Fed up with platforms like OnlyFans with high independent content creator fees and limited promotional opportunities? Are you looking for an alternative to help promote your content without breaking the bank each month?

If so, then you’ve come to the right place! Our LoyalFans Review shows you why this could be your best alternative to subscription-based content.

Representing a younger, trendier version of what we all know as traditional subscription models still used by household names today and providing users with plenty of ways to customize their offerings, LoyalFans might be THE answer for adult content creators in search of reliable fans who are willing stick around for a long time!

In this review, we will look at how the platform works and the many features that make it stand out from competitors to help determine if it would be a good fit for models wanting more subscribers.

What is LoyalFans?

LoyalFans is an innovative platform that allows artists and adult content creators to engage with their fans meaningfully and authentically.

This online community connects fans with their favorite creators through exclusive content, personalized experiences, and direct communication.

Fans can access behind-the-scenes content, participate in live streams, and receive exclusive merchandise. At the same time, creators can monetize their content through subscriptions, clip sales, shoutouts, and direct support from their loyal following.

The platform is revolutionizing how creators interact with their loyal fans, fostering deeper relationships and empowering creators to pursue their passions full-time.

With its user-friendly interface and innovative features, this online forum is quickly becoming the go-to platform for models and adult content creators looking to make a living doing what they love.

Who Created LoyalFans?

Eduard A. Braileanu, the CEO & Founder of LoyalFans

LoyalFans is a social subscription platform that gained massive popularity in recent years.

The platform has become a go-to option for content creators looking to make money selling their skill set and offering exclusive content to fans for a price.

But with the increasing competition in the market, it’s a valid question to ask: Who owns LoyalFans? Well, the platform was created by an entrepreneur named Eduard A. Braileanu.

Eduard’s love for technology and online business propelled him to create a platform that provides a safe space for creators and loyal fans to come together and engage in exclusive content.

Eduard’s vision for his platform has revolutionized the subscription platform market and empowered numerous creators to earn a living out of their passions.

Top Benefits of LoyalFans

1. Low Fees: Unlike other platforms, LoyalFans has one of the market’s lowest independent content creator fees, with a mere 10% commission from all transactions. This allows creators to keep more money in their pockets while providing excellent customer service.

2. Flexible Subscription Models: With this platform, you can offer fans various subscription packages with different levels of access to exclusive content. This way, fans can pick and choose the packages they prefer and commit only to the money they want to spend.

3. Personalized Experiences: It allows creators to offer personalized experiences to their fans, such as private Q&A sessions or exclusive merchandise. These are great ways for loyal fans to engage with their favorite creators meaningfully and authentically.

4. Community Engagement: The platform makes it easy for content creators to build relationships with their most loyal fans by encouraging them to comment, share, and engage with posted content. This helps foster deeper connections between content creators and their followers, making the whole experience more enjoyable for everyone involved.

5. Easy Setup and Management: It makes it easy to set up and manage a subscription platform with simple step-by-step guides that walk you through the process. This way, creators can quickly get started and monetize their content in no time!

Best Features of Loyal Fans

This recently updated platform allows you to express yourself freely and offers its loyal creators some fantastic features.

You can earn money while building your fanbase with high payouts and a referral program. LoyalFans allows you to upload and sell clips and customized content, giving you even more control over your creative output.

So why settle for being just another number on mainstream social media when you can join this platform and be part of a supportive community that empowers you to thrive truly?

Shout Outs

LoyalFans has taken the world by storm with its range of unique features, primarily based on helping adult content creators to better connect with their loyal fanbase.

One standout element of the platform is the option to send ‘shout outs’, personalized voice messages to individual followers thanking them for their support for fans that requested it.

This feature builds upon the relationship between the creator and their fans and allows creators to provide their loyal supporters with an extra level of appreciation.

Video Calls

LoyalFans also allows adult content creators to host video calls with their fans to strengthen the connection between them.

The platform provides an easy-to-use interface that makes it simple for both parties to get set up and start talking. Creators can even use this feature to conduct live Q&A sessions with their fans, helping to build a stronger sense of community and loyalty.

The video call feature is an excellent way for creators to establish themselves as experts in their respective fields and develop deeper relationships with their followers.

Live Shows

Finally, the platform allows content creators to stream live shows to their fans to connect and engage with them in real time.

This is an excellent way for creators to make money whenever their fans pay to gain access to their exclusive events and performances.

These live shows can range from music concerts to Q&A sessions or any other live event that fans would love to participate in.


