10 Ways to Start Writing Like a Pro

Almost everybody can write, but only a few can do it like a pro. Irrespective of whether you are writing a novel, article, assignment or homework, there are basic points you have to know if you want to create a masterpiece. Quite a number of reputable authors and bloggers had to build their writing skills from scratch to be real professionals they are today. So, you should do the same as well.

How can you start writing like a pro? The following is a step-by-step guide with 10 ways with the help of which you can shift from an amateur to a pro in writing.

5 Simple Writing Steps Necessary for Each Writer

1. Choose a Cozy Work Station

Most people don’t take writing seriously forgetting the fact that some people pursue writing as a career. Just like people go to work in an office in writing, you also need to have a work station. Choose a spot with no distractions and make it your comfortable place of work.

Ensure that online access is available to you, but keep in mind that it is aimed at helping you research instead of distracting you by Facebook notifications. It would also be pretty wise to take a look at some cheap office chairs to provide proper support.

2. Have All the Necessary Writing Equipment

Whether you are writing manually on paper or typing on a computer, there are a few basic types of equipment that must be in your work station. Prepare a pen and pencil to write, clean writing materials to take quick notes on a topic, a laptop to search for the necessary information, and, in some cases, a ruler to highlight some points. You need to have everything at hand that reduces any extra body movements and saves your precious time to look for the writing materials if it is needed urgently.

3. Read the Writing Instructions

In every paper or book, there are a set of instructions that have to be followed – style, page/word count and so on. Unfortunately, most students go straight to the matter of writing an essay or research paper without reading the instructions. Reading the instructions shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes even for slow readers. But it guarantees more success in writing.

4. Understand a Topic of Writing

Most students fail to write an assignment because they don’t understand the topic. Don’t just read the topic once, read it several times. If there is any word that you don’t understand, look for its meaning. Alternatively, ask an instructor for further clarification. It is only after understanding the topic, you can have a clear picture of what is expected of you as a writer.

5. Take Note of the Format of Correct Writing

In every piece of paper, the format matters. For example, different academic papers have different formats – APA, MLA, Harvard, etc. We are sure that every publishing company has its peculiarities in formatting. Getting the format of writing wrong is always a recipe for failure. If you aren’t sure of the format, never shy off from seeking help from someone from outside who is ready to give you professional guidance and samples to refer to.

5 Key Ways to Be a Real Pro in Writing

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1. Come Up with Original Ideas

This is the most crucial and time-consuming stage in writing. Once you read the instructions and understand the topic, it’s time to gather the ideas that would be completely new and different from anything that anyone has thought of before.

For that, you need to research on the topic through reliable sources of information and access what has been investigated and to what extent. Here is a key point that every student should know – always write down what you research in the form of short points.

We are all human, with exemptions of geniuses our brain can’t grasp just everything we read about. Writing down the main ideas in the form of short points gives you something to refer to when you start writing in case you forget something.

2. Develop a Strong Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is the most important part of any piece of paper as it is a potential base it’s going to refer to. You should come up with the thesis statement once you manage to gather all the possible ideas on what you are going to write about. If you get it wrong, the chances are that you will fail in that particular paper. Start with a brief statement then extending it with the help of more details to direct the readers’ attention to what they are going to read about.

3. Follow a Logical Structure of Writing

Anything you read includes a certain way of how events or key points are presented. Every well-written work adheres to a logical structure. A professional writer can’t start with the ending of a story – it wouldn’t be logical for readers and writer himself/herself.

For that reason, the whole skeleton of a piece of writing should be prepared in advance so that a sequence of main points with supporting evidence will look logical for your readers. Don’t neglect the ways to make your ideas more structured.

4. Start Writing

There is no way for a pro to procrastinate till the last minute to write a really good paper. So take this way as well if you want to achieve the same high results in writing. With all the proper preparation, writing should be the easiest part for you. 

Always refer to the short points you wrote down when researching to come up with ideas. Pay attention to details ensuring that you don’t deviate off-topic. Every idea and evidence should be aimed at answering the topic question.

5. Proofread

It’s so unfortunate that most people rarely spare time to proofread their written works. Proofreading ensures that you correct some careless mistakes you might make when writing. For students, proofreading a research paper can win up to 10 points in a paper. And, given the stiff competition in academics, every point counts if you want to get good grades.

Sometimes, we might simply lack the time or the know-how to do something – how to cook, how to craft or how to fix. For most students, the question “How to complete an assignment” is more common.

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