How To Unlock any Modem Using DC Unlocker (Updated for 2020)

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This is a tutorial on How To Unlock any Modem Using DC Unlocker showing you that it’s possible to use your desired network on your branded modem, router and Mifi.

We are used to branded modems and routers, some of won’t know what I mean by branded modems and routers. Branded modems and routers are modems and routers that come with a network provider which is in your location.

The examples of branded modems are MTN, Verizon, Airtel modems and Swift, Spectranet routers. Unlocking your modem is more of a transformation process – You are taking your modem or router which was in chains and setting free to roam any and all SIMs without any restrictions.


Modems and routers can be unlocked because they have a base manufacturer which are Huawei, ZTE, and the likes. I’m sure we are familiar with Huawei modems and ZTE modems, there are others but these are the popular ones.

DC-Unlocker Supported Models

To check if your modem is supporting by DC Unlocker and the method of unlocking your modem – Click here.

Network Providers buy modems and routers from Huawei, ZTE and customize the Interface, adding little customization to promote their brand.The presence of the base manufacturer’s input creates room for modem unlocking.

Even if the Network Provider, customizes a firmware and removes all unlock capabilities, don’t fear. With future innovations, the data card would be cracked and the modem will now be available for unlocking. It may take some time but the possibility is strong!

The purpose of the tutorial is to educate the readers and those willing to acquire new IT skills, not forgetting those who simply just want to unlock their modem, making it universal to accept and use any and all SIMs.

There are different ways to unlock your modem and I have used quite a few but out of all, I have found dc-unlocker to be truly the best in unlocking any modem, some free and some you have to buy credits to unlock it.

DC-Unlocker offers 2 different services

  • Paid –  These services are for the new modems and router devices which were recently manufactured or they just got their unlock method discovered.
  • Free –  For old modems and routers which are well known and have been widely spread and easily unlocked.

DC Unlocker Requirements

  • The most important requirement is to be sure that dc-unlocker can unlock your modem before you start the unlocking process. To check if your router is supported and compatible with dc-unlocker check their compatibility list.
  • A Desktop or Laptop Computer
  • A Modem or router device
  • Internet Connection
  • For the Paid option, you would need money

How Do I Unlock My Modems with DC Unlocker

UPDATE 2018: I installed the latest dc-unlocker software version as at that time and conducted a simple unlocking test and found that everything still works the same. There are so some changes to dc-unlocker like the new UI increased modem and router model support.

File name:
Release date: 2017-11-09
File size: 5.41 MB
latest dc unlocker software
  • Download DC-Unlocker and register an Account. It’s free!
  • Run DC Unlocker as Administrator
  • Before you plug your modem into the PC, insert a sim card. Usually a different sim different from the Network Provider. (Example – If the network provider is MTN, Insert ETISALAT sim or AIRTEL. Do not insert MTN sim and still expect the modem to get unlocked.)
  • Select your Modem or Router “Manufacturer” and set “Select Model – Recommended“. if you don’t know the particular model of your Huawei modem. Click on “Search”.
  • Wait for few seconds, DC-Unlocker would detect your modem
  • Click on “Server” and insert your Username and Password then Login.
  • For a Free Modem Unlock, you don’t need to have credit before the modem can get unlocked but for a Paid Unlock. You require credits, usually 4 credits. to be exact.
  • Click here to Buy DC-Unlocker Unlock Credit with PayPal, Skrill, Payza, Bitcoin, WebMoney etc
  • If you have the required number of credit required for the modem unlock. You should see this screen. Free modem unlock requires 0 Credits while Paid modem unlock requires 4 credits which you have to buy.
  • Click on “Unlock
dc unlocker
  • Unplug your Modem and Plug it back into your PC. You should be able to use any SIM with it now.
  • Congratulations! You just unlocked your stubborn modem or router! Time to kick back and relax.

For More Understanding of modem unlocking using DC Unlocker.

