Who will die in Game of Thrones Season 7

Game of thrones is starting tomorrow and we are already predicting who will die in the new season 7. Post who you think will die in Game of thrones season 7 in the comment section down below.

Game of thrones season 7

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Who will Survive Game of Thrones Season 7?

So who will survive season 7? With all confidence, we can say Tyrion, Arya, and perhaps Bran (although he will be fighting with Jon in the North, so we aren’t 100%) everyone else; we hate to say it is fair game. However, it would not be much of a season 8 without a cast, so who will be left? Here are our Predictions:

Jon- will die but survive

Sansa –might survive

Arya – will survive crossing a few more names off of her list

Bran – will survive and fly

Littlefinger – Hopefully Arya will take him out

Sam, Gilley, and Baby Sam – They are safe

Brienne – She might survive

Pod – He might survive, but he is more doubtful than Brienne is

Tormund – We hope he survives and fights with Brienne

Ser Davos – We hope he survives also, but it is doubtful

Ed – Is a goner

Beric – He’ll die

Thoros – He’ll die

Gendry – We hope he survives

Daenerys – She will survive but not unscathed but may lose a dragon, and she may be a goner next season after she defeats the Night King.

Jorah Mormont – His Grayscale may keep him safe, but he may die while trying to protect Dany

Tyrion – He will be safe

Varys – He should be safe

Grey Worm – Might be a goner

Missandei – She may be a goner too

Melisendre – If she can remain hidden she is safe, if not she is a goner

Lady Olenna – Her time may be up

The Sand Snakes – May meet their match

Theon – If he survives Yara dies

Yara – May be saved by Theon, but then he’ll die

Euron – If next season is going to focus entirely on battling the white walkers he may survive, if not he may die this season

The Hound – We hope he makes it for Clegane Bowl

The Mountain – We hope he dies in Clegane Bowl

Bron – He may die, but we hope not

Cersei – We think Cersei survives at least until the last episode, Jaime may get sick of her and kill her and decide to team up with Tyrion by then

Jaime – Jaime will survive this season


Tell us in the comment section down below who you think would likely die the new season of Game of thrones.

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