How to Take Good Selfies: Recommendations for Beginners

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It is not necessary for a model to be photogenic to receive gorgeous shots. The more you know about your own beauty and how to represent your vibe, the better. The ratio between bad-looking and appealing photos depends on several factors. If you want to reduce the randomness of the occasion, the attitude towards shooting sessions would be better to change — turn selfies into your best friend, and not vice versa.

Taking into account the divergence of photography styles, selfies are definitely included in the top 10 most frequent shooting genres. What can be simpler than taking a pic with your own mobile device? The process possesses more nuances than it seems at first. Stay tuned for more detail!

How to Take Good Selfies

Choose the Right Angle

Your facial proportions in selfies and in portrait photos are different. One of the selfie images’ problems is that the model’s face parts are closer to the camera and, therefore, much bigger than in reality. So it is especially important to find the right shooting angle without distorting your face too much.

A classic selfie pose offers amateurs to hold their camera at a forty-five-degree angle. The distance is as maximum as possible. The parameter is based on your arm length.

General Recommendations

Amateurs underestimate how essential the image composition and details are. When it comes to selfies, a person is a main hero/heroine, so it won’t be possible to hide a lack of knowledge in the following aspects:

  • The more you are aware of selfie poses, the more varied your photos will be. In their essence, selfies reveal a model’s emotions and mood. It is a mistake to limit selfies to your good facial expressions only (though the latter are extremely important too). A selfie can be done in unusual situations, for instance, during riding a horse or jumping with a parachute. Standard poses like lying on the floor will benefit the process.
  • A smile will shine on the image. True and genuine emotions are always better than professional Hollywood smiles.
  • Selfies shouldn’t be overcrowded with items and details. You can take your favorite glasses and make them a secondary attention focus, but you still should remain the main character of the scene.
How to Take Good Selfies

Use Retouching Technologies

The use of modern applications to make photos look better doesn’t transform them into unnatural and fake. Since you don’t apply professional equipment and selfies are momentum-like captures, it is hard to control all the surrounding conditions that may break the image. 

Thanks to RetouchMe and its intuitive interface, customers are free to remove blemishes, change the picture background, add studio lighting, and make your smile brilliant. By the way, whitening teeth in photos allows coffee lovers to sigh with relief — photos will still be flawless. For more information, feel free to visit their official website:

When retouching technologies are at your disposal, the number of bad images will significantly reduce. You achieve control over the photo quality back without losing confidence or getting frustrated by failures.

The Final Verdict

The best thing about selfies is that you don’t have to leave your home or third-party assistance to achieve marvelous results. A bit of theory and practice won’t be harmful and will let increase the number of successful shots. Make your eyes, smile, and facial expressions speak for themselves. Just do it!

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