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458 thoughts on “How To Unlock any Modem Using DC Unlocker (Updated for 2020)”

    • TayorsHDD, the payment option for buying credits are PayPal, Bitcoin, WebMoney etc. But i use PayPal to buy credits on DC-Unlocker

  1. Hello, great post you’ve got here, pls i would like to know what you mean by free modem unlock and paid modem unlock. Is it that some models are free to unlock and you pay to unlock some?.

  2. Hello Paularo….I have a HUAWEI E3131 modem, a new glo dongle, I guess i will need to buy credit to unlock this…This the IMEI no-862733014610607…pls reply.will check back.Thanks

  3. hello please have been trying to make payment to create account on dc unlocker but nigeria is not included in the list if i want to pay via hipay

  4. Hello, please i just bought a new Airtel Modem and i want to unlock it, the modem product is ZTE MODEL: MF920T and the IMEI: 861165030299894. Can it be unlocked? i need your feed back asap.

    Secondly i have this old Spectranet modem but not mifi SPECTRANET 4G MODEL:C160
    how can i unlock it?

  5. Hello Naira tips, I tried unlocking my Etisalat E303 modem and I got this message “In order to detect this device, run DC unlocker as administor”

  6. Hi,
    Wonderful tutorial here. Please I have an airtel wifi dongle I wish to unlock:
    IMEI – 862869020470964
    It seems it is unsupported for now with DC-unlocker. Please what do u suggest?

  7. Hi P! can this be unlocked by Dc unlocker? IMEL: 867307016519119
    MODEL: ZTE WIFI -uFi_6EA062… I tried the calculator stuff but the system is requesting for a 16 digit code..

    • This isn’t the correct model number. Please check the back of the modem and send me the correct model number so I can search for it on dc unlocker database. Thanks.

  8. sorry brother is registeration require some credits or it’s free? because i have tried to register on it but it said i should buy the username

  9. Hi Paularo, I don’t know whether my modem is free or not Huawel: E3531i and IMEI: 861143032423085 can you please help me on that… stay Blessed.

  10. Hello friend am from Ghana nd I had a gift from a friend which is Samsung galaxy s6 edge +. It’s from USA T-Mobile , i dont know its lock . Can u help here please

  11. Good day to you admin, please I need your help, I have a ZTE MF920W+ Mifi, I’d been checking everywhere for a guideline but haven’t found any. Do you have an idea if I’d be able to use Dc Unlocker? I tried detecting with the software but won’t and the driver is installed on the pc, do I need a special procedure?

  12. i keep getting the wrong username or password error whiles the username and pssword i entered are both legit……pls someone help

  13. Hi, I have a Glo blot Hauwei mifi with the following details

    IMEI: 868989020393034

    s/n: S8Y7S15C15013394

    model: E5336Bs – 2

    Please can it be unlocked

    Please reply.

    I just the modem for fast speed in school only for my to find out glo is slow in my school.

    I need ASAP

  14. please i have tried to unlock my E303 huawei modem but it is not able i got the unlock code as 60689844 and don’t know where to apply it to unlock it pls help me

    • To have access to your modem’s unlock page, insert a different sim into your modem’s, plug it in your laptop and an unlock box would appear, insert your unlock code here.

      • please i have this spetranet 4G LTE WIFI (model:B310s-927) that av been trying to unlock with DC-UNLOCKER 2..but av been stuck in where the program is telling me to Please define proper COM port, or select autodetect!?
        what can i do sir?..please sir you can whatsapp me on this number 08026816611.

  15. please i have this spetranet 4G LTE WIFI (model:B310s-927) that av been trying to unlock with DC-UNLOCKER 2..but av been stuck in where the program is telling me to Please define proper COM port, or select autodetect!?
    what can i do sir?

  16. please i have this spetranet 4G LTE WIFI (model:B310s-927) that av been trying to unlock with DC-UNLOCKER 2..but av been stuck in where the program is telling me to Please define proper COM port, or select autodetect!?
    what can i do sir?..please sir you can whatsapp me on this number 08026816611.

