Wondershare Recoverit Free: So far the Best Free Data Recovery Software

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Wow, this free data recovery software is amazing. I downloaded Wondershare Recoverit Free version and was instantly impressed by the clean simple layout and amount of specific recovery features that actually work.

A friend recently contacted asking me for help, his laptop’s internal hard drive just crashed and he was seeking my help. He wanted me to help him recover some files from the hard drive but I declined his request because I wasn’t confident in the data recovery software that I had at the time of the request.

But after discovering Wondershare Recoverit Free, I have given him a call and offered to help him recover his files from his crashed laptop’s internal hard drive.

wondershare recoverit free

Why did I change my mind?

Wondershare Recoverit gave me the confidence and assurance that the data recovery process would work and we would be able to get back some of his lost files, if not all of them. That’s how confident I am of this software.

Introducing Wondershare Recoverit Free

Wondershare Recoverit Free is the best free data recovery software I’ve tested so far with highly specific and useful recovery features that actually work and simple enough for anyone to use.

The software layout is clean and simple with different powerful recovery options which would solve your recovery needs.

recoverit main interface

Powerful Wondershare Data Recovery Features

With Wondershare Recoverit free data recovery software you get 8 extremely powerful and specific feature that tells you exactly what you are doing and each recovery option is targeted towards solving a recovery problem. These are the powerful 8;

  1. Deleted files recovery
  2. External devices recovery
  3. Recycle bin recovery
  4. Virus attack data recovery
  5. Formatted disk recovery
  6. System crash data recovery
  7. Lost partition recovery
  8. All-around recovery

deleted file recovery

Deleted Files Recovery

The recovery option deals with everything file that was deleted from your computer. This feature covers accidental deletes, normal deletes, system failures and even Shift+Del (permanent delete).

  • Accidental deletes
  • Shift+Del (Permanent delete)
  • Normal delete
  • Power failures/outage

So you don’t have anything to worry about it, Wondershare Recoverit Free will get back those deleted files easily.

external drive recovery

External Devices Recovery

This would be the most used recovery feature because there are millions of external drives out there, some have crashed but their owners still have faith in them and would love to run data recovery on their drives.

So anytime you hear a hard drive, flash drive or memory card crashed near your location, remember you have Wondershare Recoverit installed and that help brings out files from the crashed drives. Conduct USB recovery with ease.

recycle bin recovery

Recycle Bin Recovery

This is a simple recovery feature that enables you recovery files directly from your recycle bin.

virus attack recovery

Virus Attack Data Recovery

This is another favourite recovery option for me because in most cases a USB flash drive would crash due to virus attacks. Windows 7 users especially suffer from rampant virus attacks like shortcut virus, paint virus, .exe virus and so on.

The manual fix would be to manually set the drive to show hidden files so all files on the drive are revealed, then you scan every file and copy to a new location. Finally, you format the affected drive and copy the files back into the flash. Rescan and that’s it.

But with Wondershare Recoverit data recovery software, all you need to do is click on a button and all those manual methods above would be done instantaneously for you.

formatted disk recovery

Formatted Disk Recovery

Do you want to recovery files from a formatted disk drive? Recoverit got you covered.

system crash data recovery

System Crash Data Recovery

This is a common case of internal hard drives crashing causing total computer failure with no operating system to boot from.

  • System crash data recovery
  • Boot failure data recovery

Don’t feel like your files have been lost forever, you can still get those files back!

lost partition recovery

Lost Partition Recovery

This is a total partition recovery solution solving almost every partition scenario and problems.

  • Deleted Partitions
  • Hidden partitions
  • Lost Partitions
  • Resized partitions

All partitions can be recovered.

all round recovery

All-around Recovery

This is the all-in-one recovery solution for cases where you don’t know what happened to the drive and you don’t miss out on anything so you do the all-around recovery to get all the files.

Wondershare Recoverit Free Data Recovery Solutions


Wondershare Recoverit Free is so far my best free data recovery software.

I simply love it and I am seriously considering buying the premium version so I can recovery drives for people around especially my friends.

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