The latest Zbigz premium account promo comes with double premium offer meaning when you purchase any zbigz premium account you get double the time. All double premium offer plans are time limited which means they won’t be available forever so hurry up, buy and enjoy genuine totally unlimited downloads.

zbigz premium

Zbigz Features

No network or software restrictions: ZbigZ is a very good solution if your PC or laptop is locked by your ISP, system administrator or you have restrictions in your corporate network.

Anonymous downloads is Safe & Secure: Your connection to is protected with HTTPS protocol. Your downloads are carried on behalf of ZbigZ. Nobody knows your actual IP.

Nothing to install and no configuration is needed: Just download! The only thing you need is your web-browser. If you see this page it means you are ready to download.

Use as the fastest BitTorrent application: Just paste the link to your torrent or upload torrent-file from your computer and download faster than ever.

Benefits of Using Zbigz Premium

  • Unlimited Speed
  • Unlimited video streaming option
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Unlimited file size upload and download
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • HTTPS Security Protocol

And one more thing… We’ve upgraded our servers, now 7x faster!
Up to 70 MB/s caching speed.

How does Zbigz Premium Account Promo Work

Zbigz premium account

  1. Buy 30 days premium license for $9.9, you get 30 days free means it expires in 60 days that’s 2 months.
  2. Buy 90 days premium license for $24.9, you get 90 days free. It expires in 180 days that’s 6 months.
  3. Buy 6 months premium license for $48, you get 6 months free which means you get 12 months in total. You get a yearly license for less than $50.
  4. Buy 1 year premium license for $84 and you get 1 year extra. Meaning 2 years zbigz premium license
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How can I enjoy Zbigz Premium Double Time Promo Offer

Register a free account


  • Log into your free account

zbigz login

  • Click on Premium

zbigz double premium

  • Click on Get Double Premium. You can pay with Credit Card.
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Why Should I Buy Zbigz Premium Account?

Using a zbigz premium account can’t be compared with using a free account, I have tried both and the difference is huge. Using zbigz premium gives you so much benefits and normally I use the 1 month premium plan for 1 month and with this double time promo, I would use it for 2 months meaning I spent $10 for 2 months zbigz premium account. Good deal to me.

Zbigz Account Options FreePremium
Watch streaming video online (test mode)
Your Personal and Private account
Files are cached even if you are not on the site
Dedicated channels, full cashing speed
No ads
File storage sizeUnlimited
Your files will be available in account forUnlimited
Number of files in storageUnlimited
Download speedUnlimited
Maximum size of fileUnlimited


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In Conclusion

Zbigz still remains the best torrent cloud downloader. There are other free alternatives if you looking for such. These double premium promo is a good deal for me because you get x2 your premium validity. More time to stream and download torrents at premium speed with IDM. Truly the unlimited downloading experience.



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