  17. Paularo,
    First of all, I give it to you. You are an amazing man. I have just finished your article from start to end of comments/your replies. I admire your patience. Well done.
    %Please help: Swift modem, E5172Bs – 925, IMEI 357500040446922. Help with the unlock code, please. Thanks & Best Regards.

  18. Please Boss my friend directed me here. Please I have been try to run the app on my windows 10 But i keep get Error Message. Is there any Thing More I need to Disable apart from Window Defender?

  19. Hello guys, please I got a spectranet 4G LTE Evo, I don’t even seem to know the make of the modem, anyone here can help out?

  20. Hi Man,
    is it possible to unlock a Huawei B315s-607 ? I’ve been looking for tutorials all over the internet but couldnt find anything about that specific model…

  21. Hi please am finding it very difficult to unlock my etisalat modem to universal model:mf631 zte imiei 861424010838258

  22. After buying 4 credits to unlock my glo modem, DC Unlocker said the modem was successfully unlocked but after reinserting the modem into my pc, i cant use different sim cards still. DC Unlocked also says its still locked .

    What’s wrong?

    • Please contact dc unlocker support, tell them what happened and try to get your credits back so you can run the unlock again.
      This time make sure you follow their unlock steps.

  23. This is my modem
    Model: E3372h-153
    IMEI: 868230030279594
    I had these 3 unlock codes from a different site

    V1: 64308671
    V2: 93933762
    V3: 70738311

    but non of them is working.
    any help please

  24. DC Unlocker isn’t working for me. i bought 4 credits. it took it, gave me a code which didn’t work. first if all, it is unable to auto detect and i am using a glo bolt huawei E5377 modem. so i tried unlocking with the imei and the code didnt go. that’s 5 usd o. now i have bought another 10 following their guidelines to no avail. i am frustrated.

    • The solution is simple. Before you buy credits, make sure DC unlocker can unlock your mode permanently.

      Then follow their steps, if you tried it the first time and it didn’t work. Contact support, they would refund your credit and you can use it again.

      You don’t need to buy more credits, please contact support to refund all your credits and show them the error you are facing.

      Send their support an email.

  25. But there is no register link. You will need to buy before you are even registered. Admin, if you have a free register link, please post it here so that we can all use it directly.

  26. Hi. Why I click on “Do Job”, the DC unlocker says error 63, no username.
    Please what does this mean? And how can it be rectified?
    Model : Huawei E3276
    IMEI : 867497013276142

  27. Hey,i am a bit confuse.MF110 ZTE Glo Netpro with in need of 16 digit for unlocking.and i dont know how to go about it.plz help

  28. Please how can I unlock smile 4g lte portable WiFi Franklin technology inc
    Model- R702
    Firmware version-R702F47.SM.M280
    IMEI -990000956938072

  29. paulo, please help with swift NG firmware for Huawei E5372s-601. mine’s bricked. always stuck at FTM mode when coming on.Merci

  30. poor reception here so i had to update the software hoping for better reception. BTW, did you skip town or stop working there?

  31. please I’ve been trying to unlock my etisala zte router With the DC unlocked after following your steps but still not detecting

  32. Hi, good thread. I follow the steps, bought the 7 credits, but still couldn’t identify/unlock my Huawei E5573Cs mifi.

    Can you somehow help remotely? What will it cost me?

  33. Hello there , please I will love to know if I will be able to unlock Smile 4g lte Model R702 Franklin technology, Qualcomm 4G

  34. Pls how do i connect HAUWEI E5172 to the computer so i can unlock with dc unlocker. Thank you. Pls i will appreciate a detailed guide pls.

  35. please paularo im trying to unlock my modem but it is showing me error connecting to sever. i don’t know what the problem is have been trying it for some weeks now still same message. could you please help me unlock it. this is the IMEI 862733012451079. model Huawei E3131. thank you

  36. Hi Paularo,
    Can my Cyberspace CIR-ST2O 4G LTE (made by CeLa Link, Korea) router’s SIM lock feature be cracked, or disabled? How?

