Adverts

Do you want a more visual and direct approach of advertising? One which your potential customers can see the product of service in action.

We offer banner adverts across different sizes so you can get more sales or leads for your product, service or business.

Some Quality Examples as Reference:

Please contact me with your needs.

Nairatips May 2019 Media Kit

Nairatips gets 150,000+ page views every month

Most traffic is coming from Google Search engine. Organic search engines have more than 85% of overall trafficNairatips top audience country is the United States with 11.16% of the overall monthly traffic.

Nairatips is really popular among people from 18-44 years interested in technology.

Most Nairatips viewers are interested in Technology (Technophiles/Mobile Enthusiasts), Media, Entertainment, Games and they are value shoppers.

Nairatips get page views from all popular widely used Operating System.

Advertise on Nairatips in 2019

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