Are you struggling to keep up with the relentless pace of content creation that digital marketing demands? You’re not alone. Copywriting is a skill – it takes experience and creativity to reach your readers and create meaningful, engaging content. But what if there was technology that could lift some of this burden from your shoulders?

WordTune has become one of the most sought-after writing assistants in the market, utilizing advanced AI technology to analyze your copy and offer suggestions for improvement on grammar, proper sentence structure, and English vocabulary choice.

With many similar services available now, what makes this software stand out?

This blog post will aim to answer those questions by giving an overview of WordTune’s advanced features so you can better assess whether its platform fits into your workflow.

What is WordTune?

WordTune or Word Tune is an innovative new solution to the problem of non-native English speakers struggling to create high-quality content.

It helps users overcome writer’s block, save time, and express themselves better in English.

This writing has a comprehensive dictionary and thesaurus that suggests words to use and auto-completion features which can help improve the speed with which content is written.

With its advanced technologies and features, WordTune makes it easier than ever for people to produce error-free content in less time.

Who Created WordTune?

Ori Goshen, the founder of WordTune

Ori Goshen, a software engineer, was the mastermind behind this AI-powered writing tool.

Ori always tried to make writing smoother and more accessible for people, believing that happy writing leads to more tremendous success in whatever endeavor you focus on.

With Ori’s background, ambition, and countless work hours, he created WordTune – an AI-powered writing companion. Ori’s goal has been achieved as the platform is now considered by many as the best tool for any freelance writer and their projects.

Ori still spends countless hours working on improving the features of WordTune so that every writer can have a better experience when creating written pieces.

Top Benefits of WordTune

1. Faster Writing: The auto-completion and thesaurus features of WordTune help writers quickly find the best words to express their ideas while saving time.

2. Easy Editing: WordTune’s AI technology scans your copy and suggests ways to improve on grammar errors, spelling mistakes, sentence structures, and vocabulary choices so that you can quickly edit your writing.

3. Improved Writing Quality: With this writing solution, you get access to a library of high-quality words so that your content is more impressive and professional.

4. Enhanced Readability: WordTune’s readability score feature will help you identify sections where the text might be complex for the readers to understand so that you can make necessary improvements.

5. Uninterrupted Writing: This platform offers a distraction-free writing environment with all its tools in one place, allowing writers to focus on their writing without getting distracted.

Best Features of WordTune

WordTune is a writing software that lets freelance writers create documents with ease and efficiency. Its primary purpose is to help people enjoy a good writing experience.

As the user writes away, the software analyzes text in real time and provides feedback to improve writing skills. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who have taken up writing as a profession or hobby.

With a deep understanding of their writing process plus enhanced editing features, users can also overcome any shortcomings they may have regarding writing.

Here are some of the best features of WordTune to accompany your writing journey:

Sentence Rephraser

This feature of WordTune, the Sentence Rephraser, is entirely revolutionary in content writing and editing.

WordTune helps to rewrite sentences for perfect grammar, drastically reducing editing time for content writers.

This time-saving element makes WordTune stand out, allowing people to have their content ready quickly!

Sentence rephraser sets this writing tool apart from similar programs, meaning content can easily be created faster than ever.

Tone Checker

The Tone Checker feature is essential for everyone looking to provide perfect tone in their written material.

With the tone checker, users can quickly get their hands on the tone adjustments icon to toggle between the formal or casual tone.

This feature is revolutionizing how people write personal emails – whether they want to sound professional, persuasive, or just friendly, Tone Checker has its users covered!

Style Editor

WordTune’s Style Editor is a must-have tool for all freelance writers. The advanced suggestions it provides help not only catch grammatical errors but also enable users to explore fresh ways to enhance their writing.

Its interactive design makes editing easy, ensuring complex revisions are done correctly and quickly. With the help of this WordTune Editor, one can fix foreign language inconsistencies, refine their writing, and save time editing the entire sentence.

Content writers everywhere have greatly appreciated this feature as it saves them time for exciting and more pleasurable activities.