    Thanks a lot in advance!

  37. Mr Paul hello o. Abeg i’m trying to unlock a Celcom ZTE modem. Model is MF710M
    IMEI: 866408023048273
    NCK: 442393408615
    SPCK: 714133728479

    But it’s like the system is asking for an 8 digit PIN and I have no idea what that is.

  38. Hi, pls I have a zte wifi hotspot locked to T-Mobile uk. Model is MF64.
    Can this be unlocked?
    Looking forward to ur reply… Thankx

  39. hi. you stated that i can create an account and purchase 0 credits, but i wasnt able. is there something i didnt do?
    i wanted to unlock huawei b68-L. is this a free unlock or a paid one

  40. I have a Andromax M3Z modem (LTE M26Z1Z) which is unlocked for Simcards. But now I understand that it’s locked for Indonesia only.
    Can I also unlock that with DC-Unlocker

  41. Good day. Good job you are doing rendering help to people here.
    Please is it possible to unlock Spectranet E5573s-606 Modem with free DC Unlocker.
    Thank you.

  42. hi paularo i can u help me i want to cark my huawei mobile modem but i don’t know how.can u do it for me the,are these needed?
    model e173s-1
    fcc ID:qise173s-1

  43. Good day, I have problem unlocking ZTE MF190 model with IMEI: 862591018180278 with DC-unlocker, it keeps telling me “Diagnostic port not found!”

  44. Please. My Universal Modem Keeps Brging Enter Username And Password. Before I Can Start Browsing.Please And I Cant Recolect Putting A Pin On It.. Please Help Me With It Sir

  45. Hi, please I’m having problem unlocking my wireless ZTE M60. DC unlocker says ” Modem not found”. Kindly help direct me on what to do

  46. Hello, my name is Paul. I need your assistant please, I have difficulty in cracking my modem. Glo netpro- imei_356420046874566.
    Model: mf110
    Zte corporation.
    I look forward to your reply. Thanks

  47. Please how can one register a free account on their site. There is nothing like register in their site. How do I then get my username and password to unlock my huawei e303 modem

  48. Hello, please I am still having issues of registration. I checked their aite and i did not see the purchase credit link but I saw buy credits anf as I clicked that, it took me to where I would fill in my purchase details. Or must one insert the modem to register. Please i need a guide on how i can register and unlock my Huawei E303 modem. Thanks alot

  49. Hello paularo,

    i wanna unlock my modem.
    Model : Huawei E303
    IMEI : 861195006734046
    have download the dc unlocker and have register on there site,the issue i have here with me now is that when i’m try to login to the software is detected wrong username or password(Note; i don’t make any mistakes with the username and password). i’m looking forward to your request sir.

    Best regards

  50. I want to unlock my smile mifi sm-lt 200+ I will like to know if it is zte or huwei manufacturer and will I need credit to unlock it

    IMEI: 354668082067576
    MAC ID: 581D91BA42A5

    please help me.

  52. I click on the search after connecting my ntel modem and it said modem not found, is there anything i need to do to it? please advice

  53. Good morning Mr. paulo.. Wanna confirm if Dc-unlocker can unlock visafone ZTE AC60, am only seeing AC30 on the dc-unlocker site.. plz if dere is a way i would appreciate… Thnaks boss

    • I saw a Nairaland thread, you could check out. If it’s not on the DC-Unlocker site’s list, you can also check DC-Unlocker forum, search for your modem model to see if other people were able to unlock it and how they did it.

  54. Paularo thanks for all help you have been giving out, please i have this Etisalat morden mf83m , but want to unlock it to universal modern , can you help please.

    • I saw a Nairaland thread, you could check out. If it’s not on the DC-Unlocker site’s list, you can also check DC-Unlocker forum, search for your modem model to see if other people were able to unlock it and how they did it.