Another great feature of LoyalFans is the geo-blocking option. This allows content creators to block out certain countries or regions, creating a more secure environment and allowing them to access new markets and audiences.

This feature makes it easier for creators to monetize their content with confidence, as they can rest assured that their most loyal fans will always be able to access it.

Video Store

Finally, LoyalFans also allows content creators to set up their video store. This allows them to sell their clips and videos directly to fans, providing another way for creators to monetize their content.

This feature gives creators even more control over how they make money from their work, allowing them to establish a direct connection with their fans while also earning revenue from clip sales.

LoyalFans Pricing: How much does it Cost?

Unlike other sites that charge a registration fee, LoyalFans is free to sign up. You can post content on the platform without paying a dime, and there’s no additional cost.

While other platforms may charge account fees, LoyalFans earn money by keeping a percentage of any sales you make on the platform.

As an adult content creator, you can make money on this website while gaining new subscribers daily!

LoyalFans’ Pros and Cons

LoyalFans has become a buzzword in the world of social media and online content creators. As the platform’s popularity grows, many people are curious about its pros and cons.

To fully understand the platform’s significance, we must closely examine what it offers and lacks.


  • 使いやすいプラットフォーム
  • Secure platform for adult content creators
  • Offers various features to help creators monetize their content
  • Video store for direct sales to fans
  • プロダクト・プロ5


  • Limited access to international markets due to its geo-blocking options
  • Filters for discovering creators might need an improvement
  • Payouts may be inflexible compared to other sites

LoyalFans’ Alternatives

LoyalFans may be a popular choice for creators to post content and make money, but it may not suit your requirements. It’s time to explore other services.

It’s important to consider other platforms that may offer more features and benefits for you and your fans.

With just a bit of research, you can find other options that could provide better payouts, more marketing opportunities, and a stronger community of dedicated supporters.

However, we have compiled a list of some of the best alternatives to this platform:

  • FanCentro
  • MYM.fans
  • Fansly
  • Fanvue
  • iFans
  • Okfans
  • Fanso
  • IsMyGirl
  • Inked Grils
  • AdultNode

LoyalFans’ Case Studies: Results Achieved with Adult Content Creators

Adult content creators have been using LoyalFans to make money and achieve success with their work.

For example, an adult model that made over $50,000 in less than 2 months after signing up for the platform. She has written a detailed post about her experience on the LoyalFans blog, which you can read here.

Other creators have reported similar success stories. As the platform continues to grow, more adult content creators are signing up to take advantage of this fast and secure platform.

If you’re an adult content creator looking for a safe and reliable way to monetize your work, this platform might be just what you need.

Give it a try!

My Experience using LoyalFans as an Adult Creator

I recently signed up for LoyalFans, and I can honestly say that it has been a great experience. The platform is user-friendly, and the payouts are fast and reliable.

Setting up my video store with direct sales to fans was also an attractive feature. It allowed me to build relationships directly with supporters while providing a consistent income stream.

Overall, I highly recommend LoyalFans as a platform for adult content creators looking to monetize their work in a secure and efficient way.

What is the Difference between LoyalFans and OnlyFans?

It is easy to confuse LoyalFans and OnlyFans as they are both popular platforms for adult content creators. However, there are some critical differences between the two platforms.

LoyalFans has more features than OnlyFans, such as the ability to set up subscriptions and offer custom content for fans. Additionally, it offers a broader range of payment methods for customers.

OnlyFans, on the other hand, is more geared towards adult video creators and offers direct sales of videos to fans.

Ultimately, it depends on your specific needs as an adult content creator when deciding which platform is right

What is the LoyalFans’ Referral Program?

The LoyalFans Referral Program is a great way for adult content creators to get more fans and make more money. This program allows creators to earn a commission on the sign-ups of their referred friends.

For every person that signs up for the platform using your unique referral link, you will earn a 5% commission from their subscription payments for life.

This program is an easy and effective way to increase your income and grow your fanbase.

So start referring today!


With LoyalFans, adult content creators now have complete control to decide the type of engagement they’d like with their fans.

Through the platform, creators can structure a unique moment for their fanbases through tips, content, and pages. Not only does this strengthen their connection with fans, but it can also lead to a new avenue for monetization and income potential.

Ultimately, the platform provides members the right tools to achieve better communication practices with both parties, creating a rich, beneficial experience.

So if you’re an adult creator looking to foster meaningful relationships online, consider joining LoyalFans and unlocking the power of creating an intimate connection with your fanbase!