Become an Expert in Windows Server with Microsoft 70-413 Exam

Microsoft 70-413 is an exam taken by the IT experts to get the MCSE certification. It tests the candidate’s knowledge and skills on infrastructure concepts of Windows Server 2012.

This certification test is the first of two exams that assess the candidate’s knowledge and skills needed to design, operate, and maintain the functions of Window Server 2012 in a highly virtualized enterprise environment.

Passing this exam alone doesn’t mean that you will get the Microsoft certification immediately. You will still have to also take and pass the Microsoft 70-414 exam for you to qualify for the MCSA credential.

Microsoft 70-413 Exam Topics

The Microsoft 70-413 test is conducted in a manner that allows checking the candidate’s ability to manage and maintain Windows servers. Just like any other Microsoft exam, this test is also recognized globally, and it is considered by IT experts across the world to be one of the most reputable tests in this sphere of industry.

The main reason why this test is accepted globally and known to be very important is that it is based on widely recognized Microsoft trends. This is achieved by simply ensuring that the skills and knowledge tested in the exam match the skills and knowledge used in the real computing field.

The exam sections have different percentages, depending on the importance and weight of their topics in the real-world scenarios. The content area with the biggest percentage is more likely to include a higher number of questions in the actual exam. This conclusion is based on what has been witnessed during the past Microsoft 70-413 exams.

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This exam currently includes the following topics:

  • Planning and deploying server infrastructure (20-25%)
  • Designing and implementing network infrastructure (20-25%)
  • Network access designing and management services (15-20%)
  • Designing and implementing Active Logical Directory infrastructure and services (20-25%)
  • Active Physical Directory infrastructure and services (20-25%)


Before you attempt to pass the Microsoft 70-413 exam, you should take training courses first. They will help you learn the test content. You are supposed to take at least one of such training courses before registering for the test. If you have any questions concerning this exam, follow the link:

Those students who have already earned the MCSA certificate are generally allowed to take this Microsoft exam and get the corresponding certification without taking the second test. However, you will be required to provide your MCSA certification before you can take this exam. This will help you get the MCSE credential faster and easier. As mentioned earlier, the second exam you need to pass to become a holder of the MCSE certification is Microsoft 70-414.

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Who should take this exam?

The Microsoft 70-413certification testis intended for IT experts who are working in enterprises with virtualized environments that utilize the Windows Server technologies. If you are an IT professional in this field, then you should take this exam and earn the MCSE credential. It will help you advance your skills and knowledge not only in the deployment of Microsoft Server but also in the general administration of the same.

Why is it so important?

Taking and passing the Microsoft 70-413 exam is the first major step towards getting the MCSE credential, which is recognized worldwide. This implies that all IT professionals with this certification can work anywhere in the world. Earning this certificate shows your competence and proficiency in the IT world, so the majority of employers see it as an important tool needed for effective system maintenance. All this means that having this certification opens unlimited employment opportunities for you.

Apart from that, you will be able to access more important information if compared ordinary system engineers. This puts you ahead of other similar IT professionals. The information could include the most recent update of Windows Server that can affect your organization’s productivity.

With the MCSE certification, you will have the right to attend various IT-related conferences organized by Microsoft. The topics of such conferences cover the most recent changes and trends in the IT industry. This means that by taking part in them you are able to contribute towards important and vital updates and changes.

Lastly, the MCSE certified professionals have a considerably higher chance of getting a well-paid job position in the IT industry. Their monthly salaries are really greater than those of average IT workers. This proves that this credential is unique and important for any professional who is willing to achieve financial stability. If you want to know all the advantages of being an MCSE specialist, click here:

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Helpful Exam Tips

Just like all other similar exams, Microsoft 70-413 is very popular among IT experts and employers across the globe. Passing this certification test can be a challenging task. In fact, some candidates need to take it up to three times before reaching the pass mark. The exam is supposed to prove that you can effectively administer any Windows Server. Passing this certification test requires a well-organized training program. Here are some of the tips that can increase your chances of passing it without having to retake it multiple times:

  • Relax your body and mind

Microsoft 70-413 involves serious thinking. Don’t strain yourself the day before your exam date. Otherwise, you might lack the energy needed to concentrate on the questions.

  • Take your time

Avoid rushing into answering any question, irrespective of how easy it may look. Be sure to read the question at least twice before attempting to write down an answer. Think wisely and do not provide an answer that you haven’t weighed enough.

  • Review your Answers

It’s important that you review all your answers. Some of your answers may have minor grammatical errors, which might deny you the marks you deserve. You may also omit some important details when answering the questions. When you review your answers, you will be able to identify and correct all these errors.


When it comes to the development of technologies, Microsoft is one of the most influential companies in this regard. The training programs and certification exams provided by Microsoft are always focused on the most recent improvements and trends in the IT field. So, you can be sure that the knowledge and skills obtained after passing the Microsoft 70-413 exam will be up-to-date.