4 Best Keyboard for Typing all day to Make More Money Writing in 2020

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The best keyboard for typing all day in 2020 is for you merely because it will make you more money as a writer, programmer, blogger, or whatever job that requires much typing.

Whether you are using the computer for school, work, games, or browsing, the most abused peripheral in your computer use would always be your keyboard.

The reason for that is because we always find a point in our computer users to type something more than the clicks from the mouse.

以,例如,写 学校研究论文 全天,或为客户创建业务报告,或者一般玩游戏。您将经常使用键盘,有时,甚至全天键入。有些人整天为工作而打字,另一些人则整天打字作为职业。

The Best Keyboard for Typing all day in 2020

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Whoever you are, there will be a point in time that you will be typing a lot. And that is why you need the best keyboards for typing all day.


Recommended Best Keyboard for Typing all day in 2020

列表可以一直和继续,只是寻找最好的键盘打字一整天,这是一个很好的投资,你作为一个作家,程序员,博客, 玩家学生。

There are only so many brands advertising amazing features that would aid you in achieving better productivity and comfort, selecting the best fit will genuinely be a difficult choice, but I’ll help you out in narrowing down the essentials.

我们今天要找的是一个机械 键盘.




1. 罗技 G513 RGB – 全天打字的最佳键盘

Logitech G513 RGB Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Romer-G Linear Keyswitches (Carbon)

如果您早已习惯使用 PC,那么我肯定,至少一旦你听说过品牌罗技。

长期以来,罗技一直是来自鼠标的优质 PC 外围设备的提供商, 鼠标垫,耳机,扬声器和是键盘。

There are no signs that Logitech is slowing down in the industry as they unleash the Logitech G513 RGB mechanical keyboard.

This 104-key board uses the in house Romer-G Tactile Switches made by Logitech themselves. A mechanical switch that isn’t as loud as regular cherry MX switches, these switches are primarily aimed at gaming enthusiasts but is welcomed by many writers instead.

Despite the discreet hits of click-clack sounds, there is a discernible tactile bump in every keypress which makes the typing experience extremely fast and accurate.

The Logitech G513 also comes with a leatherette memory palm rest for added wrist support. This leatherette palm rest covers the entire width of the keyboard for maximum comfort for long durations of typing.

As an added plus, while the keyboard is primarily aimed at gamers, the design doesn’t shout “gamer” and presents itself professionally with very subtle RGB backlighting along with its brushed aluminum design.


  • 罗默-G 开关用于隐蔽按键
  • 皮革记忆泡沫掌托
  • 专业外观


  • 昂贵


2. Corsair K95 白金 - 最快的键盘打字

Corsair K95 RGB PLATINUM Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – 6x Programmable Macro Keys – USB Passthrough & Media Controls – Fastest Cherry MX Speed – RGB LED Backlit – Aluminum Finish

无论是 游戏 or typing, Corsair always comes up with an answer. This is the second-best keyboard for typing all day.

The Corsair K95 Platinum, considered to be one of the best typing keyboards out there on the market, dons the Cherry MX switches.

Note that these are no ordinary Cherry MX switches as the K95 comes with the speed version which brings the actuation point from 2mm (Cherry MX Reds) down to 1.2mm (Cherry MX Speeds) for ridiculously fast typing speeds.

Considering that you are the fastest in the world, this keyboard is also equipped with NKRO (N-key rollover) which means that no matter how many keys you press at the same time, it will register those characters accurately as you’ve pressed them.

由于我们也处于高端主题,Corsair K95 铂金旨在提供飞机级拉丝铝金属制造长距离。

这意味着,如果你将键入的钱,Corsair K95甚至可以看到你通过,当你变得更富有。

Continuing high-praise for the K95, this lightning-fast keyboard is also equipped with 6 programmable macro keys that could aid you in however you want it to aid you. As well as RGB lighting that you could disco yourself to, along with its multimedia controls.


  • 樱桃 MX 速度(驱动点 1.2 毫米)
  • 6 可编程宏键
  • 极其耐用
  • 更昂贵


  • 优质产品,溢价(这是一项投资)
  • 我不太会加入软件
  • Rubber palm rest needs to meet the keyboard’s durability.


3. 杜戈德金牛座 K320 – 便携式选件

Durgod Taurus K320 TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard – 87 Keys – Double Shot PBT – NKRO – USB Type C (Cherry Brown, Space Grey)

As a writer, I have always been accustomed to the standard 104-key keyboard. I have always found myself using the conveniently placed num-pad whenever I am on my typing sessions.


获取 144hz 1440p 监视器 你的电脑也很重要,将完成您的设置。

The Durgod fits the bill in the 87-key keyboard game. It’s the 3rd best keyboard for typing all day on this list.

Not everyone likes the clicky sounds of the Cherry MX Blue and Red or the subtle responses that the Cherry MX Brown offers. Some even find comfort in harder actuation points, which means getting away from the Cherry MX Speed Silvers.

The Durgod Taurus K320 allows for you to choose the best Cherry MX switch for you, whether it’d be the gaming Reds, clicky Blues, tactile browns, speed silvers, or even the silent reds, you have the power to choose the cherry MX that was made for your typing style and preference, and even comfort.

While having that choice itself already makes the Durgod Taurus K320 a heavy contender for the best typing keyboard for typing all day, it could only get better.

