8 Hacks for Students on How to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

Want to lead a healthy lifestyle? Learn how to improve your health by spending only 15 minutes per day!

Keeping your body in good shape is not a one-day job but rather a result of intense work and willpower. Due to the infinity of academic assignments, students find it challenging to combine their busy schedules with a healthy lifestyle. However, staying healthy not only improves cognitive function but also helps you keep your spirits up.

Top 8 Tips for Students Wishing to Lead a Healthy Lifestyle

In this article, we’ll be looking at 8 top tips to lead a healthy life.

1. Sleep well

Sleep is vital for maintaining your mental and physical health.

根據 HelpGuide.org, people should sleep at least 7 hours per day. The length of your sleeping cycle directly affects your productivity, emotional health, heart condition, immune system, and logical thinking. It’s safe to say that nothing is more beneficial to human health than sleep.

While you’re asleep, your brain does not shut down but works even harder. It analyzes all the information you have gained during the day and systematizes it in chronological order. Without it, you’d feel sleepy and frustrated.

However, students don’t normally sleep for 7 hours. In this case, we suggest you investigate your sleeping schedule. Try using sleep calculators that can help you figure out the best time to go to sleep to wake up refreshed the next morning.

2. Make sure you drink enough water

Staying hydrated is essential for people of all ages. The human body is 90% water. During the day, the bulk of liquid evaporates through sweat and saliva. Recovering water balance, therefore, helps you maintain healthy skin and flush out toxins from your system.

Try drinking at least 1,5 liters of water every day. Have a glass of water before each meal, and you’ll see a noticeable improvement in just one week!

3. Stick to the 15 minutes rule

One of our favorite health hacks is the 15 minutes rule. When eating a meal in a cafeteria or canteen, you frequently catch yourself wanting to have another helping of fries, even if you have not finished your dinner yet.

The rule says — wait at least 15 minutes before ordering more food. If you still feel hungry — go for it. If not, your stomach has already received enough calories.

Why 15 minutes? Because it takes approximately that time for your body to digest the food and signal the brain that it is full. And marketers know about this. Thus, you can always observe a wide range of biscuits and cakes that look beautiful but aren’t that tasty.

After you’ve waited for 15 minutes, you ’ll get a response from your stomach, not from your eyes. It helps you avoid becoming overweight and save money!

4. Switch to a standing desk

Leading a sedentary lifestyle is quite common for young people these days. You may be surprised, but you spend more than half of your day sitting in a classroom, on public transport, or at home. Despite appearing unlikely, back pain and neck crunch can soon become your constant companions.

To prevent the said diseases, you should spend more time standing up. The best solution for you would be to do some sport, such as jogging or swimming. But what should you do if you don’t have much time for this? We suggest you switch to a standing desk instead of the usual one. The benefits include lower risk of neck and back pain, better blood circulation, and firmer muscles. Give it a try!

5. Dispose of stress

Missed deadlines, difficult home tasks, stormy romantic relationships, and career failures are the main contributors to stress. It, in turn, adversely influences not only mental but also physical health, causing your skin to break out.

For example, according to WebMD, 10-20% of students suffer from eczema, a skin disease which is often associated with stress.

To prevent it, you should avoid sidetracking activities. If you feel overwhelmed, prioritize your daily schedule and delegate some of your tasks to other people.

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6. Meditate

Meditation has some health benefits. Besides psychological ones, it also reduces blood pressure, normalizes heart beat rhythm, and prevents headaches. It is very simple to keep your body in good shape with the help of meditation — it does not require any additional sports equipment and can be done anywhere.

And the best part is that meditation takes only 15 minutes per day! Stop asking yourself “how to lead a healthy lifestyle”! Begin meditating and enjoy a healthy mind in a healthy body!

7. Put Your Gadget Away

Various devices undoubtedly make our lives easier but don’t forget to take a break from the constant use of technology. Looking at the 筆記本 電腦 or smartphone screen can be harmful to your vision, and overuse of different gargets can even affect your nervous system.

Consider a lifestyle where your online activity is well-balanced with reality — take a walk with friends instead of liking their new photos on Instagram, let your mind refresh, and don’t neglect all the exciting moments of real life.

It is important to know the news of the world by updating your feed, but make sure the devices don’t take you far away from a healthy lifestyle.

8. Take Advantage of Technologies

If you cannot call yourself an advanced technology user, we suggest you find out and experience some benefits of different gadgets.

Many applications and devices can help you monitor your health, body condition, and other essential aspects of your life.

For example, you can buy the simplest fitness tracker and see how many steps you take a day (movement is life, after all!) or even find out whether you sleep well. With modernization around, people became more focused on their health, and that is why so many useful technologies have popped up.

Fitness bracelets, Smartwatches and jump ropes, skin care devices. Let alone a wide range of iOS and Android apps with services for any taste, with the help of which you can:

  • Get notifications about the necessity of drinking water
  • Find a set of free exercises that will be perfect for you
  • Count the calories and stick to the diet, if you’re on any
  • Get online medical consulting based on the symptoms specified, etc.

Being a student frequently requires a lot, but that doesn’t mean you can give up on taking care of yourself. Consider our recommendations and try them! We guarantee that your lifestyle will become much healthier!