Sentence Formatting

WordTune’s sentence formatting feature is a vital way of rewriting content! This feature allows users to rewrite sentences simultaneously and get rewritten sentences with the same meaning yet a better structure.

Its user-friendly interface makes this process extremely easy and seamless. This feature also works on existing words; no need to start editing from scratch all the time!

Moreover, it is integrated with google docs, giving you a one-click option of uploading any document you want to edit directly into WordTune.

This feature is essential if you want your writing to stand out and make an impression on your audience.

Engagement Metrics

WordTune is the perfect tool for content marketing teams who want to measure customer engagement.

This feature takes engagement metrics to an entirely new level, giving businesses completely new capabilities like understanding how product descriptions impact sales and optimizing word choice for maximum conversions and engagement.

Now you can understand in real-time how your audience engages with businesses online and make modifications that get results — all without having to learn any complicated analytics tools.

With the software, you’ll see measurable improvements in customer engagements that have never been possible.

Plagiarism Checker

WordTune offers a powerful Plagiarism Checker that is a must-have for writers. This feature of WordTune works with artificial intelligence to quickly and accurately identify duplicate content.

This premium version also detects alternate ways of restating one sentence without being flagged as copied content. This technology is convenient to guarantee any writing project is entirely original.

With WordTune’s powerful Plagiarism Checker, you have easy access to ensure plagiarism won’t be an issue – giving you one less worry when it comes to your work!

WordTune Pricing: How much does it Cost?

WordTune is the AI-powered writing companion you’ve been waiting for! With its sophisticated artificial intelligence, this software can help to refine and improve your writing.

Exchange instant messages with the software to receive feedback on grammar, syntax, and punctuation mistakes.

Automatically corrects typos and suggests synonyms to keep your writing fresh and engaging. Worried about the cost? Get WordTune today without breaking the bank – it’s available at a very affordable price!

This platform offers several pricing plans depending on your needs:

  • Free Version: It is free ($0)
  • Premium Version: Starts at $9.99/month, billed annually, and $24.99, billed monthly
  • Premium For Team Version: Price not stated on their homepage. You can contact the company to learn more about this plan.

Here are the full details of each of their plans:

Free Version

  • 10 / day total rewrites
  • 10 / day Casual & Formal Tones
  • 10 / day Shorten & Expand

Premium Version

  • Unlimited total rewrites
  • Unlimited Casual & Formal Tones
  • Unlimited Shorten & Expand
  • Paragraph Rewrite
  • Premium Support

Premium For Team Version

  • Unlimited total rewrites
  • Unlimited Casual & Formal Tones
  • Unlimited Shorten & Expand
  • Paragraph Rewrite
  • Premium Support
  • Team Billing

WordTune’s Pros and Cons

Feedback from users is essential to understanding how a product works and impacts people. We need to delve WordTune’s Pros and Cons to see what works, what doesn’t, and why.

This continuous learning process allows developers to keep constantly working on refining their products or services so that it genuinely does the job for many different types of users regarding finding alternative ways to search an online dictionary with just a single word.

Understanding what other people feel about WordTune is the cornerstone of developing an excellent product and troubleshooting any issues those same users might experience when using it.


  • AI-powered writing companion
  • Automatically corrects typos and suggests synonyms
  • Plagiarism checker with advanced technology
  • Grammar, syntax, and punctuation mistakes detection


  • Expensive compared to other plagiarism checkers
  • Not as comprehensive as more expensive grammar-checking software
  • Limited customer service options for free version users

Starts at $9.99/month (PREMIUM VeRsiOn)

WordTune’s Best Alternatives

Users may want to find alternative services to WordTune, especially with product descriptions.

The writing platform allows users to receive rephrasing suggestions and structures that can be incredibly helpful, but some users may accidentally overlook other tools.

Several excellent alternatives out there can offer similar services. These options have been specially crafted with the user in mind, allowing easy access to product descriptions.