The Durgod is built like a tank with double-shot PBT keys for extra durability that would keep you typing all day without the worry of breaking it.

Another plus would be the option to use Type C to Type C cables or the Type C to Type A, whichever you prefer. And while the K320 looks very professional, omitting the RGB lighting, you could still go for the RGB backlit Taurus Nebula, but limiting your switch choices to Cherry Blues, Reds and Speed Silvers.

The Durgod Taurus K320 offers unrivaled choices for professional typists which makes it the best 87-key keyboard.


  • 开关的选择
  • 专业颜色选择
  • 连接选择
  • 价格


  • 电缆应该编织了?


4. 罗技 K380 – 最佳移动蓝牙键盘

I know, I know. It was supposed to be strictly mechanical keyboard selections, so why a membrane board, and Bluetooth?

One need for career freelance writers, encoders, and the like everywhere would be to find a good portable Bluetooth keyboard and still become productive even when they only have their phones or tablets to work with.

This has quest has been proven to be hard as, though there are many choices, there are not many that fit the bill for comfort and durability as well as portability.

The good thing is that Logitech’s K380 came around and offered all of these in one Bluetooth keyboard. This is the last on my best keyboard for typing all day list.

The K380 is a multi-device Bluetooth keyboard that could connect to any mobile device. You could switch around a total of three preconnected Bluetooth connections with the yellow buttons, making you more versatile when handling different workstations at once.

The K380’s buttons proved to be very comfortable and durable despite the size allowing you to be productive while on the go.

凭借 2 节 AAA 电池,罗技 K380 拥有 电池寿命 of 2 years of regular use. While this varies depending on how much you use this device, the keyboard could serve its purpose for a long time before needing to change the batteries.

So if you talk about ROI on the batteries alone, I am sure you could produce more than enough versus the time it takes for you to run out of batteries.


  • 同时连接到 3 台设备
  • 非常便携,适合移动用户
  • 舒适的键入


  • While 2 AAA batteries are good, rechargeable batteries are better
  • Buttons might be a little too small or feel cramped for 大手



无论你是一个有抱负的作家, 成功的博主、内容编写器、数据输入专家、编码器,甚至 程序员,你需要最好的键盘打字一整天。为什么?它与5美元的键盘有什么不同,生产力会有什么不同吗?

Yes, there is a difference, with the right choice, the best keyboard for typing would allow you to produce more as it can make you more efficient.

Having the best keyboard for typing can let you go the extra mile because you are comfortable doing so.

So yes, if you make money online writing stuff or programming stuff, then you need the best keyboard for typing all day. It’d make you a lot richer than you currently are. It’s an investment in your business or career.


As a writer myself, I see keyboards as an investment. I look for the keyboard that would get me through the years of typing, ergonomic enough to get me throughout the day and comfortable enough to help me stay efficient.

So if you are a writer yourself, or if you find yourself spending so much time at the back of the computer using the keyboard for typing all day, then consider yourself investing in a great keyboard.

I can assure you that your level of productivity would increase, your wrists would stay comfy despite all day keyboard use.


They’re many that see getting the best keyboard choice as an investment.

This is because these people identify the benefits that come with these premium keyboards. Ergonomics that could allow them to type the entire day, tactile keys that will enable for fast efficient typing.

While some seek the comforts of premium typing keyboards, there are just others who do not spend that much time using the computer. While some do, they don’t spend as much time as many, or they are content with their old membrane keyboards because it’s good enough.

So, If you have never found yourself at the back of the computer, or if you do, but don’t spend as much time. Alternatively, if you do not have the patience typing, writing. Then the best keyboard list for typing all day is not for you.


What is the best keyboard for typing all day?

这个部门最好的键盘是下手,罗技G513 RGB。我发现罗技的内部罗默-G开关比樱桃更好,因为整体打字的感觉。





How much do I need to buy the best keyboard for typing all day?

对于列表中最好的键盘,这是罗技G513 RGB,你需要投资约130美元,这是我认为这是一个正确的爆炸在列表中的降压。价格是令人难以置信的合理与功能,舒适性和多功能性,这个键盘所提供的。


樱桃 MX 开关的质量经过时间测试,双射键帽的耐用性是必须 职业打字员像我一样,和TKL的可移植性只是惊人的作家 忙得不可开交。如果您在市场上的TKL类型,那么这应该是你的下一个键盘。

What is the cheapest best keyboard for typing all day?

在普通PC使用的机械键盘列表中,最便宜的是金牛座K320。只需 99 美元在亚马逊上,您就升级了 WPM、准确性以及写作、编码、编程等效率。


但是,如果您的目标是更便携的类型,可能它用于平板电脑使用、手机使用或多媒体,Logitech K320 蓝牙无线 键盘只会花费你刚刚以下 $40.这 设备已设置您控制 同时最多三个不同的工作站,按下一个按钮即可切换。


There are many keyboards you could choose from for typing all day. Many deliver what ordinary writers need, but some, like the ones on the list, hands out a little bit more.


检查 游戏的最佳鼠标 这将 提高准确性 在游戏中。

Getting the best keyboard for typing all day is an investment. It may indeed cost a little bit more than the old’ membrane ones, but then once you get a feel for these keyboards, I can assure you, you will never go back.

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