Wigmore Wholesale: The Alibaba of Nigeria

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Wigmore Trading has launched a new platform to enable wholesalers and brand owners to sell directly to the Nigerian market. The new website has been lauded as the Amazon or Alibaba of Nigeria as it allows manufacturers and brand owners to directly sell and manage their products to the wholesale market as well as take advantage of the many logistics and distribution services offered by the wider Wigmore Trading group.

The platform allows brand owners and manufacturers to list and manage their inventory autonomously from their Wigmore Wholesale account. They can also deal directly with customer complaints and returns while having all payments and transaction handled securely by the growing e-payments platform TradeNAIRA.

Business customers will have the confidence to buy wholesale in Nigeria as well as find the kinds of products that will help give their business the cutting edge and find reliable trading partners to grow their companies.

Director and Co-founder Chris Ifeorah said at its launch “We have been working for many years to try and come up with a solution to Nigeria’s many trade and logistical issues. We have tried and failed in many approaches, but all these lessons have led us back to review an online model that puts the power back in the hands of manufacturers and producers.”

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Wigmore Trading has worked with many big brands over the years and has built up a successful distribution and logistics infrastructure that covers all of Nigeria and most of West Africa as a whole. The company has instead shifted its focus from a traditional wholesale distributor position to a support platform that puts brand owners back in control.

The company also offers pallet storage and warehousing services in Nigeria in a drive to take away the warehousing risks suffered by many new brands and companies in the market. Chris Ifeorah describes this service as “An essential tool for the small or new entrant in Nigeria.

We bring down the initial costs to establishing your business and provide you with the support to grow your business independently… hopefully to a size in the future where you will no longer need us.”

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Wigmore offers a large amount of freight forwarding, trade, and logistics services in Nigeria and has a wealth of staff and experience in helping brands establish themselves in the biggest African market.

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