WonderFox HD Video MP4 Converter Factory Pro Review

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Most of us understand that videos are hot nowadays whether it’s on YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp or several other social networking platforms. So, the trends reveal that in the upcoming years the videos will capture significantly more than 60% percent of internet traffic.

In the Internet age, there are a lot of digital video playing devices & platforms such as for example smartphones, Smart TVs, Internet players and other gadgets supports multiple video formats and which could develop a problem for you personally sometimes.

As an example, you have a TV in your home that doesn’t support AVI, MPEG4 or MKV format videos and you have a movie of one’s house party in AVI format, what might you do? You go on the net and look for some best free video converter tool to convert your video into a recognized format.

It’s among the advanced HD video converter tools that are both video converter in addition to an online video downloader. With assistance from its video optimization technology, it allows you to convert some hottest format even the 4K videos. Also, something else it could behave as very basic video editor too in which you may merge and split the videos.

WonderFox HD Video MP4 Converter Factory Pro

HD Video MP4 Converter Factory Pro Features:

  1. HD Video Converter Factory Pro supports much more than 400 video formats to generate your videos. Also, supports far more than 300 devices from which to choose and convert the videos to generate them fit perfectly on the screen. As an example, it can convert MP4 to XviD easily and quickly.
  2. Using the built-in compressor, it could downsize the videos around 5X less size. And it keeps the item quality good. The converted videos are nearly indistinguishable from the first videos.
  3. Upscale your videos: HD Video Converter Factory Pro is good at upscaling your videos from SD to HD resolution which consists of advanced High-Definition video conversion technology.
  4. Built-in Ringtone Studio: This feature allows you to trim any audio file to place it to utilize as your phone’s ringtone or message tone.
  5. Video Customization. You are able to crop videos to remove unwanted parts like those black bars or give awareness of something important. Trim videos to convert the parts you’d like and merge them together and save them to your smartphone. It can add effects to your videos like old film, mosaic and more using n the list of filters provided in the software.
  6. Video Downloader: You have the ability to directly download videos from any video website like YouTube and convert them right away. You must just copy the URL with this video and paste it into the Add URL field. Click Analyze for download; HD Video Converter Factory Pro will download and add the video to the conversion list.
  7. Ease of Use: HD Video Converter Factory Pro will be a lot better to take advantage of than any other video converter software on the market. Add videos, select conversion format and click Run, that’s it! The conversion can get going and saved in the default location (or the folder you selected). The Compression Setting slider is the best way to seriously save more space all on your own smartphone or tablet.

How to Use WonderFox HD Video MP4 Converter Factory Pro

You can use the software with 3 easy steps. The following steps will teach you how to convert videos and download videos.

Step 1

Please download the software from http://www.videoconverterfactory.com/hd-video-converter/, it is about 30MB size, install and run it on your PC.

Step 2

When you open it, you will see the clear interface, and choose the function you want. Let me show you—for “Add Files”, firstly you should click the “Add Files” button to choose the video. Then choose the output format, there are many formats you can choose such as AVI, MPEG4, MKV and more. Third, choose the “open folder” to store your videos.

WonderFox HD Video MP4 Converter Factory Pro

At last, please click “RUN” button to finish the process. For “Download Videos”, find the video URL that you want to be download, copy and paste it. Then click the “Analyze”, it can download automatically.

WonderFox HD Video MP4 Converter Factory Pro


Step 3

You can edit your videos as you wish such as a clip or crop the videos, you even can add some special effects to the videos such as sharpen, darken, light and more. By the way, you can choose more than one videos to merge into one and you can adjust the videos’ order as your wish.

WonderFox HD Video MP4 Converter Factory Pro


WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is an efficient tool that can simplify your life. The WonderFox’s team will update it all the time. Hope you can like the review and the software.

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