Users should take the time to consider these or other alternatives if they think WordTune is not the best fit for their specific needs.

However, we have compiled our list of the best alternatives for the software:

  • Grammarly Business
  • Rytr
  • Jasper
  • Writesonic
  • Anyword
  • Semrush
  • Simplified
  • LeadIQ
  • EZ Rewrite

WordTune’s Case Studies: Results Achieved with the Writing Tool

WordTune is used by many companies, from small startups to well-established ones. It can be beneficial for writing and editing the content for their websites, brochures, press releases, emails, product descriptions, and more.

The software has helped businesses refine their writing in terms of grammar, punctuation mistakes, typos, and word choice. It has also helped them to speed up the writing task by suggesting synonyms and helping with rephrasing phrases, which can help make a text more reader-friendly.

Here are some of the results achieved with the software:

• Increased content engagement rate by 25% in 2 months

• Improved readability score by 10%

• Cut down the time for content editing by 30 minutes on average per article

• Increased website traffic by 15% within a month of using WordTune’s services.

My Experience Using WordTune

I have been working with WordTune for the past two months, and I must say that it has made my writing experience much more effortless.

Writing is one of my hobbies, but I often get lost in words and phrasing while trying to express ideas as accurately as possible.

WordTune’s AI-powered features have helped me quickly fix typos, check grammar and syntax, and suggest better word choices for my writing.

It has saved me time from manually rephrasing paragraphs or searching for synonyms that fit the context.

It also helps to reduce stress when I’m trying to write something fast but want it to be as perfect as possible.

I highly recommend using this software to any writer who needs a reliable writing partner who can quickly make their work better without breaking the bank.

Does WordTune Support Google Chrome Extension?

Yes, WordTune does support a Google Chrome extension. The extension can be found in the Chrome Web Store and is free to download.

Once installed, users can access the same features offered by WordTune from within their browser’s text editor.

These include grammar and syntax corrections, automated spelling checks, rephrasing suggestions, synonym and acronym expansions, and more.

The browser extension is beneficial for users who often write or edit content on the web. It helps to streamline the writing process and ensures accuracy in any text written online.

Is WordTune a Cheap Grammar-Checking Tool?

WordTune is not a cheap grammar-checking tool, but it does offer an affordable solution to writers.

Users can use its free version, which provides basic features such as grammar and spelling checks.

However, for more advanced features like rephrasing suggestions and expanded synonyms, users need to upgrade to the paid version.

The platform’s pricing depends on the features and usage requirements, but it’s still a reasonable solution for most users.

Overall, WordTune is a reliable grammar-checking tool that enables users to create high-quality content quickly and easily.

Wordtune vs Grammarly: Which Plagiarism Checker Is Better for You?

When it comes to plagiarism checking, both Wordtune and Grammarly are helpful tools. They can help you detect potential sentence matches that may be considered plagiarism in your writing.

However, when comparing the two, some key differences make one option better depending on your need.

Grammarly is better for writers who need advanced grammar and punctuation checks, as well as suggestions for rephrasing sentences or finding synonyms to make the text more concise.

WordTune, however, is an excellent tool for writers who want to focus mainly on plagiarism checking. It uses advanced AI technology to provide accurate results and detect even the most subtle cases of plagiarism.

Ultimately, it depends on your writing need and expertise in grammar and punctuation. If you want to check for potential plagiarism, WordTune is the better option; if you need help with advanced grammar corrections, Grammarly might be a better choice.


WordTune answers your prayers if you need help with content writing and formatting. It ensures that your sentences sound natural and read well and checks for plagiarism to protect your work.

Whether you’re writing an essay, a blog post, or an article for print, it has got you covered! Plus, with its advanced features like engagement metrics, sentence rephraser, and multiple rewrite options, this tool can take your content to the next level.

Try it once, and you’ll soon wonder what you did without it.

Sign up today and say goodbye to blank pages! You won’t regret it – instead, you will be grateful that WordTune helped you out of a tight spot when it comes to content matters.

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