  55. hey bro, i tried to unlock my e5577 huawei modem and i needed credits so i try to buy credits as a new user . i paid with bitcoin, and after paying i got this message “We have got your payment. Waiting for confirmation.” been and hour now i have not gotten any confirmation in my email.

  56. Hello Paularo,
    Great support you are handing out here! I am trying to crack a Huawei modem: B310s – 927. Each time I try to auto detect the modem using the Dc Unlocker 2 client the result is “modem not found”. Please how do I solve this?

  57. hi Paularo i dont know maybe you can help me out on how to unlock my specteranet ,
    model>M022T, LTE MIFI with the IMEL NO- 862075036865276 i will be glad to hear back from you

  58. Hello sir, please I have a notion wireless dongle and I wanna know if it can be unlocked with DC.

    Model is m028at

    Imei is 866167030797906

  59. Good day, Sir. Thanks for the good work here.

    I’d like to know if the Spectranet Ace MiFi can be unlocked, it’s the round one released earlier this year. The base model number isn’t written anywhere on the device.

  60. Good evening, plz I’ve downloaded the DC unlocker but I’m having problem in using it to detect my modem, it keep saying “use DC unlocker as administrator. “.
    Have done everything I had at my PC control panel but couldn’t got the logic….. Can you plz explain how to run it as administrator?. Thanks

  61. Is there hope of unlocking modems not listed by DC unlocker?

    I have a Smile 4G LTE MIFI Model: SM-LT200+ and it’s not in the list of manufacturers listed by DC-unlock. Any advice will be of great help.

  62. Hi Paularo, I have an account registered but i haven’t made a credit purchase yet but I wasn’t able to login on DC-unlocker app. Is the username and password not same as the one for logging in on their site?

  63. i have been trying log in with my correct username and password but it keeps saying that it is wrong and am very sure its right because whenever i log in on forum website it works but does not work on the app,why?

  64. Hi Paularo,

    I see from the comments that R702 Franklin Technology device usually used by Smile wasn’t support. What about now?
    If not, as a subject matter expert, can you suggest how to go about unlocking it?
    It’s been year R702 Franklin has been doing strong-head. Help save a nation!

  65. Hello Paularo, I downloaded the DC Unlocker software, installed as stated in the steps, log on to dc unlocker website, created an account but its prompting wrong password on login into the server on the modem software dialogue…..and I’m trying to unlock is
    Found modem : E3131
    Model : Huawei E3131
    IMEI : 862733014539921
    Serial NR. : N8SBYA9340810665

  66. Hi Paularo, well done here.

    I have a mifi huawei E5573c – 933 its counter is 0, is it possible to reset it? If yes, can you guide me…?


  67. Good day boss. please is it possible i can unlock visafone AC60, because i cant find it on Dc unlock supported models.

  68. Hi i been using the tails os for a while now.SInce then i bound to use this Huawei E303 Modem i`d like to unlock this so far i can`t get to know better how to get this DC-Unlocker would you please help me with the alternatively program to unlock this with my based debain os.Thanks in advance

  69. My Spectranet-CPE wifi is Zoom CPE, model: ZLT P21. made by Shenzhen Tozed technology co. China

    Please is it Huawei or product and can it be unlocked.

  70. hi paul, i checked their website if they support airtel vida m2 4g lte mifi but it wasn’t included, pls is there anyother way to unlock it

  71. I have a Andromax M3Z modem (LTE M26Z1Z) which is unlocked for Simcards. But now I understand that it’s locked for Indonesia only.
    Can I also unlock that with DC-Unlocker

  72. One big problem…some modems don’t have an accessible USB port to connect to PC, so DC Unlocker always says it “cannot detect modem”. I’ve tried repeatedly with a ZTE MF279, which is listed on DC Unlocker’s list of compatible modems, but DC Unlocker cannot connect to the modem to communicate. Very frustrating.

  73. Morning bro, my modem manufacturer is not listed in the list of the modems there, how can I unlock the modem when the manufacturer is not listed there, thanks


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